Desert Safari is one of the prime elements of Dubai that make it a sparkling star in the major cities of the world. It might be the biggest attraction for the tourists coming to Dubai. The Desert shows how people of Dubai used to live before they moved to the present Dubai. 

Traveling to Dubai to explore Desert Safari is an exciting experience but you must follow the guidelines provided by an experienced traveler so that you do not end up spoiling your tour.   

Things Not To Do in Dubai Desert Safari

If you want to get the best experience from your Dubai Desert Safari, here are some things not to do in Dubai Desert Safari that will help you a lot. 

  • Do Not Travel Alone, Travel in Groups

Traveling is an art and the one who knows this art can enjoy it in the best way. The fun and excitement of traveling multiply when you travel in groups instead of traveling alone. It can be a family group, a group of friends, classmates, or office colleagues. It is also a good thing that there is no limit for the number of members in a group. A group traveling to the Desert Safari can be as huge as it can be.  There are so many benefits of traveling in groups. 

In the first place, people in a group can take care of each other. They can help one another in times of need. The group members can share things with the ones who do not have them. 

Secondly, the group gives a sense of security. Alone in a new country and a new city, you are a stranger and are vulnerable to the robbers more than if you are in a group. So it’s safe to travel in groups. 

Thirdly, deserts are home to wild animals like lions, wolves and deadly snakes like pythons. These harmful animals can end your life within a second if you are traveling alone. Traveling in a group can protect you from such accidents. 

  • Do not Take Clothing For Granted

Imagine if you have everything packed with you in your traveling bag for Dubai Desert Safari, but you do not bother about the dresses you have packed. You just picked randomly what you liked and packed it for your Dune Safari trip. You are going to regret it later.

The days in a desert are heavily scorching, with strong sunlight, and can dip you in lots of sweat if you do not wear light clothes. Light clothes not only in terms of fabric but also in colors. Dressing in light clothing with light colors like white can help you beat the sunlight of the desert. 

On the contrary to the daytime, the nights of a desert are super cool and you may feel freezing if you do not wear a jacket, shawl, or sweater after the sunset. Little warm clothing will help you enjoy the perks of the desert at night. 

  • Do Not Mess with The Desert Natives

When you are traveling to the Desert Safari, keep in mind that you are a stranger. Even if you are a knowledgeable person, try to be very careful while traveling through the desert. 

There are many desert animals, insects, and plants that look harmless, but if you do not know about them, they can be harmful if you try to touch them unnecessarily. Therefore, it is better to be safe than be sorry in the end. 

  • Do Not Get Overly Excited For Quad Bike Rides

Quad Bike Ride is a special attraction for the tourists coming to the Desert Safari of Dubai. It is of course an exciting ride, but make sure that you do not get taken away with over-excitement. Try to ride on Quad bikes safely and do not over speed so that you do not cause harm to yourself as well as the other people riding in the desert.  

Before riding, if you are unaware of anything related to Quad Bike, feel free to ask the instructor. Make sure that you take all the safety measures before riding to ensure that your life is not at risk while riding on a Quad Bike. 

  • Do Not Forget To Take Plenty Of Water

While traveling to a desert, keeping water with you is a must. By water, we mean plenty of water. Water will keep you hydrated and the sunlight of the desert will not harm you at all. The people who do not keep water with them and keep avoiding drinking water during their trip, end up getting dehydrated. Dehydration can also result in sunstroke and fainting. 

So, it’s better to keep yourself hydrated to enjoy your Desert Safari trip. 

  • Do not Try Camel Riding at Night

Every place has a specialty and the specialty of a desert is camel riding. Camel ride is an important element of Desert Safari without which your trip will sound incomplete. Even if you do not have an interest or you are afraid of camels, just give it a try. You will definitely find it worth it. 

Camels have the same eyesight as humans. Keeping this in mind, make sure to try camel riding in the daytime instead of night. Camels can not see properly at night and you might face an accident while riding a camel at that time. 

  • Do Not Carry Expensive Stuff 

While traveling to the Desert Safari in Dubai, do not take expensive stuff along. This may include laptops, expensive digital cameras, jewelry, and lots of cash. It is unnecessary as well as dangerous. These things can overburden your luggage and will keep you distracted. If you want to enjoy the Desert Safari trip, only carry the necessary stuff. 

  • Do Not Leave Desert Safari Before The Sunset

Sunset is the most beautiful part of a desert. After a scorching day, when the sun sets, it becomes very pleasant. The scene of a desert sunset is so attractive that people come to Desert Safari just to view this scene. 

If you are traveling to Desert Safari, do not miss this beauty. Stay in the desert at least till the sunset and make your trip memorable with this soothing scene of sunset. 

  • Do Not Wait For A Last-Minute Booking

Many people think that last-minute bookings for Desert Safari can bring better deals. It is not true because millions of tourists book for Desert Safari. For special occasions like New Year and Christmas, tourists book for Desert Safari weeks before. If you wait for the last minute, you may get disappointed for not getting a booking at all.

In order to avoid this disappointment, do not wait until the last minute and book at the earliest possible time. 

Final Verdict

Keeping these few tips in mind while traveling to Dubai Desert Safari can help you stay safe and protected from getting caught in any troublesome situation. Although Dubai Desert Safari is an amazing opportunity to explore the best part of Dubai, safety must be your first priority. The list of Do’s and Dont’s while traveling to Dubai Desert Safari might go to infinity. However, take those tips that are strongly related to what you are planning to do in Dubai Desert Safari. 

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