The Best Of Sharjah City Tour On A Budget

Sharjah, the cultural heart of the Emirates, and one of the most popular tourist destination spots in UAE is home to the region’s most beautiful scenery, offering a plethora of exciting options that cater to every taste. If you are short on time or it’s your first trip to the city, I would highly recommend booking a Sharjah City Tour Package online. To understand why – please read my blog post here and learn from my personal experiences…

You can visit Sharjah again and again, yet you will always discover something new to explore. With a diverse blend of neighborhoods and long-running royal Arab history, UAE’s cultural capital Sharjah offers a lot of novel attractions to new and returning guests alike.

Sharjah City Tour Package: Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Book The Sightseeing Tour…

Sharjah is a huge city offering dozens of tourist attractions, but with Sharjah City Sightseeing Tour it is entirely possible to see a decent dominant part of Sharjah’s main sites in a little space of time. So if you have just a few days to spare, this unique city tour aims to ensure that you will make the most out of your visit in a limited time and budget. This itinerary is especially intended for those who are dynamic explorers and want an ample overview of the city, ideal for first-time visitors.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should book the Sharjah City Sightseeing Tour Package:

1). This city tour package gives tourists a perfect opportunity to see the best of what Sharjah has to offer, including shopping malls, historical landmarks, museums, forts, and much more. This itinerary is perfect for those who want to save time and money on their Trip To Sharjah.

2). While Sharjah offers free entry for all tourists, it will cost you money to explore the city’s notable tourist attractions. Paying for individual tickets at each attraction center can be a big burden on your pocket. The ideal approach to visiting all the popular city attractions without going heavy on your budget, consider booking Sightseeing Sharjah City Tour Online – the perfect way for you to save money on the city’s paid attractions!

sharjah city tour
sharjah city tour

3). The Sharjah City Tour Package lets you skip the long lineups at ticket counters so you can spend more valuable time sightseeing and less time standing in Sharjah’s busy crowds.

4). If you only have a few hours to stay in Sharjah but still want to get a lot done, this sightseeing tour is a no-brainer and undoubtedly a great deal!

5). This package covers every aspect of the city, from sightseeing to iconic landmarks, neighborhoods to afternoon Arabic teas – from popular attractions to secret spots, this tour is guaranteed to share as much of the city as possible with tourists.

Want To Book The Best Sharjah City Tour Deals & Offers? Here’s My Recommend Tour Company For You Guys…

There are such huge numbers of attractions and activities in Sharjah, the potential outcomes are huge! To get a genuine taste of the Sharjah Culture, I would highly recommend you folks to book your Sharjah City Tour Package with This tour operator has the best and most reasonable deals including pickup/drop-off, free access to the museums in the city, free access to the Sharjah Al Hisn Fort, and the best bit, a free ride on the Al Qasba Wheel The Eye of the Emirate! The company tosses in a free transport tour around day and night time so you can explore the city in your favorite time!

What Places Will I Visit In This Sharjah City Tour Package? Here’s What Is Covered In This Combo Deal!

Sharjah has an enchanting diversity variety of neighborhoods, from the excellent beach and coasts to the beautiful sights of Al Qusais. You can eat delicious Arabic food and flavorful curries in Sharjah’s souks and then go for an evening tea at one of Sharjah’s street-side coffee shops. Explore the huge variety of what Sharjah offers and value it for something beyond its tourist spots and you’ll have a superior comprehension of why people are so enchanted by the cultural capital of the Emirates!

Visiting The Sharjah Calligraphy Museum: A Journey Into The World Of Creativity…

The first famous attraction covered in this package includes the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum. Located in the house of Hamad Al Midfa in the Heritage Area, the museum provides an intriguing discovery journey into the universe of creativity and the advancement of Arabic calligraphy over the years, through delightful portraits delineating beautiful calligraphic letters and shapes. Stunning work done on wood, canvas, paper, and ceramics, made by local craftsmen and international calligraphers, reflect the intricacy of this work of art and its authentic foundations.

Visiting The Maritime Museum in Sharjah: Discover The Region’s Marine Heritage…

The Sharjah’s Maritime Museum is another famous attraction covered in this Sharjah City Tour Package. Here you can discover the city’s most fascinating marine stories and explore the rich marine heritage that played a significant role in the development of coastal cities over 6000 years ago. The major feature of this trip to the Maritime Museum is seeing the world’s oldest pearl, traditional fishing methods, and wooden seafaring dhows that were used hundreds of centuries back for fishing, trading, and pearling purposes.

