How Did We Start? Clifton Tours – A Journey to become The Best Tourism Services

CliftonTours started in 2018, with an aim to promote tourism among visitors and local residents and to provide visitor orientation and technical assistance to the international investors.

We started Clifton Tours to add our part in the rapidly increasing tourism industry in the Deserts of Dubai. Our services are specially for the tourists and visitors to make their stay in Dubai memorable. We also provide service of event management on the Deserts.

We started to provide quality service at reasonable rates so that the tourists can enjoy their stay in Dubai at their fullest.

Benefits & Services of CliftonTours

The services and benefits of CliftonTours are beyond your expectations. It is one of the top-notch Tour Operators in Dubai. CliftonTours provides quality service with affordable packages and competitive pricing. You can enjoy the true taste of Emirati Culture and explore the golden sands of Dubai wrapped in a Royal Treatment by CliftonTours.

The unlimited services of CliftonTours include Evening, Morning & Overnight Desert Safari, Hummer Desert Safari, Dinner in the Desert, AbuDhabi City Tour, Al-Ain City Tour, Dubai City Tour, Dubai Night Tour, Birthday Party in Desert, Burj Khalifa Ticket, Ferrari World Ticket, Flyboard Dubai, Helicopter Tour, Hot Air Balloon, Jet Ski Dubai, Aquaventure, Helicopter Tour, and much more.

CliftonTours Clients

Since its establishment, CliftonTours has served lots of clients. The number of clients at present is 2000+. Some of the clients of CliftonTours are the renowned companies and industries that arrange tours for their staff to Dubai and provide them a chance to enjoy their life.


CLIFTONTOURS is committed to provide integrated and innovative solutions for the global tourism and transportation industry. The vision of CLIFTONTOURS is to create value for the shareholders of the industry by safe delivery of value to the customers.


CLIFTONTOURS is a dedicated tourism and travel company with a mission to lead the industry with high-quality service, customer satisfaction, adding value, and providing security.


CLIFTONTOURS works on the basis of following business values.


For CliftonTours as a tourism company, it is very important to be honest while providing the information to our customers. Honesty makes any organization or company strong and helps in making decisions and policies.


CliftonTours has a team of passionate and educated workers. We encourage them to work with respect, unifying talents, helping each other, and sharing ideas, opinions and knowledge. It provides a strong foundation to a company and helps it to succeed.

Quality Service

CliftonTours aims to provide quality services for the customers and puts all of the efforts, courage, and determination to make it possible. Dedication and careful work also helps the company to provide quality service.


CliftonTours encourages all the company staff to communicate with each other. It believes that communication generates expectations, perceptions, and requirements and motivates to improve attitudes and knowledge.

Constructive Attitude

CliftonTour encourages its team members to remain positive and show constructive spirits and attitudes to make the company successful and increase its chain in the market. Creativity and good faith is expected from all the workers to make the company more successful.


CliftonTours gives respect to all the team members and workers of the company and expects them to respect each other as well. Respect is the basic right of everyone and it creates a healthy, and friendly work environment.