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Basic Pack

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Advance Pack

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Experience the best Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Ride on Clifton’s exciting tour of Overnight Desert Safari Dubai to experience the magical beauty of the desert of Arab at night. Here, you will discover the beautiful views of the barren lands, calm and peaceful atmosphere of the desert with a glamorous experience of camping beneath the sky full of stars, creating a memory of a lifetime. This trip will bring an unforgettable evening with all the luxuries one can enjoy in any luxurious hotel. It is a great opportunity that takes you to the heart of the Desert.

The place is worth visiting if you’re planning to spend your holidays adventurously in Dubai. Going to this place is like a time machine that takes tourists back into the time when Dubai was just a traditional desert.

A desert safari is a conventional arrangement of exercises inside the Bedouin camps. Enjoy camping in the beautiful Arabian barren lands for an evening filled with thrill and adventure.  On your arrival at the camp, cherish the traditional welcome that includes Arabic coffee and sweet dates. The comfortable Bedouin-inspired campsite features a pure Arabic ambiance with traditional Arabic carpets, cushions, and low tables.

What includes the Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai?

Here are the various facilities you can expect and enjoy on your trip to Dubai.

From Pickup To Sunset


As you get ready for the ultimate fun and a night full of adventures, you will get a complimentary pick up from your hotel.


Once you arrive at the camp, you will be greeted with the welcome drinks ( Arabic Tea, Coffee, Fresh juices, and water bottles) and dates. The camps provide their valued customers with a mesmerizing experience of Arabian ambiance.


The camps are designed in a traditional Bedouin-style, experience sleeping on Nawar beds that are complete with pillows and blankets. 1 tent accommodation is suitable for 2 persons. The camp includes tents, matters, and sleeping bags. There are separate bathroom and showering (without towels) facilities for both men and women.


Before the sun sets, you get an opportunity to drive over sand dunes in a luxury 4WD, known as dune bashing. Then, get entertained by various fun activities such as adrenaline-pumping sandboarding, Horse ride, live falcon show, Horse Show, and many other adventures. Moreover, feel like a Boss when exploring the place on your Quad Bike. Furthermore, you can take a camel ride, enjoy the unbelievable views of the sunset under the horizon, and enjoy the photographs of the fantastic view of Sunset.


As soon as the sun sets, move towards the campsite to have the photographs in Arabic costumes and enjoy the delicious Arabian meal. Meanwhile, a belly dancer will perform traditional folk music. The guests are served a yummy buffet with the options of both veg and non-veg. The dinner also includes a BBQ Buffet.

By going here, you can enjoy every moment of the mesmerizing views. Here, you can enjoy a lot more than your expectations. Women can also enjoy applying Henna and tattoo painting. Keep in mind, if you have any kind of skin issue, then don’t apply Henna.

As the night comes to an end, a bonfire at the campground lights up the vast Arabian sky. Before you get into the camp to sleep, you will find your Bedouin tent all set, near the Bonfire, and beneath the starry sky. You will enjoy a comfortable sleep in comfortable bedding, including hygiene blankets, fresh linen pillows, and sleeping bags.

In the night, you can feel the vastness of the cool desert sand beneath your feet and the spectacular stars above. The night sky of a desert presents one of the most beautiful views of nature.


Enjoy the Bonfire with outstanding performances. You can also enjoy the Hubble Bubble (Sheesha). Enjoy unlimited drinks, including tea, coffee, juices, water, fresh fruits, and sweets, all night depending on your package.

Under the Shade of Stars – Best Overnight Stay in the UAE


Once you get free at night, enjoy the Rogan (Arabic bread) and Arabic tea. No limit to the amount of tea, coffee, and water. Get them as much as you want.


The following beautiful morning, wake up 15 minutes before the Sun rises to witness the stunning sunrise views. It is also a great chance to take breathtaking photographs. You will travel to the desert with a Camel caravan that is waiting outside the camp side.


Wake up in the middle of the Arabian Desert, enjoy a gourmet breakfast with tasty sips of freshly brewed coffee, and watch the sunrise. All of these opportunities are one of the surprising experiences offered at this place. After the camel trekking, enjoy the delicious and freshly cooked traditional Arabian breakfast. Do this before trying out some minutes of dune bashing on your way back to Dubai. Spot native Wildlife while returning back to the hotel.

A typical breakfast, including bread, eggs, milk, dates, jam, butter, and tea, is also available for people who do not enjoy Arabian breakfast.


After doing your breakfast, pack your stuff and get ready to go back to hotels after enjoying an amazing evening, delicious dinner, unforgettable night in tents. The mesmerizing views of Sunset and Sunrise will cherish your memories forever.


Your travel desert guide will add to the fun with exciting desert stories. Your travel guide must be knowing English well. He will be there at the Sunset and also at Sunrise so that you can enjoy the view.


We recommend our customers wear comfortable suits so that they can enjoy the Dune bashing, sand skiing, and all other adventures without soaking into lots of sweat. For that, we would suggest men wear shorts or cotton pants with T-Shirts and for women to wear Shalwar kameez or pants with T-Shirts. This dress code should be followed most of the year, but you might need sweaters or jackets in the winter season.

Keep a shawl, sweater, or jacket with you in summer also. It is because the sand of the desert gets exceptionally cool at night, and you may feel freezing without warm clothing. In addition, it is best to wear sandals instead of shoes as the sand gets into the shoes and makes trouble.


While you want to experience the fantastic Desert Safari, you don’t need to carry heavy backpacks. All you need is a backpack which can carry sunblock, a camera, a notebook, a pen, hats, comfortable clothes, and sunglasses.


You can not carry large bags on this trip. There are no lockers available in the camp, and you would not enjoy carrying large luggage bags along all day. You do not need to take water bottles as you will get fresh water from Desert Safari.


Wearing a mask is mandatory while enjoying the Desert safari. Keep the social distance while traveling in vehicles. All the areas that customers touch are clean frequently.


The Dune bashing and camp is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years, people having back pain. It is also not suitable for people with mobility impairment, and pregnant women.


The duration of the camp is 17 -18 hours, depending upon the season, city traffic. The tents do not have Air Conditioners. The camp organizers recommend you not to bring valuables along.

Contact Clifton Tours today for an experience like never before. We have the best affordable and customizable Packages as per your budget. Here you can enjoy Dubai’s fascinating cultural heritage and desert nightlife.

Leave your worries behind and feel peace of mind with us, and with services that are par excellence. We promise an unforgettable and safe overnight Desert Safari journey in Dubai.

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