The Truth about History of Dubai is About to Be Revealed.

Why Is Everyone Talking about the History of Dubai?

Dubai is the most prominent and modern city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is also the capital of the Emirates located on the southeastern shore of the Persian Gulf. Dubai is an international city and the business center of the Middle East. It is also a major global transportation center for travelers, and it generates substantial oil cargo income, which helps to stimulate the advancement of the city. Read all About the History Of Dubai.

A hub for local and foreign trade since the beginning of the 20th century, its economy depends on revenues from business, tourism, aviation, property, banking, and financial consultancies. Dubai has dragged the attention of the world through extensive architecture projects. Recently just because of the advanced knowledge, the government’s total economic dependency of the UAE on fossil fuels. Dubai transformed its market to the latest technologies and business, but tourism largely extravagance. Certain tourism plans were of remarkably grand range dimensions.

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History of Dubai

Dubai first appeared on British India’s official record in1799. It might be probable that Dubai lived under substitute names earlier related to this. It is fair to assume any level of complexity within the establishments of Dubai &Dibba in the earliest records. In the early era of the 19th Century, Dubai seems that it was under the dependence of Abu Dhabi, where the BaniYas family lived. 

There were approximately a thousand persons of this tribe who moved to Dubai after a conflict with the king of Abu Dhabi. This development heeds the origin of Dubai as a separate Sheikhdom. Maktoum bin Buti controlled the lately established community till 1952. Then the present ruling tribe members take its title from the previous king.

In 1892 Dubai was set under the shield of the UK by a restricted arrangement. The leaders of Dubai encouraged trade and many international traders, mainly from India. Those traders moved into Dubai, which extended famously known for its jewel exports till the mid of 19’s.

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Currency of Dubai

Later the devaluation of the currency in the Gulf, Dubai, associated Qatar to form a combined single currency, the riyal. Then Oil was found in the Persian Gulf with 5 additional emirates; Dubai got its sovereignty with the origin of the United Arab Emirates in December 1971. After 2 years the federation approved the UAE dirham as a standard currency.


The Islamic State of the United Arab Emirates comprises 7 Emirates and Dubai is one the largest city. It is believed that Dubai lived in any event 150 years before the Union. Dubai holds the most number of people in the majority of all things considered and is second in the geographical area. It is furthermore the most progressive, modern, and groundbreaking Emirate since and became the quickest grown and more different than its associates.

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Then Dubai transformed into a self-governing Emirate, and here started the family of the existing royal federation of Dubai. There were many challenges in the whole occurrence of Dubai. Due to its optimal Geography that is suitable for trading, many strived to conquer and seize control of the city.

Oil Discovery

Dubai’s fortunate burst had only now started. When the oil was discovered, the marketplace kicked. The British had then determined to leave and go back to their homes. After that, Dubai graced the 7th Emirate of the newly established UAE. Shaikh Rashid allowed an equation to give the most weight to Dubai in the federation and assured that Dubai would continue experiencing growth in a fast way.


The official language of Dubai is Arabic; therefore, many people communicate with each other in English at their workplaces and in public areas as well. There are diverse people across the world in Dubai,  so they find English as a common language to communicate quickly, that’s why most of the signs on the roads and shops are displayed both in Arabic & English.

Islamic Values & Laws in Dubai

Dubai is an Islamic state and keeps all the Islamic traditions in its heart.  It is incredibly significant that when visitors tour Dubai they must appreciate and act well as per the Islamic laws. The minorities of Dubai are very protective of Islamic customs and laws.

Dubai is mostly known as the amusement center of the Middle East, which pulls many entertainment lovers from across the world. Particularly those who are wealthy people, throw out on the numerous expensive sites in the capital. Dubai administration still restricts the local citizens to avoid such entertaining non-Islamic services allowed. In this regard, these delightful services are usually placed in touristy spaces and restricted in residential areas.

  • Alcohol is not prohibited in Dubai, but limited or restricted in some of the hotels, bars, and nightclubs.
  • Dubai residents can drink alcohol at their homes, but they must have a license that is issued by the local administration.
  • The Pork meat is allowed and available, but only for non-Muslim visitors — alcohol is not allowed in public areas like shopping malls, streets, etc. 
  • Dubai administration strictly advised the visitors to don’t exercise the western culture on the streets or public places, to avoid an offensive action by the other nationals.
  • Dubai’s nationals are also very friendly and very famous regarding their hospitality, especially for foreigners.

People of Dubai like to wear their traditional dresses according to their Islamic faiths. Emirati men prefer to wear long dishdasha while women love to wear abaya. All foreign visitors are also advised to wear an appropriate dress during their visit to Dubai. Tourists are also allowed to capture the beauty of Dubai, which they maintained. So feel free to take the photographs. But there are also some sorts of restrictions during photography like sensitive military installations and other important government buildings. Visitors never allow the pictures of the Emirati women at any cost.

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The history of Dubai can be concluded as the tale of evolution. From the simple origins to the world’s most modernized city. Dubai has always been unparalleled and extends to become a more fascinating city day by day. It is a better chance to travel to this charming city with the guidance and assistance of Clifton Tours. In Dubai, Clifton Tours offers you the best touring