MOTIONGATE Theme Park Dubai: Complete Guide For Tourists

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A trip to MOTIONGATE Theme Park in Dubai can be an incredibly fun and paramount experience for a family. But let’s face it: standing hours in long queues at ticket counters, getting sunburned in Dubai’s heat, and don’t know how to get started can make it feel somewhat less magical. Fortunately, a little planning can help you save BIG on ticket price, skip the long lines, and avoid tantrums. Follow my complete guide here for a perfect Dubai MOTIONGATE Theme Park experience!

MOTIONGATE Dubai Theme Park In A Nutshell: Overview, Location, & Timings

Motiongate nicknamed “Hollywood in the desert” is the largest Hollywood inspired theme park in Dubai, attracting millions of tourists across the globe. Dubai Motiongate Park is one of the four theme parks that make up the Dubai Parks and Resorts – the largest leisure destination in the UAE.

MOTIONGATE Dubai Theme Park is divided into four Hollywood-inspired themed zones: Sony’s Columbia Pictures, The Smurfs, DreamWorks Animation, and Lionsgate. Together, these four zones feature 30+ air-conditioned attractions, rides, and play areas that provide the ultimate adventure and fun for a perfect family holiday – It’s a place where all the exciting family travel memories are crafted!

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Park & Resorts – United Arab Emirates

Winter Timings:

  • Saturday – Wednesday 12:00 PM – 09:00 PM
  • Thursday – Friday 12:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Summer Timings

  • 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day

Booking Dubai MOTIONGATE Theme Park Tickets

You can book your tickets for Motiongate Theme Park online in advance, or at the venue. I would highly recommend you guys to purchase your tickets online, as it will not only help you save time but also pass up long queues at ticket booths.

In case you’re looking to purchase discount tickets to the Motiongate Park Dubai, you can book via CliftonTours, UAE’s top tour company dealing in city tours and attraction passes. CliftonTours routinely offers exclusive discounted deals on Motiongate Theme Park tickets at up to 20% OFF the regular price.

  • Regular MOTIONGATE Theme Park Ticket Price: AED 300
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MOTIONGATE Dubai Rides & Attractions: Here’s What To Expect?

Divided into four Hollywood-inspired zones: Smurfs Village, Lionsgate, DreamWorks, and Columbia Pictures, the MotionGate park features 30+ rides and attractions, catering to people of all ages. Escape the zombies at Zombieland Blast-Off, enjoy science-themed slides at Flint’s Imagination Lab, hang out with Kung Fu Panda, fly with penguins at Penguin Air, experience a 4D war between Vampires and Lycans, and much more…

1). The Smurfs Village

Those little blue people called The Smurfs to have their own cute town in Motiongate Dubai. The zone is specked with mushroom houses and play zones. Attractions incorporate a kid-friendly roller-coaster ride, a smurfy studio, a Smurfberry factory, and many others.

Smurfberry Factory Ride – The Smurfberry factory features a perfect family-friendly ride. Here you will step into a Smurf Berry factory with your kids, and work together to collect red berries flying everywhere in the play zone.

Woodland Play Park – A huge outdoor park featuring a plethora of fun activities for children to participate in. Come here with your little ones, and let them enjoy to their heart’s content.

Smurf Village Express – Come here with your children and get a charge of a perfect roller-coaster ride. This roller coaster takes you on a ride through the Smurf Village, however, keep an eye out for the Howlibirds as they drop stones on the Smurf houses… don’t worry these are only artificial stones!

Smurfs Studio Tours – Go on a visit with the Smurfs through the movie studios and turn into a superstar. However, make sure to look out for Gargamel as he attempts to bring in turmoil to the ride.

2). Columbia Pictures

Located just next to Smurfs Village, it is a zone where some of our most loved movies from Columbia Pictures are enlivened. The first thing you will see is the Hotel Transylvania which resembles Dracula’s luxurious hotel for beasts and monsters. Try not to pass judgment on it by its cover though; this isn’t a scary zone but rather a kid-friendly one.

Zombieland Blast Off – Being assaulted by zombies in an old amusement park, your only way to escape is a thrilling 58-meter drop tower. Come here with your family, and let’s see if you have the courage to get away from dangerous zombies along your way!

The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase – It’s actually a roller coaster ride, that takes you through hazardous junkyards in blazing speed. Buckle your seatbelts and feel an adrenaline rush as you cruise at high speeds!

Hotel Transylvania – Sit tight inside a coffin-like carriage and launch yourself to a journey where you will discover the haunts of Dracula, Wayne the Werewolf, Murray the Mummy and many other horrible-but-funny creatures.

Underworld 4D – Offering a lifetime experience, the Underworld 4D ride at the Columbia Pictures zone will take you 800-years back to the war between the Vampires and the Lycans. Wander the huge halls somewhere inside the house of the Vampires’ coven and go to a vampire party.

Ghostbusters: Battle For New York – Are you courageous enough? Experience this interactive ride by joining the Ghostbusters gang and travel to the Sanctuary of Gozer where you will take part in an epic fight to save New York City. Let’s see if you can become a hero!

