Different events happen in our lives that sound incomplete without specific things. Like, a trip to Dubai is incomplete without visiting the Desert Safari. If you visit Desert Safari, it would be incomplete without the exciting experience of dune bashing, camel riding, belly dancing, and gathering some memories back with you to your hometown. 

The memories not only include photographs taken in the Desert Safari. They also have souvenirs that remind them more strongly about a day well spent in the Desert Safari. People like to take photographs with these souvenirs and upload them on different social media platforms to share their good memories with friends and family members. 

Sand Art Bottle

Many different forms of art depict the skills of artists. Painting, sketching, and drawing are some of the various forms of art where the artists show how skilled they are. Sand Art Bottle is one such form of art. Sand art bottle is one of Dubai Desert Safari’s most popular souvenirs that people love to take back with them. 

History & Origin of Sand Art Bottle

There are various claims about the history of Sand Art Bottle. According to one claim, Sand art originated from India. Sudarsan Pattnaik is known as the inventor of Sand art. He learned sand art on his own and started practicing it at the age of 7.  

Sudarsan Pattnaik belonged to Puri, Odisha, India. 

According to the claim of Sand Gallery, sand art originated in the early 20th century from Petra, a city in Jordan. It is said that at that time, sand art could be seen as sand paintings, and carpets, and sand art bottles in their basic shapes. 

The third claim about Sand art bottle history says that this form of art originated from Dubuque, USA, in the 1860s to 1890s. Andrew Clemens was a deaf and mute artist who got fame for creating unfixed pictures with colorful sand filled and compressed in glass jars. He used to collect the sand from the Mississippi River and worked for sand art bottles mainly on the subjects of plants, animals, sailing ships, portraits, and sentimental verses.

The artworks of Andrew Clemen became a precious part of the museums of the USA and got a worth of thousands of US dollars. 

However, any of the above claims about the history and origin of Sand art bottles can be true. It is because Dubai is a city of people coming from different parts of the world. Anyone coming here from USA, Jordan, or India could become the reason to spread the sand art in Dubai and make it one of the famous forms of art already progressing and nourishing in Dubai. 

Customized & Readymade Sand Art Bottles

Sand Art Bottles are readily available in Dubai’s malls, gift shops, and souvenir shops. These Sand art bottles come in different designs, shapes, and scenes portrayed through the sand. Although these ready-made sand art bottles are very famous, they are not customizable. You have to buy them as they are. 

However, there is also an option to get customized sand art bottles. There are many sand art bottle shops in Desert Safari, where the shopkeepers make a sand art bottle for you with your choice. You can choose the sand colors, scenes, and name or any text that you want on the bottle. 

Process of Making Sand Art Bottles

You might easily get the ready-made Sand Art Bottles and customized Sand art bottles available in the markets of Dubai, but the real charm of getting a Sand art bottle is in watching the process of its making in front of you. 

As soon as you choose the bottle design, shape, colors, sand design, and text for the sand Art bottle, the skilled shopkeeper will pick up the jar of your choice and will pour a sticky black tar-like liquid on the side of the bottle in such a way that it can be easily swirled. 

After a little swirl, he will let it rest for a while, poking it here and there a little at the same time. He will keep the bottle consciously at such an angle so that the liquid does not trickle away. The shopkeeper will complete writing your name or desired text on the sand bottle with his skill. 

He will start pouring and spreading the sand in the bottle in the next step. He will keep shaking the bottle frequently so that the sand layers do not mix up. The color of each layer of sand also remains separate. 

On the other hand, the shopkeeper will keep on pouring some colored liquid that keeps the sand layers intact and will not let them mixed up. No lid or cap is used on the bottle because the sand layers are so much intact with each other. They will not get mixed or run out of the bottle, even if the bottle is turned upside down. 

Innovative Ideas for Sand Art Bottles

Sand Art Bottle is a traditional form of art. People have added some innovative ideas to this form of art to make it more exciting and attractive in the modern world.

One of these innovative designs for Sand art bottles is “Argyle Sock Design.” To make this design, you have to make a layer with the desired sand color. Then using a spoon, make a small pocket in the layer against the wall of the bottle. Fill this small pocket with another sand color and then pour another layer of sand. Keep repeating the process until the jar is full. 

Another complicated pattern to make in the sand art bottle is the feathered look. For this pattern, you have to use a wooden skewer. First, pour two layers of colored sand into the flask. Then place the wooden skewer against the flask wall and poke it deep down into the sand layers. After a while, pull out the wooden skewer slowly and keep repeating the process until the flask is full. 

At the end of both these innovative procedures, you will get an attractive piece of sand art bottle. 

Sand Art Bottle Pricing

Sand Art Bottles are a source of great attraction for the tourists visiting Dubai Desert Safari. On special occasions like Christmas and New Year, the sale of Sand Art Bottle multiplies as the number of Dubai tourists increases. 

The Sand Art Bottle is available easily in different parts of Dubai City. The pieces of Sand Art Bottle available at the famous malls of Dubai like Atlantis might be expensive. They range from AED 150 to AED 200. 

The readymade sand art bottles are cheaper, available at a price as low as AED 25. The customized sand art bottles are also available at a reasonable price range of AED 40 to AED 45.

Final Verdict

The souvenirs available in Dubai Desert Safari are various that will remain with you for a lifetime to remind you of a great experience in Dubai. Sand Art Bottle is one of the Dubai Desert Safari’s most popular souvenirs people take back to their homes. It is indeed a great piece of memory and home decoration. 

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Whether readymade or customized, if you are visiting Dubai Desert Safari, do get one Sand Art Bottle for yourself at reasonable prices.