Dune Bashing means driving at high and low speed over the amazing dunes of deserts. As we all know, the surface of sand keeps on shifting, and it requires special skills and a particular type of car to navigate the path. Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are primarily used in this specific experience under the supervision of trained and professional trainers. Dune bashing is a kind of adventurous activity done on dunes on 4×4 vehicles, used explicitly for this sport. This article will generally discuss all the adventures, thrilling and unforgettable experiences you can expect during dune bashing. In particular, the article focuses on the best places for Dune Bashing in UAE.


Head towards the outside of the noisy city and enter in the great golden sand of the desert to enjoy the mesmerizing views and to enjoy the fun-filled and unforgettable evening. An evening with an amazing experience including, entertainment and dining. The dune bashing goes for about 20-40 minutes. After that, you will get to the campsite where you are welcome to Bedouin tents. Click some photographs to keep it memorable life long, later enjoy the yummy buffet dinner, which is mostly BBQ with the options of both veg and non-veg.

Top Dune-Bashing Experiences in UAE Desert Safari

In the UAE, there are different types of Dune Bashing experiences available. Below we will discuss the topmost dune bashing experiences to give you a clear picture. 

Red Dune Bashing Desert Safari

Enjoy the thrilling dune-bashing over the red dunes. Feel the coolness of sand in the vast desert. Enjoy your dune experience by leaving the hustle-bustle of the desert behind you and heading towards the desert for a fun-filled day of excitement. Enjoy the activities and food later. During this experience, while you enjoy activities, click as many photographs as you want, it could jealous your friends and family. 

Desert Safari & Dune bashing

Leave the hectic life behind you, pack your stuff and get ready for the exciting and thrilling experience of dune-bashing in the tranquil desert. You are welcome to the camp where you can enjoy other activities. Click the photographs while the sunsets make the scene mesmerizing, click photos of yourself in traditional Arabic outfits. Taste the delicious conventional and continental buffet that is prepared for the valued customer. 

Morning And Evening Dune-Bashing

Choose the adventure you want to, but the best sightseeing of dune bashing is at the time of sunrise and sunsets, the view is amazing in the morning when the cool breeze hits your face, you can enjoy the beauty of nature at the time of dawn. Experience the dune bashing in the calmness of the desert. Have a yummy breakfast, enjoy the Arabic tea, coffee and qahwa. Get back to your hotel once you get over with the morning due bashing experience.

But if you are a lover of the sunset, choose for Evening Dune Bashing. Leave the worries of city life behind and, reach the desert where the fun and thrilling experience of dune bashing is waiting for you. Enjoy the other activities as well. After all the activities, come to the dining area where the buffet is available. You can enjoy the dinner with the option of traditional and continental. 

Dune Bashing in UAE | Best Places in UAE

You can enjoy dune bashing in Dubai and all over the UAE. Here are some of the deserts where you can enjoy the dune-bashing.

Al-Faya Desert

Al-Faya desert is the most popular spot among tourists in UAE. The camp is a set-up under the sky full of stars. The camp is about a 50minutes drive from Dubai city, located in Sharjah, at Al Malaika road. Ride along the Sharjah road towards the east coast exclaves to lead you to a unique and spectacular desert of ruby sand. This dessert is famous and favorable among both professionals and amateurs drivers, as it dues to its dunes which are more significant than the Al-Bidayer desert. 

Al-Bidayer Desert

Al-Bidayer desert is a 45miutes drive from Dubai, located on Hatta/ Oman highway, in Sharjah. The desert is also known as the ”Big Red” desert as this desert is gigantic, while the sand’s color is dark red. This desert is most famous in UAE for dune-bashing. The spot is always filled with tourists who have a passion for dune bashing. But if you are not comfortable doing it your own, several professionals can assist you. 

Liwa Desert

The desert is located in Rub Al Khali, Abu-Dhabi, also known as ”The Empty Quarter. Only highly experienced professionals can do dune-bashing in this vast desert. Not only this, but Liwa is also famous for its annual festivals, competitions, and challenges. The sand is very soft here. Its the largest desert in Arabian Peninsula. Liwa desert shares the border with the lands of Saudia Arabia. 

Sweihan Desert

Another desert is located in the lands of Abu-Dhabi, 1 hour and 15minutes away from Dubai. The desert shares the border with three cities Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, and Al-Ain. Sweihan is also known as ”little Liwa” as it is a practicing ground for the energetic drivers in Liwa grounds. 

Fossil Rocks Desert

More widely, this area known as fossil rocks is a spectacular point that heads out from Sharjah city towards the Kalba, officially called Jebel Maleihah. The beauty of this point is amazing marine fossils that can be easily found in these areas.

Millions of years back, this area was under the oceans, most precisely the Tethys Ocean. The fossils are tiny creatures that used to be lived once o the ocean floors. The spot is not only famous for due bashing, but it also has a great photographic view. The pictures clicked here are amazing. Indeed this place has excellent worth and importance among the tourists. 

The Best Time For Dune-Bashing

As the weather gets ideal in November, in the incredible city of the world, Dubai, there comes a flock of tourists from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of this majestic city. As they want to enjoy their trip and make it memorable, they opt for different adventures. Each one has its own specif time, and for that, the best time to enjoy the dune-bashing is before sunset. This is the best time to enjoy the beauty of the desert and the amazing hills of sand.

Expectations While Dune-Bashing

Sit on the passenger seat to start the fantastic journey of dune bashing. However, the journey begins when you are picked up from your hotel or the place where you want to be picked up. You have to mention it while confirming the adventure. You will reach a desert area where no city noise bothers you. No towering buildings to distract you from enjoying the beauty of this glorious city. 

The trip is bumpy and thrilling and lasts for an hour. The vehicles travel in a convoy that sticks close to perform stunts efficiently and ensure safety. So be ready to slide, slip and skid all across your seat to make your way in the golden sand of the desert.

Fun activities

While you want to enjoy the dune-bashing, you can enjoy more fun-filled activities like henna tattooing, smoking flavored sheesha, and even camel and horse riding as well. You are welcome to sit on couches in Bedouin camps.

Precautions to take during Dune Bashing

  • During the adventure, if you are using a contact lens, try not to wear it at the time of Dune Bashing, as any kind of sand particle may enter your eyes. To avoid itching, try to wear your glasses.
  • As per the law, dune bashing is not suitable for people who are in wheel-chair, pregnant ladies, people having any kind of illness regarding heart, spinal, and back.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes, casual wear, shorts or jeans, with closed-toe shoes. 
  • As the temperature from December to April may fall to +9 degrees, it is good to wear light woolen clothes and jackets. 
  • Seats for infants are available on request if you have booked earlier.
  • Dune-bashing is not suitable for children under 16 years. Kids above 11 may ride with the elders. 
  • Face masks are mandatory for travelers and guiders in public areas. Temperature checking facility available at arrivals.
  • Keep social distancing encouraged throughout the experience.
  • Carry your camera as well, because you might be clicking tons of photos ad your phone might run out of storage.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals before the dune-bashing, as it is like a mini roller coaster, and you might feel uncomfortable and suffer nausea ad motion sickness.
  • Keep some extra cash with you as you might need to buy souvenirs from the shops at the campsite.