World’s Mega Expoo Dubai 2020

Expo Is termed as a large and huge international exhibition. World Expo is the largest as well as the oldest international event. This event conducts after 5 years.  Expo Dubai 2020 is the largest and will be the first unique world exhibition is hosted by the city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. There everyone and anyone can share their innovative ideas, explore the world’s amazing inventions and have fun together.  The opening of this great exhibition will be on 20th October 2020. Previously it was first held in November 2017. There announced a national holiday on the inauguration of the first Expo Dubai.

The BIE (Bureau International Des Expositions) will be supervised by the world international exhibition. Expo 2020 is the international register exhibition that will connect the minds and creativity for future development. Over the world, about 200 countries will be participants of expo 2020 Dubai.

Largest Exhibition:

This largest exhibition would be 6 months long from October 2020 to April 2021 due to its large contribution to the world. The main location of this expo is located between the capital city Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is near to Al Maktoum International airport and people can travel by using the travelers that can be Clifton tours for the natives of the country to easy approach.  Its architecture and master planner is HOK. It is directly or indirectly related to the growth and economic development of Dubai as IMF predicted that it will increase the GDP of Dubai.


The theme for Expo 2020:

Its theme circles around sustainability and opportunity as well. There can be new wide themes that are applicable to the humanity of the world. It has three subthemes are as follows:

  • The first is about Opportunity, which is related to the chance of promotion.
  • The second is about Mobility which is the ability to move among various levels of employment of partners.
  • The third is about Sustainability, which describes the maintenance ability of architects.

Dubai Expo 2020 probably will be attracting 20-25 million a visitor from all over the world due to the participation of a wide circle of interested countries. It will be open 7 days a week to the public. There are several ways to participate as an individual in Expo 2020 can be live program support with creative minds, volunteer support or in the world Majlis session and opportunities in the online marketplace.

Exciting Reasons and Experiences;

Some reasons why expo 2020 is so exciting for the people of the world.

  • A partial view of the future to travel with hyperloop
  • Discovering the 3D printing that will change the life possibilities.
  • Meet sharp-toothed endless consumption machines.
  • I would be able to see the expo Dubai 2020 activities from the rotating tower which is on the top for observation.
  • We will be able to enjoy the super-fast and furious connectivity connection with the 5G network.
  • Wonderful savor cuisines for a food festival in expo 2020.
  • Learn about forestry and how tree roots help the trees another.
  • Would be become a part of mission mars.
  • And it will also explore the culture and norms of 200 countries.

Discover Opportunities:

2020 will be the most exciting Dubai Expo Dubai 2020 is the only chance to meet your bright future. It will be something great looking forward to in the future. It will boost your capabilities and intelligence. It will energize sustainability.  Where we will be experienced impossible to possible, discover unseen. Expand our minds and leap for mankind. The place where we would make our business friends, make memories. Where the world will be placed in one city that is Dubai.

Attractions for People:

Expo 2020 Dubai is exhilarating for people of the world having different ages, mindsets, and backgrounds.

  • A world filled with flavors
  • The world-class excellent architecture.
  • Having innovative landscapes.
  • Explore the arts and culture.
  • There would be conducted outdoor performances.

Exciting Programs before opening:

There are some program launches for exciting people that cannot wait for a long till October 2020.

  1. Expo school program:
    1. An inspired program for the next generation to create, learn and explore new things with fun. It is providing an opportunity for students to become expo ambassadors in 2020. Students can able to show their innovative ideas. An annual event is held for leaders of UAE schools.
  2. Volunteers:
    1. An opportunity to become a volunteer for the world mega exhibition that will be placed in MEASA (Middle East, Africa & South Asia) in 2020. It engages the volunteer more than thirty thousand people.
  3. World Majlis:

It is the opportunity to do a conversation globally which is matters a lot. A global dialogue is committed for the global society. Majlis a place where we do conversation is the place that welcomes the voices of countries with their different thoughts and opinions.


  1. Expo Live:

This is the partnership and innovative program that is launched by the expo Dubai. It is an innovative engine for the global and national creative minds of people. The partnership and its impact on the global as well as how to engage with people with the solution is provided here.

  • Grant program of Innovation Impact:

The grant program of expo live is the innovation impact is supporting the challenges and their solution.

  • University Innovation program:

This program is a launch for the university students, who are aimed to solve those problems which affect the world and region as well.

Discover Exciting Events:

There are many exciting and planned events that will be observed in expo Dubai 2020.

  • Live performances for the entertainment of people where world-famous bands, talented comedians will be performed.
  • Global Celebrations
  • Health and happiness
  • Cool cultural and traditional experiences can be found there. The poetry slams, digital theatres for performances with their dance routine, and fashion shows would be observed.
  • Business innovative ideas
  • 3D human-printed organs would be fun for youth including modern digital gaming activities.
  • Arts and culture that will touch your heart

Hence Expo dubai 2020 Dubai will be providing a great opportunity for people of the world.