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Here comes my memory of the road trip to Musandam Dibba, Oman…

Last year in March 2018, one pleasant morning I started my road trip to Musandam Dibba Tour from Dubai. It was one of the best travel experiences of my life in the UAE. This tourist attraction provides a perfect dose of unforgettable adventure and it’s a place where the natural magnificence will leave you drooling n’ drooling!

Located two hours north of Dubai lies a part of the Sultanate of Oman known as Musandam. The region contains some of the greatest landscapes and a wide range of marine wildlife in the Arabian Gulf Peninsula. If you are bored of exploring the artificial world of Dubai, then Musandam Dibba Tour is undoubtedly the best escape for you – a place where you can soak in some of the world’s best jaw-dropping natural sceneries.

Booking Tours For Musandam: Here’s How You Can Book The Best Musandam Dibba Tour Packages At Competitive Prices?

There are two options to visit Musandam Tour from Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi: one is a road trip and the second is a dhow cruise trip by sea. Almost 9 out of 10 reputed tour agencies in UAE offer Musandam Tour via road. These road trips are divided into two main packages: Basic Package which arranges a full-day Musandam Tour via Bus, And, Advanced Package which arranged a full-day Musandam Dibba Tour via 4×4 Land Cruiser. Both packages cover the same itinerary, but it’s all up to you which package you want to apply for.

*Booking Tip:

  • If you are visiting on a limited budget, you can book with the Musandam Tour by bus. It has luxury buses with wide leg rooms, covers all the top attractions, and above all the cheapest way to get to this beautiful region in Oman.
  • If you want to add an extra touch of luxury in your tour or want some privacy, you can book the same tour via 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser. This advanced package is a bit expensive but worth trying.

My friends had already booked their Musandam Tour Package by CliftonTours.com and they were highly satisfied with their quality, services, and pricing. So taking their word for it, I booked my tour with CliftonTours, and now I would strongly recommend this same company to all of you guys because my experience with them was beyond expectations and their Musandam Package adhered to the top-notch quality standards including some awesome extra perks like transportation, lunch, banana boat ride, and much more.

Road Journey to Musandam… A Heavenly Experience!

The first section of my trip began in Dubai, where I got picked up from my location and headed 2-hours north through the Emirates of Sharjah and Ras-al Khaimah. It was a smooth journey cruising down a 12-lane highway.

Within an hour, the 12-lane expressway turned into a little 2-lane road (but wide enough for two SUVs to cross each other) climbing higher and higher into the mountainous territory. And the moment we crossed the border into Oman, words are not enough to describe the natural magnificence of the area. I had the Persian Gulf to my left side and, on the right? Epic cliffs… Oh Yes! I was in the Musandam Peninsula.

The place was incredibly beautiful. I don’t think I stopped heaving at the magnificence for the whole drive and I ended up pulling over at regular intervals or so to take photographs! There was something about having this amazing scenic beauty all to myself.

Exploring The Virgin Blue Water Beaches of Musandam… A Gift Of Mother Nature!

Musandam has one of the most beautiful blue water beaches in the emirates. The moment you cross the border, you will come across many beautiful virgin beaches, where you can swim, snorkel, and enjoy fishing.

As Dhow cruise was included in my Musandam Tour Package, I was very excited to experience it… The Dhow was very clean with beautiful carpets and comfortable cushions to relax and sit. My guide was very supportive and all the tourists on the boat were offered tea, coffee, dates, and fruits as compliments.

Seeing Beautiful Dolphins Gliding Along with Our Dhow Boat… It Was Pretty Magical!

While dhow cruising somewhere in the middle of the beautiful beaches of Musandam, the captain yelled “Look… Dolphins”! I was surprised to watch a pod of friendly dolphins diving along with our boat very closely. They were so cute and friendly that once I wanted to hold them in my hands and cuddle with them… especially the Baby Dolphins. All these dolphins were racing swiftly at the same pace, and performing high dives now and then.

Seeing all this was truly supernatural! I had never observed dolphins in the wild, and to be encompassed by such majestic views? This was way superior to anything Dubai could dream up!

Riding The Banana Boats… An Action-Packed Adventure In Musandam!

We then arrived at another beach in Musandam, which was much even more beautiful than the first. Here we saw a lot of lovely watercraft and yachts. We were invited by the guide on the boat and he ensured everything was prepared for a relaxed evening on the water.

Inflating up the banana boat, serving a few snacks, popping the cans of soda, and serving Arabic keyway, we were all prepared to go! When we left the port, we accelerated and had an incredible view of Musandam. The captain of the boat started off slow, but sped up very quickly against the powerful waves… the ride literally gave all of us a perfect adrenaline rush! Blue skies, tranquil sea, and sun warmth were ideal for a plunge into the Musandam Beaches.

Absorbing The Breathtaking Musandam Views From The Highest Mountain Peaks…

After lots of fun on the beaches, exploring the small towns of Musandam, discovering the rich cultural heritage of the area, we hopped back in our 4×4 cruiser and headed on a lovely mountainous drive. We drove to the top of some mountains from where we got stunning views of the beaches and Omani fjords. Here you will also explore some mountain caves and head inside them which are illuminated with lights and have sitting arrangements for tourists.

Enjoying Fresh Seafood in Musandam…

At the end of the tour, we were served delicious seafood at a 5-star restaurant. The lunch included a wide range of fresh seafood dishes such as shrimps, fish, and calamari.

Planning A Trip To Musandam? Please Read This:

  • Before heading to Musandam, you had to fulfill your Visa requirements. For this purpose, I would suggest you book your Musandam Package with a reputed tour agency. By doing this, you can focus more on planning your memorable journey than making visits to Visa offices for stamping services. As I booked my package with CliftonTours, I had complete peace of mind as the tour guys did everything for me without even bothering to disturb me.
  • You must carry your passports with you, otherwise, you will not be allowed entry into Oman territory
  • If you are traveling between December and January, make sure to take your jackets and coats, because it’s cold there
  • The best approach to head to Musandam Dibba is via a tour agency. Not only it will save you from the hassles of visa stamping but will also cover the largest bunch of activities.

So this was my complete review and experience of the Musandam Tour Package. Liked reading my post here? Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.