Traveling With A Purpose: Paying it Forward Around The World

I have been extremely blessed when it comes to having had opportunities to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Years ago, I set out to experience 30 countries by age 30 and I will have surpassed this number by the end of this year at age 29! I thought and thought of ways that I could give back to others around the world and also how I could help someone gain international experience that they may have not otherwise had ever gotten the chance to do and this is how Traveling With A Purpose: Paying it Forward Around The World began.

This will be a two-part process:
1) I will take $15 (to symbolize the year 2015) and put it in a thank you card and bring it to every place I travel to leisurely. I will then give one card out per trip to someone who is deserving of a smile and a pick me up! This could be a front desk clerk at a hotel I am staying at, a cab driver who goes out of their way to show me their country, or a janitor who is cleaning up at a mall I visit.

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The purpose of doing this is to give people the same smile and warm feeling I get when I travel somewhere new. I want to let people know that I am appreciative of their help and assistance and I want them to know that they deserve something beyond what they thought they would receive that day.
To some of us, $15 may not seem like a lot of money, but in some places, it can pay a bill, buy a family dinner for a night, substitute a day of work for someone, pay for taxi service to a from work for a few days, etc.
I will document my giving experiences and let you all know who and why I choose to give a Thank You card gift to.
2) I am very excited about the release of my book and I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks of it. My number one goal for writing this book was to inspire and motivate people without a lot of money to go abroad and experience the world because it is very possible to do so!
At the end of this year (December 31, 2015) I will take 5% of ALL profits from my book and help someone obtain a passport and flight to an International location for 4 days, 3 nights to help them experience the other side of the globe. Towards the middle of this year (around July/August) I will have the people in my community nominate someone they know who isn’t financially able to afford traveling abroad but would love to do so. I will then choose 1 person. This is in hopes that it will help someone receive a brand new outlook on life as I know firsthand that travel can do.
I am so excited for this year: traveling to new places, giving back to others, and sharing my book with those who I know can greatly benefit from it!
Thank you,