Best Hummer Desert Safari in Dubai

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VIP Package

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Hummer Desert Safari

Hummer safari in Dubai is the most lavish approach to explore the city’s sandy dunes and get your adrenaline-rush with an exciting dune bashing. However, the fun isn’t limited to dune bashing, as it is followed by the quality time that you’ll be spending at our Arabic traditional campsite in the midst of the vast desert. Outfitted with all the luxurious amenities, at our campground you’ll have a lot more fun activities to fill your heart with joy by taking a camel ride across the desert or maybe quad biking is something that’s more of your thing, Clifton Tours has it all.

Glide over the smooth sand dunes on a Hummer. Let our experts treat you to a truly great Hummer Desert Safari experience. Appreciate sand boarding down a ridge, with the sun setting in the background. Enjoy a variety of pleasures alongside Arabic tea and espresso with dates, refreshments, and snacks. Catch yourself wearing the traditional Arabic clothing and henna tattoo. Eat up the scrumptious continental and barbecue dinner followed with an amazing belly dance and exciting tanoura show and lots more.

VIP Hummer Desert Safari in Dubai by Clifton Tours

Clifton Tours provides tourists with the best Hummer desert safari tours tailored according to your spending plans and liking. The luxuriousness and road power of Hummer can be used to delve further in the sand hills on trails which aren’t possible using other common 4X4 SUV vehicles. We guarantee that you get an up-close look at the Dubai’s deserts’ rare flora and fauna alongside the incredibly exciting terrain, something you will miss in regular desert safari booking.

Besides delivering an electrifying desert culture exploration, our Hummer Desert safari Tour Package in Dubai subsumes some great activities that give you rich glimpses of the famous Arab culture and custom, including henna art, Sheeshah smoking, camel riding, and falcon shows.

After a fun-filled desert exploration, you would be taken to a comfortable campsite decorated with mattresses, pillows, and low tables. To give our visitors a unique desert safari experience, the campsite for the tour has been decorated in an authentic Arabic look and will always stay as a standout amongst the most loving memory of Dubai.

Enjoy traditional Arabic hospitality by drinking Arabic coffee, having a scrumptious grill dinner, smoking flavored Sheesha and watching Belly and Tanoura dancers dancing on some soulful Arabic music. The hummer desert safari maintains an ideal balance between luxury and the desert!

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