A Memorable Walk In The National Park Of Sharjah: Amazing Spot For Photography…

Visiting one of the Emirates’ biggest parks, the Sharjah National Park is a delight for many tourists. The park is spread over an area of 630,000 square meters and features lush green gardens, photography spots, and different flower species. Here you enjoy some snacks, go for a romantic walk with your partner, or click some Instagram-worthy selfies to impress your friends!

Seeing The 200-Year-Old Fort Al Hisn: A Deep Insight Into Sharjah’s Ancient Ruling Family & The Defence Techniques…

Built around 200 years back in 1820, the Fort Al Hisn has stood guard over Sharjah, with its powerful cannons and solid towers facing towards the Arabian sea to ensure protection to the emirate’s occupants, rich and poor, from any future enemy.

Al Hisn Fort Museum, also known as the Heart of Sharjah, was the residence of Sharjah’s ruling family (Al Qasimi) and the center of defense in the emirate. Its heritage reverberates in current Sharjah like no other building. As the city developed, the fort, which is presently encompassed by the cutting edge urban spread of streets and tower squares, turned out to be less a symbol of protection and more a reminder of the emirate’s proud history.

Visiting Sharjah’s Al Hisn Fort, you will learn a lot about the customs of the Qasimi family, how they battled their enemies, what weapons they used, and how they defended the city of Sharjah from foreign powers. You will also discover the jails where prisoners were held pending trial, while the Armory section of the fort features some of the world’s oldest firearms, swords, and daggers used by the ancient military forces to protect Sharjah from foreign invasion.

Visiting The Beautiful King Faysal Mosque: An Insight Into The Islamic Culture…

By booking a Sharjah City Tour Sightseeing, you will get a chance to visit one of the Emirate’s most precious mosques, the King Faisal Mosque. Spread over an area of 12,000sqm the mosque can accommodate 17,000+ people. The appeal of this mosque is that it is best suited for worship with acoustics and the beautiful voice of the Imam in the huge however calm space, meeting up to make an extremely extraordinary atmosphere!

Shopping At The Sharjah’s Biggest Shopping Hub: The Souk al-Markazi…

Located on the beach of the Khalid Lagoon, your next destination is Sharjah’s main shopping hub and iconic landmark – The Souk al-Markazi (Blue Souk). The souk consists of two huge buildings interconnected by bridges and a skyline of 20 wind towers. The market is also known as Blue Souk, just because of the blue tiles on the outside wall. The Souk al-Markazi contains around 650 shops selling pearls, jewelry, perfumes, clothes, household, carpets, and souvenirs. The outside views of the souk are most beautiful at sunset!

Viewing The Al Ittihad Monument – A Symbol Of The Union…

Another major highlight of the tour is the Al Ittihad Square Park – a grand landmark symbolizing the union of the Emirates. The monument is an oasis of serenity in Sharjah, situated between two famous tourist spots in the Emirate – the Sharjah Souk and the King Faisal Mosque.

Visiting The Sharjah Archeological Museum: Discover The Deep-Rooted History Of Sharjah From Stone Age To Present-Age…

With a visit to the Sharjah Archeological Museum, you will discover the deep-rooted history of Sharjah and the lifestyle of the ancient inhabitants from the stone, bronze, modern, and the present-day ages until the ascent of Islam in the region. Here you will explore the human advancements that developed in the locale since the Stone Age up until today through the antiques, monetary forms, adornments, stoneware, and old weapons exhibited in the museum. Investigate the tombs, burial grounds, and houses through the models showcased in the museum. A perfect spot for history lovers!

Seeing The Magnificent 60m-high Eye of the Emirates – Al Qasba Wheel In Sharjah…

On the northern bank of Sharjah, the tour includes a visit to the 60m-high Eye of the Emirates Al Qasba Wheel, which bears enthralling perspectives in every direction. Venture onboard one of the wheel’s lodges and you’ll be lifted high into the sky above Sharjah. From that point, you can appreciate astounding perspectives of milestone structures, landscapes, and even the Arabian coast extending all the way to Dubai!

  • Sharjah City Tour Ratings: 5/5
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  • Places We Travelled: Calligraphy Museum, Al Hisn Fort, Archeological Museum, Ittihad Square, Al Qasba Wheel, King Faisal Mosque, Souk al-Markazi, Maritime Museum.

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