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Dubai is the most important and developed emirate of all the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The locality of Dubai can be defined as Abu Dhabi is covering the borders of Dubai from the south, in northeast another emirate Sharjah, in southeast Oman emirate is located. Hence Dubai is placed within the famous Arabian Desert for Sunrise Desert Safari, also called Lehbab Desert. Dubai city has unique and different topography from the rest of the United Arab Emirates. The landscapes of Dubai are formed of soft sandy dunes deserts. The Sand of the Arabian Desert is white, clean, and delicate, which is consists of crushed coral and shells. 

Sunrise Desert Safari

is such a fantastic thing to do in a desert surrounded by sandy desert, and it is an electrifying and thrilling experience to do. Your Dubai City Tour will never be complete without taking the safari. The term safari can be considered as a trip to the exciting undeveloped area to see, take photographs, and hunt wild animals in that environment.

Desert Safari is about to drive across the soft sand dunes. A traditional way of Arab living is to be observed. People stay there in camps and traditionally they used to welcome Arabic drinks. People can take camel rides. Henna painting, Bar Bee Que dinners, sandboarding, and live Arabic dance performances like belly and tanoura dance.

The word sunrise is chosen because this safari is used to enjoy in the morning — a splendid beginning of the day with an incredible Sunrise Desert Safari by Clifton Tours is so beautiful.  Without Sunrise Desert Safari is challenging to retain the magnificence of the Dubai desert in the morning. In the morning, a visit to the desert is not very hot, and many people or tourists go with charm. Gradually, to see the morning sun is expanding its golden sparkle glow to the sand, and experience the astonishing landscape& sceneries seems so smoothing.

sunrise desert safari

Many people, due to their busy routines and schedules like to do morning Desert Safari. They enjoy the sunrise desert safari, which has so many exciting and thrilling adventures. In the morning desert safari, tourists have to travel or take the drive of 20 to 30 minutes of exciting and fantastic dune bashing along with the camp journey. In the camp, tourists can enjoy camel rides, sand skiing, and quad biking. This safari can be precisely set according to the tour packages of travelers.

It is an excellent opportunity to see the stunning and incredible desert sceneries. Come away from the busy and rushed life of the city and go straight through the glorified empty roads of the desert. There are many Desert Safari tours you will find. The first one is Sunrise Desert Safari, the second is Evening Desert Safari, and the third category is Overnight Desert Safari.  Sunrise Desert Safari contains several adventurous things that are as follows:

  • Sand Boarding
  • Dune Gliding
  • Camel Ride
  • Pick and drop off the ride
  • Travel on 4X4 wheel vehicle
  • Dune-bash thrilling  Rides
  • Photo stop on Red Dune
  • Quad Biking Rides
  • Morning Breakfast or Brunch
  • Lehbab Desert

Sand Boarding in Morning

Sandboarding is one of the most exciting things to do in the desert. It gains enough popularity, and during Dubai City Tour, tourists must do it or watch it. Sandboarding in the Arabian Desert is known as a desert-based activity that is sliding down from the slops of the desert dune. It is just like snowboarding. Often sandboarding is high 1,000 feet from the high sand dunes. In the morning, it shows a beautiful golden glow of the sun on a sandy desert.

Sand Boarding

Morning with Camel Riding

Starting a day with adventurous morning activities in a desert safari is seems so appealing. One of the most beautiful things is riding on a camel. Camel is walking on the sand dunes is seems like waving in the desert. A ride on a camel is an ancient and traditional activity in the United Arab Emirates. To sit back on the camel is just like a smooth, noiseless ride. This is a vehicle-less ride, with simplicity.

Quad Biking Rides

A sand quad bike ride is another adventure in the morning safari. The quad bike is also known as an all-terrain vehicle (ATV).  The quad bike has low-pressure tires having handlebars that Are used to control the steering. On the sunny morning of the desert, the quad is so exciting, and it is speedily running on sand. A person driving this car is waving in his seat due to the high position of a bike. Tourists like to take a ride on Quad Bike.

camel ride
camel ride

Sunrise Desert Safari Lehbab Desert

In the sunrise desert safari, people mostly have safari guides. In the whole adventure, they along with tourists and tell the information and give the guidelines to tourists. In the safari desert, Lehbab Desert is one of the most interesting places to see. Lehbab desert is the area in the desert that has red sand and very high dunes. Lehbab desert offers the most interesting picturesque views of the beautiful Arabian Desert. Most of the people must stop at Lehbab desert to catch the scenes of red sand in their eyes.

Brunch in Desert

The final thing in Sunrise desert safari is to take brunch in camp after all ridings and adventures. The term brunch is defined as the combination of lunch and breakfast. The restaurant camps in the desert provide quality food to tourists for refreshment.

It is complicated to decide the best desert trip amongst many adventurous and thrilling desert trips. The journey of desert safari is started from a specific pick point for tourists into the drive of the 4X4 wheel. All these Safaris are lovely, incredible, and thrilling for tourists. The sunrise can be termed as a morning desert safari.

Clifton Tours are providing you with a stunning chance to enjoy the views of the lovely Arab desert in Sunrise Desert Safari.