My complete Dubai City Tour at AED 70 only

Planning a Dubai City Tour but don’t know how to get started at low rates with the best packages? My this blog post here has been designed to help you score a cheap deal to Dubai from any country across the globe and make the most of your stay in this world’s most beautiful city…

The Arabian city of future prospects with the latest innovation, dynamics, and technology. Dubai is a city that always develops and enhances to the surprise of those who are inhabitants or tourists to Dubai for the first time. The city is known to be one of the most secure and cleanest spots to visit in the world, thus ending up positioning very high on the rundown of the world’s most popular travel destinations. With dozens of amazing attractions that cater to the needs of all ages, Dubai has something special for everyone.

Dubai City Tours Packages: Here’s My Ultimate Guide To Booking The Best Deals & Offers!

During my first backpacking trip around the Middle East, Dubai was never anywhere near my travel radar. Most of my friends told me that Dubai wasn’t worth it because it was too expensive and in order to avail the top entertaining facilities here you have to go heavy on your budget.

They couldn’t have been more wrong in their statements!

After lots of researching on the internet, reading user reviews and experiences, I came to know that by signing a Dubai City Tour Package Deal with a good tour operator you can actually minimize your expenses and can engage in dozens of Dubai’s charming attractions that might seem heavy on a budget to others but in reality, you will be doing all this on a limited budget!

Finding The Best Tour Operators For Dubai Sightseeing: How I Booked Full-Day Dubai Tour With Best Deals…

Obviously, belonging to a mediocre family, I never wanted a Dubai City Trip that would break my bank. Only with proper planning and research, I could enjoy the best of Dubai, or at least keep my expenses down while ensuring a full-day fun trip. So without wasting my time, I started looking for some best Dubai City Tour Packages, spending hours reading each company’s reviews, user ratings, comparing prices, and all that stuff… Finally, I landed on and to my amazement, they had the best ratings on the web, the most competitive rates, and up to 99% positive user reviews. Hence, taking their word for it, I went ahead and booked a Full-Day Dubai City Tour Basic Package for AED 70 only inclusive of all those special perks like Burj Khalifa visit, Dubai Creek Cruise with water-taxi, Dubai Museum, Dubai Marina, and much more!

Getting Picked Up From Designated Location In Dubai… the moment when my excitement levels were at their peak!

My Dubai city tour started with a luxury bus pickup from the company’s designated location for my area. The bus was fully air-conditioned, had comfortable sofa seats, and sufficient legroom for a person 6’1 like me. Standard Package includes bus Dubai City Tour, but if you want some privacy or add a ‘ supreme luxury ‘ factor to your trip you can book Advanced Package and travel Dubai in a 4×4 Landcruiser – It all depends on your budget and spending plans.

Dubai is a wonderful city and at a glance, you really forget that this place was once a desert that has been transformed with wide carpeted highways, skyscrapers, and structures that are as Grand as any of the sheik’s royal residences. The main city is advanced and modern in every aspect, but there are still some areas where you can enjoy – Old Dubai!

Many people especially young girls like me seem to have the misconception that when you visit Dubai, the ladies must be covered up in the head-to-toe abaya. But there’s nothing such thing or rule as that. Since Dubai is a worldwide city, they have grasped the more modern lifestyles. Generally, you can wear anything you want, but of course, as a Muslim country, there are still a few places that will require you to dress properly.

Dubai Museum Hall & Old Dubai gave a perfect start to my journey…

Dubai Museum hall – It was actually a small historical center in Old Dubai with a lot of information and some amazing displays reflecting the Emirati history culture and life in the desert. 

­Old Dubai – Visiting Old Dubai will help you discover the rich culture and heritage of this Arabian city. Markets like the renowned gold souk, spice souk, and small food street shops will give you a deep glimpse into Dubai’s traditions. Enjoy traditional dishes from the street-food vendors, explore the beautiful crafts, and discover Dubai as it is far from elevated structures and big malls!

dubai museum

Exploring the souks of Dubai and experiencing the taste of the local style…

The city Souks of Dubai are built using an Arabian style of architecture, making the place look like a modern take on Aladdin’s hometown.

Seeing Madinat Souk: a unique blend of both old and new Dubai city…

We first visited the Madinat Souk. On the outside, it gives a vibe of a traditional Arabian desert home, but from the inside, it’s air-conditioned and decorated exceptionally well – You can say it’s a blend of old and new Dubai city that works so flawlessly. The indoor commercial center of Madinat Souk will enable you to explore all the unique Arabian trinkets, gems, pearls, floor coverings and rugs, Arab-style cups and saucers, and such.

Madinat Souk

We took the Abra boat ride across the Dubai creek and headed to the Deira city to explore Dubai Spice Souk… (I did some shopping as well :D)

The markets in the souk are always a pleasant way to experience the taste of the local style. From here you will take a boat ride across Dubai Creek to get to the more old part of the Dubai city called Deira. Reaching Deira is somewhat like venturing back in time to get a glimpse of what Dubai was like 100 years back!

The Spice Souk is not that crowded, very much organized, and will surely make your foodie heart truly flatter with the huge variety of spices, dried organic products, nuts, and teas. Possibly every tea flavor or spice you could imagine – you just name it, they have it!