Flint’s Imagination Lab – Kids will love it… It’s actually a fun lab for children featuring science-themed slides and laboratory mazes. Come here with your kids, and let your little ones show their scientist skills and experiments!

Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs: River Ride – Prepare to go to Swallow Falls, a unique world where different animals and food consolidate to make new species and live in their own reality. This fun river ride will bring you into the core of the wilderness overflowing with these food-imals!

3). DreamWorks Pictures Rides

Head to this zone, and enjoy a cool refuge from the Dubai evening heat. DreamWorks is an indoor fascination that is divided into four different regions dependent on DreamWorks Animation Franchises: Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon.

My most loved ride in this zone was the Dragon Gliders – a roller coaster ride that floats over the hall. It generally has the longest line on the ticket booth, so consider yourself a lucky person if you have an online MotionGate Theme Park Ticket by CliftonTours! In any case, truly, the long hold up is super worth, despite all the wait!

Dragon Gliders – Dragon Gliders is the park’s most favorite ride… Come here to join Hiccup and Toothless and you take off over the skies on this epic experience. Fly to the Forbidden Islands and above the Berk Town on a thrill ride!

Melman Go Round – A fabulous melodic merry go round, this superbly interesting take of the traditional carousel is inspired from the Madagascar movie.

Penguin Air – Soar above with penguins and their group of technician Chimpanzees on this penguin aircraft journey. Get your pilots on – you get the opportunity to be the pilot on this ride!

Madagascar Mad Pursuit – Move on board this fast crazy ride and go on an adventure through this Mad bazaar. Hold hands with the animals as the Zoosters get away from obsessive animal control officer, Captain DuBois, and head without anyone else undertakings.

Swamp Celebration – Come here to surf Shrek’s foggy swamp as he takes tourists to meet his family. Meet Fiona and go along with them as they celebrate an exciting birthday bash of their triplets.

Mr. Ping’s Noodle Fling – A spinning and whirling merry go round of noodle pots, this ride has been propelled by Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop from the Kung Fu Panda. Clutch your pots on this one of a kind family fun ride.

Kung Fu Panda: Unstoppable Awesomeness – Po’s companions, the Furious Five have been caught. Join Po as he sets out on an epic adventurous journey to save his companions from the grip of an abhorrent warlord.

The Swinging Viking – Inspired by the motion picture How To Train Your Dragon, you will join the Viking twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut as they capture a ship and go on a swinging experience.

Camp Viking – An ideal play area for little Vikings, this experience will have the children take part in net crawls, avoiding mythical beasts, shooting dragons from water guns while cruising through your ship.

4). Lionsgate

The Lionsgate zone features the much-awaited The World of The Hunger Games and the most adventurous roller coaster ride – the Capitol Bullet Train. The roller coaster has a vertical drop, a progression of loops, and achieves a speed of 80 kph.

Enjoying Family-Friendly Shows At MOTIONGATE Theme Park Dubai

Aside from the rides, the MOTIONGATE Theme Park Dubai also features several entertaining shows suited for the whole family. Not only are these stunning to watch, they additionally give a much-needed reprieve in the middle of the considerable number of rides and attractions of the amusement park. Here are some of the most well-known shows at Motiongate Theme Park.

Backlot Crew – Take in the methods for Hollywood as you meet the director and his group. This welcome show is a hit amongst families and will help you to remember the early Hollywood days.

Ghostbusters Block Party – The Ghostbusters are currently a dancing boy band who must attempt and catch the possessed Dr. Janosz!

Backlot Beat – A magnificent fun show put on by the Backlot artists as they sing some golden hits of past and present.

Kung Fu Panda Academy – Take in the methods for Kung Fu under the tutelage of Master Shifu and be prepared to join Po on stage. This is your opportunity to become a Kung Fu ace!

King Julien’s Show – King Julien and the cast of Madagascar Ruler meet up to bring a standout amongst other show-stopping exhibitions to the recreation center.

Operator Penguin Shake – The show pursues Captain. Chantel DuBois and her chase for the penguins in Ruler Julien’s Sideshow Cafe.

Fountain of Dreams – An enchanted dancing fountain that highlights figures of characters from Shrek, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda.

Step Up Dubai – The most prominent show in Motiongate, Step Up Dubai includes live music and dance performance.

Restaurants In Dubai MOTIONGATE Theme Park

Besides featuring dozens of rides and attractions, the MOTIONGATE Park in Dubai is also home to a large number of world-class restaurants and cafes, serving delicious Arabic, Italian, Indian and other International Dishes.

Dubai MotionGate Theme Park – My Verdict:

The Dubai Motiongate park is superb and offers an amazing outing for the whole family. The distinctive zones are exceptionally energizing and pay great consideration to detail. A great deal of diligent work and exertion has gone into this amusement park and it truly satisfies. The rides are incredible and there is a decent blend for children and grown-ups.

Get Ready For A Truly Enchanting MOTIONGATE Dubai Theme Park Experience!

Since now you know everything about the biggest Hollywood-inspired theme park in the UAE, it’s currently time for you to go to Motiongate. Book discounted tickets to Motiongate Dubai via CliftonTours today.