What you need to know about Sharjah Book Fair?

Finally, that time of the year has arrived when all the book lovers will be getting a golden chance to get themselves connected with the most significant book fair in the world. Yes, we are talking about the Sharjah Book Fair!

Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) is named to be one of the most remarkable and best book fair events which are organized each year in Sharjah city. This event is arranged generally in October or November every year and stays for a maximum of 11 days of the period. This event has made itself to be the most significant cultural event in Dubai among tourists. Let’s have a quick overview of the background of the Sharjah International Book Fair

Introduction About Sharjah International Book Fair

This event of the book fair was launched for the first time in the year 1982. This book fair event has made itself to be one of the biggest and yet the most significant events on the literary terminology within the region. This event is aimed at giving all the authors and talented publishers the chance to highlight their handwritten work and book writing skills.

Sharjah Book Fair

 Being launched on an official basis in the year 1982, this event was started for the first time under the supervision of Sharjah’s ruler and member of the Supreme Council named as His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasim. He had a great passion for book reading and writing and therefore initiated the event for promoting the love of book reading among kids. Now after 30 years of launch, Sharjah International Book Fair has made itself to be one of the biggest and yet the 4th largest book fair event in the whole world. This event is committed to giving all the authors and talented publishers the chance to highlight their handwritten work and book writing skills.

Details About Sharjah International Book 2020

As we mentioned in the beginning that every single event of Sharjah International Book is arranged in October same di happened in 2020 as well. This year in 2020, the city of Sharjah experienced fantastic and brilliant outcomes from the visitors who attended the book fair and made it successful. This book fair is arranged at the venue at Sharjah Expo Center every year. This year in 2020, the central theme of the book fair was “Open Books. Open Minds”. This event will be coming up with almost 987 different activities that are all based on the concepts of scientific as well as literary themes. Besides, it will be including practically 350 various cultural-based events that are all designed according to different age groups of visitors.

International Book Fair


Authors and Guest of Honors At Sharjah International Book

Every single year a prominent and well-known personality is invited to the Sharjah International Book. For the year 2020, the invited author and guest of honor were Steve Harvey. He has been the talented author of some of the excellent and highest-selling books such as “Act like a Lady and Thinks Like a Man”. Along with him, there were almost 173 different amazing authors who were called from 68 different countries. There were around 90 famous personalities who were from various cultures. A few other names in the list of guests of honors are Vikram Seth, who is a renowned poet and Indian novel writer. Mark Manson, is a reputable known personal development consultant expert and a blogger! Inaam Kachachi, who is a prominent Iraqi journalist as well as author, and Bothayna Al Essa, who is a famous Kuwaiti author!

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Mexico As The Main Guest of Honor Country 

It has been expected that it will be hosted by a maximum of 2000 publishers who will be from 81 different countries. Mexico will be the guest of honor country for the Sharjah International Book. Every single year for this event, novel writers and book writers have always remained the main center of attraction. In the year 2018, Japan was the leading country as the guest of honor. But this year, Mexico has been selected.

guest of honor

Publishers From 81 Different Countries at Sharjah International Book Fair

Another best thing about this event is that it will be allowing publishers from 81 different countries to be part of this event. Sharjah International Book Fair has been expecting around to perform the hosting of a maximum of 2000 publishers every single year. It will be hailing from 81 various countries.

There are around ten writers who will be making their debut for the first time at the Sharjah International Book Fair. There will be about 100 various publishing houses from India with 183 from Egypt and around 64 from Syria.  The few first countries who will be representing themselves at the Sharjah International Book Fair are Greece, South Korea, Taiwan, Kyrgyzstan, as well as Somalia, and Mozambique. Besides, this event will also be having around 198 Emirati publishers as well.

Overview of Activities at Sharjah International Book Fair

One of the most significant aims behind the arrangement of the Sharjah International Book Fair is to promote the love and passion of boo reading among the young generation of kids. Therefore, for this reason, the event has decided to introduce more than 400 different forms of activities which will be bringing 14 different countries under one platform. A few other essential attractions of the event will be the famous Kuwaiti play, as well as Wakanda, and more than 88 amazing performances from 8 various countries.


Activities at Sharjah International Book Fair

This time the book fair has also introduced the comic section for book lovers and kids. Apart from that, the screening of famous comic books such as Spiderman and Black Panther will be held at Sharjah International Book Fair. Another incredible activity that is worth encountering at the book fair has been a book signing session.  This session will be highlighting around 250 various works of fiction as well as academic studies, law, theatre, social sciences, and so many more.

The Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF)

04 – 14 November 2020.