I managed to take home some saffron, dried figs, some nuts, fresh vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, plus the dried lavenders that I have always wanted to try for my baking project…

OMG! I was in the Gold Souk of Dubai… a place where I witnessed some of the world’s precious jewelry sets & also the $3 Million ring that can cover up a whole person’s body!

Adjoining the Spice Souk is a place that is truly a haven for jewelry and diamond lovers. Walking into the Gold Souk, you will feel as if you are in a city of gold and riches. The first thing that welcomes you is the world’s largest ring, Najmat Taiba, which can cover up a whole person’s body, and has an estimated worth of $3 Million (but it’s not for sale). The world’s most precious sets of jewelry are displayed here in the open as if it a typical jewelry and not made of valuable diamonds and pearls. It’s surprising to see this especially when you come from a country where jewelry stores would have state-of-the-art security systems.

Tip: If you are willing to buy precious sets of jewelry at some unbelievably low costs, then you must visit the Gold Souk. The moment you step into the souk, all the sellers would have their eyes on you and ask you to bid for your favorite jewelry set. With some bargaining, you can really purchase some classic jewelry at affordable pricing.

Heading inside the Dubai Jumeirah Mosque and learning about Islam…

Our next stop was the most photographed mosque in the world – The Dubai Jumeirah Mosque. This iconic landmark is one of the only 2 mosques in the city which are open to non-Muslim tourists 6 days a week. Heading inside the mosque you will be accompanied by a guide who will tell you about Islam, the culture of Emiratis, and have all your Islam-related queries answered.

The Jumeirah Mosque is an iconic architectural wonder, and worth making a trip to even if you have no interest in Islam. The building itself is a legendary piece of rich artwork and has a story. Ensure you bring your camera and click some of the best Instagram-worthy photos when you visit the Jumeirah mosque!

Jumeirah Mosque

After a short stay at the Jumeirah Mosque, your Dubai City Tour’s next destination is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel & Residences…

Jumeirah Beach Hotel –   With a wave-like structure, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is Dubai’s most stunning landmark that keeps on being the most loved place for ages. It’s actually a relaxed extravagance that invites cheerful memories. Where the fresh ocean breeze, the laughter in the air, and Jumeirah’s top-notch will surely make this entire day Dubai trip remarkable!

JBR Walk – Shop, dine, and stroll by the sea along the chic waterfront strip known as The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). You will be also provided the opportunity to walk by the sea along the chicest waterfront strip The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). Along this beachside boulevard, there are plenty of other opportunities perfect for shopping enthusiasts such as handicraft shops, boutiques, and fashion outlets.

Clicking some of the best selfies of my life with the illuminated Burj Al Arab in the background!

The most luxurious part of the Dubai city visit is a sightseeing tour of the world’s best 5-star hotel, Burj Al Arab. The moment you come close to the sail-like silhouette, you will be literally stunned to see its creative engineering and marine design. You can click some great selfies with the illuminated Burj Al Arab behind… and amaze your friends!

Burj Al Arab

Enjoying great views of Atlantis The Palm without and getting free passes to the Lost Chambers Aquarium… I felt like the luckiest person on the planet!

With this basic Dubai City Tour By Bus Package, you can enjoy great views of Atlantis The Palm, the world’s first man-made island complex. Even if you’re not staying in the hotel you can still spend a pretty good time here with your loved ones. Wander the pedestrian avenues for some luxury window shopping, enjoy the world-class cuisines Or simply lie back on a lawn chair and enjoy the breathtaking views of the island.

With your Dubai city tour deal, you’ll likewise have the free pass to the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Atlantis appears to ascend out of the water, so no big surprise this is home to some exciting water experiences. Visit the Aquaventure water park and slide down Dubai’s most elevated waterslide. Or travel to Dolphin Bay, where you can swim with the dolphins!

lost chambers aquarium

Bidding farewell to my Full-Day Dubai Trip with Marina Walk, Burj Khalifa, and Fountain Dance Show…

The marina area is encompassed by skyscrapers and contains a lovely boardwalk. From here, you can see the fancy boats and click some stunning photographs of the Dubai harbor and magnificent skyline.

What made my tour even more fun was the visit to the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa. If you have some extra cash, you can purchase Burj Khalifa Tickets at cheap rates from CliftonTours. From the top floor, you can enjoy panoramic views of the whole of Dubai city. The building looks breathtakingly beautiful at night, illuminated by a spectacular light show, while the fountain below dances to English & Arabic music.

Burj Khalifa


  • The old Dubai especially the souks is undoubtedly a must-visit spot
  • Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab gave me goosebumps, especially their breathtakingly beautiful architecture, magnificence, and tall heights
  • Stay at Atlantis the Palm was pure FUN, as I got to see the beauty of the world’s first man-made island and different species of fish at the Dubai Aquarium

My Verdict: After coming back from this great trip, I can proudly say that I made the right decision by choosing the Dubai Tour package from CliftonTours. It was a trip that will be in my memories forever. If you are planning a solo or family trip, I would definitely recommend this company to your guys. Not only they provide the best value for money but Kudos to their whole team for helping me make some lifetime memories!