Evening Desert Safari Dubai with BBQ & Live Shows

Advance Pack

Advance Pack

200 AED
120 AED
Self Drive

Self Drive

83 AED
50 AED
Basic Pack

Basic Pack

115 AED
69 AED
Silver Pack

Silver Pack

250 AED
150 AED
Premium Pack

Premium Pack

333 AED
200 AED
Platinum Basic

Platinum Basic

333 AED
200 AED
Platinum Plus

Platinum Plus

500 AED
300 AED
Exclusive Pack

Exclusive Pack

1160 AED
700 AED

Buffet Menu


  • Vegetable Samosa
  • French Fries
  • Arabic Sweet (Luqaimat)
  • Cold Drinks starts with Starters


  • Russian Salad
  • Macaroni
  • Hummus
  • Koslo
  • Lettuce
  • Chick peas
  • Arabic Pickle & Indian Pickle
  • Mint Sause
  • Yogurt
  • Date

Main Course

  • Vegetable Biryani Rice
  • Zeera Rice
  • Noodles
  • Steam Vegetables
  • Mix Vegetables Curry
  • Chana Masala Curry
  • Daal (lentils)


  • Chicken Tikka
  • Seekh Kebab
  • Fried Fish
  • Barbeque Chicken


  • Ferni / Custard / Umm Ali (Dish of the day)
  • Mixed Fruits

Desert Safari Dubai Deals and Packages – 2021

Desert Safari Dubai is the perfect way to escape the busy city life for a while and head for the desert on a 6-hour 4WD Adventure. The Desert Safari Dubai tour will take you to dune bashing, on a camel ride, and through some unforgettable cultural experiences. Furthermore, you will get the chance to see a variety of shows you won’t see elsewhere.

Desert Safari Dubai offers the best views and sightseeing of sandy deserts. It even includes the stunning rock-filled terrain along the southern area of the UAE. Dubai Desert Safari also features some additional services to make the safari a memorable experience for tourists.

Are you looking for the Best Dubai Evening Desert Safari Tour Packages? If yes, you are here at the right place. Clifton Tours is among UAE’s top and well-known companies offering Dubai Desert Safari Tour packages. We provide the best Dubai Desert Safari Tour deals and packages which give the experience of a lifetime. The tour packages are reasonable as well as above and beyond in terms of quality and excellence. 

Book your Evening Desert Safari Dubai with us. Get ready to absorb the unbelievable beauties of the Arabian Desert with a backdrop of the setting sun! Other options include a morning desert safari and an overnight desert safari.

Dubai Desert Safari – Common inclusions for 2021

The sunset never fails to form a charm on the tourists, while the stunning views of the evening sky burst in all shades of yellow and red. The middle of the massive fields of sand dunes will make you say WOW. As a complimentary extra with all evening safari packages, you can enjoy the following activities.


Upon being picked up from your hotel room or from the meeting points in Sharjah & Dubai, a luxury SUV will take you to the red desert dunes of Dubai. Next, find yourself in the middle of never-ending soft dunes shining brightly in their striking red tone. 

Dune Bashing

The most awaited evening Desert Safari Adventure starts with a thrilling dune bashing session in a luxury 4×4, which could be Hummer, Land Cruiser, or Nissan Patrol. The adrenaline-fuelled dune bashing session includes driving over the troughs and crest of ever-shifting sand dunes that excite every cell in your body.

Camel Riding & Sand Boarding

Late afternoon, the time when the sun starts to fall would give you the thrilling vibes you would have never experienced. It gives you the chance to discover the magical feel of Dubai. This time is perfect for other fun activities like Camel Riding and sandboarding. Sit on the back of a camel, and soak up the cool romantic evening breeze with every step forward.

Henna Design / Tattoo

You can get the highest quality henna designs from our henna experts.

Tea, Coffee & Water

During your stay, you will have unlimited access to free water, Arabic tea, and espresso. Enjoy them with shisha pipe.

Entertainment Shows

Get entertained by a diverse collection of traditional live programs of UAE such as Belly Dance, Fire Dance, etc.

BBQ Buffet Dinner

Once the desert exploration trip gets over, head over to relax at the famous Bedouin-inspired camps. Enjoy the aura of the campsite while waiting for the call of delicious Arabian cuisine beside a glowing bonfire.

The add-ons are:

You will receive a table service for your food, quad bike ride, fresh juice, and a falcon photo opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Which desert safari is the best in Dubai?

