The Ice Rink at The Dubai Mall: A Guide To Ice-Skating In Dubai

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On my recent Eid holidays, I decided to invest some quality time in Dubai – exploring some Extra fun and refreshing activities. Dubai with its world-class amusement parks and recreational facilities offers a plethora of activities but I chose to pick something that I haven’t experienced otherwise… So I started my experience with the Dubai Ice Rink in the Dubai Mall!

It was the June Eid Holidays, and I was anxious to explore some really New places in Dubai. Places where I’ve been wanting to go yet haven’t had to chance to. Places that offer you an Ultimate day of excitement, and don’t get affected by the scorching heat of Dubai. Places that are thrilling, energizing, and offer an ordeal that we will always remember…

For the first time, I was going to Dubai ICE RINK located at Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai. As it was my first ever experience with Ice Skating in Dubai, I didn’t know what to expect but I just wanted to have some good, good, good times… AND Yes, it was absolutely enjoyable, and here’s sharing with you guys complete details about the place – Booking tickets, getting there, what to expect, and much more.

A Brief Overview Of Dubai Ice Rink – Ice Skating In Dubai:

Dubai Ice Rink is a key leisure attraction at The Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest shopping mall. Situated on the ground floor of the shopping center alongside The Souk, the Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink has turned into a social hotspot, appealing to the whole range of the general public, both youthful and old alike. The make-over of the well-known fascination at The Dubai Mall has set up it as a dynamic venue for fun events.

Guaranteeing boundless fun for skating devotees and for visitors, the Dubai Ice Rink offers unmatched highlights for tourists including the Dubai Ice Rink Skating Academy (DIRSA). Offering a full program of training from basic learning to skate to cutting-edge figure skating.

In addition to skate-coaching sessions and training programs, Dubai Ice Rink also offers enhanced entertainment with cool D.J. nights and a huge range of bistros for a relaxing experience for the whole family.

*Do you know? The Ice Rink in Dubai has over 2,000 sets of skates, imported from Italy to fit people of all ages and sizes. Ice Marshals are available at skating hours to ensure customer safety, and the Zamboni – a modern ice resurfacing machine – is deployed across the rink each couple of hours to guarantee top-quality ice surfaces at all times.

Getting Dubai Mall Ice Rink Tickets – Here’s How I Got 30% OFF Discount On Regular Ticket Price

When it comes to booking tickets, I am a PRO in it… I spend hours surfing the internet for special discounts and offers, and luckily this time on Eid Holidays, I finally managed to score a Great Deal! Yes, you heard it right… I got a 30% OFF Discount on the regular ticket price. Here’s how!

I booked my Ice Rink session by buying a ticket online from – as far as I know, it’s a UAE-based tour company that offers Dubai city tour packages, holiday packages, and special deals on attraction tickets.

Getting Dubai Ice Skating Tickets was pretty straightforward, I simply filled in my details, got a verification call from the company, and my ticket with a 30% OFF Discount was confirmed within a matter of minutes only.

  • Regular Dubai Ice Rink Ticket Price: AED 150
  • Dubai Ice Rink Ticket Price on CliftonTours: AED 70 (30% OFF Discount)

Besides offering an excellent discount and fast booking service, the company also offers a luxury pickup/dropoff service from any location in Dubai or Sharjah to Ice Rink Dubai Mall at affordable rates! Well, I own a car myself so I didn’t avail that offer, but if you are here in Dubai as a tourist or want a cheap but luxury transfer your hotel location to Dubai Ice Rink – you can contact them for a Combo Dubai Ice Rink Deal.

Experience Ice Skating In Dubai – My Experience With Ice Rink Dubai Mall: Here’s What To Expect…

The Olympic-size Ice Rink in Dubai offers top-notch facilities for an assortment of ice-skating abilities. Set your spirit free on the ice at Dubai’s electrifying ice arena, providing proficient ice skating activities and catering to all ages through its Learn-to-Skate program, Dubai Ice Skating Academy for ice hockey, as well as hosting Disco Skate sessions for a complete fun-filled day.

What I loved the most about Dubai Ice Rink was its Smooth-Icy Flooring, which allowed us to effortlessly dance on the ice with our skates on. It might sound like a straight-out-of-the-movies, but that’s exactly what the Dubai Ice Rink brings to the table!

Skating on the ice rink was so smooth, that I wanted to keep skating and dancing on the ice forever… Believe me, it was an exceptional experience, And I am sure you will not discover that much smoothness anywhere in the world.

Hey, wait! I didn’t know ice-skating…

Because of the amazing care staff at the Ice Rink Dubai Mall, ice-skating won’t remain an optimistic activity if you are set to go and attempt!

The staff at the Ice Rink provided me the complete skating gear – socks, helmet, skates, and a cute little penguin (to be my support). The penguin is a kinda unique type of support for newbies like me. You have to firmly grab the handles on the penguin, after which the penguin will cruise over the ice rink, allowing you to balance yourself on the ice while skating and also preventing you from falling down. When you feel yourself capable enough, you can leave the penguin and go ice skating with your own super-special abilities :p

There were some super talented kids who did outstandingly well by getting rid of the penguin or any sort of help by halftime!

The ice-rink session lasts for one hour and forty-five minutes, after which you can enjoy some snacks, have lunch, and shop at the Dubai Mall. The Ice Rink at Dubai Mall also caters to birthday parties, get-togethers, special events, and ladies-only skate sessions – if you are willing to avail of any of this service, you can directly contact CliftonTours, because they are the Maestros in providing you discounted deals and organizing an event for you at the Ice Rink at affordable rates.

Verdict: I loved each and every moment at the Dubai Ice Rink. In fact, the entire experience was not just fun but was reviving and a whole new dimension of awesomeness with unique skill lessons being taken – It’s an absolute must-try in Dubai (with repeat value).

Things You Need To Know About Dubai Ice Rink:

  • For instant booking and confirmation, I would highly recommend you to book your tickets online and save time
  • The Penguin-pals allow newbies to experience ice skating without slipping or falling down, so come here with confidence even if you have zero ice skating abilities!
  • Carry your own socks to wear under the skates, unless you plan to purchase a pair of socks from the sports shop
  • Please wear comfortable, decent clothing
  • Lockers are available inside the Ice Rink to store your belongings/mobiles/bags
  • You can also sit in the spectator stand and enjoy watching dance performances and disco sessions on the ice rink