Book Overnight Desert Safari Dubai with VIP Camping & Dinner

Basic Pack

250 AED
180 AED

Advance Pack

350 AED
250 AED

Embark on Clifton’s Overnight Dubai Desert Safari tour and experience the magic of the Arabian desert by night. Discover the sights and sounds of the desert at night, its uniquely calm atmosphere, and let the “glamorous-camping” experience beneath millions of stars above you create a memory of a lifetime.

Camp out in the beautiful Arabian Desert for an evening of Emirati entertainment and thrilling adventure. When you arrive at your camp, appreciate the traditional welcome that includes Arabic coffee and sweet dates. The comfortable Bedouin-inspired campsite feature a pure Arabic ambiance with traditional Arabic carpets, cushions, and low tables.

Before the sun sets, you get an amazing opportunity to drive over sand dunes in a luxury 4WD, known as dune bashing. This is followed by an array of fun activities such as an adrenaline-pumping sandboarding and feel like a Boss when exploring the desert on your Quad Bike. Take a camel ride and enjoy the incredible views of desert sun dropping under the horizon.

As the sun sets in, head to the campsite to feast on a delicious 3-course Arabian meal while a belly dancer performs to traditional folk music. As the night winds down, a bonfire at the campsite lights up the vast Arabian sky. When you are ready to sleep, our team will set-up your Bedouin tent, beneath the starry Arabian sky. The next beautiful morning, wake up to the stunning desert sunrise views and later a delicious Arabian breakfast before trying out some minutes of dune bashing on your way back to Dubai.

For an Overnight Dubai Desert Safari experience like never before, contact Clifton Tours today. We have the best affordable Overnight Desert Safari Packages that can be customized as per your spending plans. Feel a peace of mind with us, and with services that are par-excellence, we promise an unforgettable overnight desert safari journey in Dubai.

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