Al Lahbab Desert safari is the best safari in Dubai. Spectacular stretches of sand only 50km away are ideal for desert safari. Sand boarding, dune bashing, quad biking, buggying etc on a mesmerizing sand canvas of Al Lahbab desert doubles the pleasure of safari. Al Lahbab desert safari is an ideal choice for desert safari lovers.

What is the best color to wear in the desert?

Deserts remain hot during the day and cold during the night. Depending on the time of your visit, clothes selection may vary. Light coloured clothes are best for daytime safari as they keep you cool in the sun. However, you can wear any color at night safari.

What can you do in the Dubai Desert?

Dubai deserts earn a big share in the UAE tourism industry. So the safari offers much for visitors’ entertainment. Dirt bike riding, dune bashing, sand skiing, jeep safari, fat tire biking etc are offered for tourist’s enjoyment. Hot Air balloon rides are also made available to enjoy the sightseeing of desert safari.

How can we enjoy Desert Safari in Dubai?

Desert safari is no doubt very enjoyable but if you are visiting it with your loved ones, friends and family then it would become your top favourite destination. You also get a chance to experience beduin camp living.

Can I wear shorts on a desert safari?

Shorts, half pants etc can be worn but remember that the sun is very blazing and scorching in the desert. Sunlight can cause sunburn on uncovered parts of the body. There is always a chance of a sand storm also and sand grains can cause bruises on legs so it is better to wear fully covered clothes during desert safari.

What are the myths about the Dubai desert safari?

Dubai safari is the target of many myths such as there will be a lot of animals in the desert, dune bashing is an essential part of desert safari, Dubai safari is very expensive, safari provides short camel rides, and all the safaris are the same in Dubai. Such other myths also revolve amongst tourists, especially those who are visiting Dubai for the first time. There is no reality in these myths.

How to book a desert safari in Dubai?

To book your safari trip, you can visit tour web to book the trip online. Or you may need to call or message text at whatsapp at the number given on the website. You may need to provide some basic information such as name, contact number, date of tour, pick up location and number of persons going to safari. Our service is available 24/7.

How much does a desert safari cost in Dubai?

Desert safari is highly cost effective. Our company offers different evening safaris with different charges. Self drive costs 50 AED/person, Bus Package (Pickup from standard locations) costs 69 AED, Hotel/Residence pickup by 4×4 costs 120 AED, Bus Package with Quad Bike costs 150 AED, Hotel/Residence pickup with Quad Bike costs 200 AED.  Various add-on packages charge variably.

What is included in Desert Safari Dubai?

Dubai safari starts with 4×4 pickup. The trip includes camel ride, dune bashing, quad biking, hubble bubble, sand skiing meal, BBQ dinner, belly and tanoura dancing, fire show, henna design and photos in traditional arabic attire.

What to wear to desert safari Dubai?

During Dubai desert safari, choice of clothing must be very careful. While you are going for summer safari, then you should choose light and loose fitting dress so that the air circulation may keep you cool. For night, denim jeans, pants and full sleeve shirts of thick stuff are preferred as sand gets cool after sunset. Try not to wear sleeveless skirts and shorts.

How far is desert safari from Dubai?

Desert Safari is nearly 50km from Dubai. Safari is only 37km from Dubai mall, 52 km from Dubai Marina, and 37 km from the palace downtown.

How long does desert safari take?

Dubai desert safari takes 6 hours on average. Usually, safari is offered in morning and evening but an overnight safari is also offered where tourists spend their night on the ground under the sun.

What is the age limit for desert safari in Dubai?

Normally Dubai desert safari does not restrict for a certain age group but it recommends bringing children of age 3year plus. Senior people suffering from certain diseases are also recommended to avoid such adventures.

Clifton Tours provides the Best Dubai Desert Safari Tour

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the Best Dubai Desert Safari Offers at Clifton Tours. Brace yourself for the Best Evening Desert Safari journey of your life. We offer the best deals and packages so that you can have a trip of a lifetime without going heavy on your budget. Our rates are affordable. The quality and excellence of our Dubai Tour are unmatchable. With quick bookings and hassle-free trips, feel relaxed and have peace of mind.

Ride camels, watch belly dance shows, enjoy dune bashing, relax under the stars with delicious Arabic cuisines, and throw yourself into top-of-the-line fun activities – all thanks to Clifton Tours Desert Safari Packages.

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