A Day At VR Park Dubai Mall, UAE: Better Than Imagined

As someone who does not possess a home VR gaming kit, and never plans on it, the Dubai VR Park struck a chord. It provided a decent first time VR encounter and seriously, I never expected to enjoy VR as much as I did… I never knew if I could bear a heavy set of goggles mounted on top of my dome for a prolonged period of time… but after this experience, I can say that with top-class gaming experience, time easily gets misplaced!

Planning a trip to VR Park Dubai Mall? Here in this guide, I will reveal my personal experience with the famous Virtual Reality Park in Dubai, what you can expect, how to book tickets, and what to do to enjoy the best of time.

What Is The VR Park Dubai? The Famous VR Park In A Nutshell:

THE ULTIMATE VIRTUAL REALITY AND AUGMENTED REALITY THEME PARK- enter explored universes loaded up with vivid and engaging experiences.

Located in Dubai Mall, covering an indoor area of 75,000 square feet with two stories and featuring dozens of rides, the VR Park is a combo of complete VR experience, loaded with amazement every step of the way; with you, your family and loved ones inside the unforgettable action.

One moment you’re standing on solid ground, the following you’re venturing deep into the darkness, taking a look at incredible magnificence – or battling off danger from another domain. Did you see it? Did you feel it? You will simply need to experience VR Park to understand!

After experiencing it, all I can say is that this place in Dubai is an unmatched realism that removes you from your own world…and into another-not only visually as well as emotionally.

Booking VR Park Dubai Tickets – Finding The Best Deals & Discounts (My Super-Tip With You Guys)

While searching for the best and most affordable platforms to get my VR Park Dubai Tickets, I came across CliftonTours.com – it’s actually a UAE based tour agency offering all kinds of city tours, desert safaris, and attraction passes.

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What Is The Ticket Cost For VR Park Dubai? Here’s How Much It Costed Me…

The standard tickets for VR Park Dubai start from AED 150 but wait… I didn’t pay that much – I only paid AED 130 for the complete package! Sounds Amazing na?

You can get the same deal and get the same AED 20+ discount (or maybe more) by heading to CliftonTours – that’s kind of incredible, friends!

*Another Benefit: For such a minimal cost, you get 120 minutes of VR time at any of the accessible attractions. The tour operator manages everything carefully, so you don’t need to queue up long on the tickets counter before getting in on the VR action in Dubai Mall.

Lots Of Rides At The VR Park Dubai Mall: What To Expect?

VR Park is the world’s largest theme park, combining virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) via its 18+ exciting rides and thrilling experiences.  Bring your family and friends with you. Together, you can stroll down virtual streets, seek out mystery tunnels, feel the excite of a skydive jump and make some amazing memories in universes far, far away!

You are standing at the apex of a tower, looking straight down into haziness. The imaginary framework underneath you starts to move and shake. As you courageously go after a weapon and safeguard yourself against strange creatures flying into your world. Your feet realize you are exploring a physical space on the solid ground, yet your mind ponders: Where do reality climax and hyperreality start? Discover in VR Park.

1). Arena AR1

Suitable For: All Ages

Duration: 7Mins

Venture into the real world. Get very close with polar bears in the Arctic region. Have experience with dinosaurs or join a space crew mission.

2). Dubai Drone

Suitable For: Min Height 110cm

Ride Duration: 2 mins

In 2050, the Dubai populace moves around in drone taxis and the sky is loaded up with traffic. Hang on tight when your taxi through Dubai turns crazy…

3). The Raft

Suitable For: Age 10+

Duration: 10 mins

Something bizarre is sneaking in the swamp and it’s dependent upon you and your companions to explore and investigate the matters. Get your weapons, load up the pontoon, and experience a mind-blowing adventure.

4). Dune Bash

Suitable For: At least 110 cm height

Duration: 5 mins

A UAE desert safari experience on a 4×4 cruise like never before. Hop on board this modern jeep on a thrill-seeking adventure experiencing camel spiders, desert scorpions, snakes, and different nasties en route.

5). Geminous: The VR Carousel

Suitable for: Age 3+

Duration: 5 Mins

The VR Carousel is an affair for the entire family to present you in the realm of the geminoses, where dance, music, and magic happens in the Geminose world.

6). Sports

Suitable for: All Ages

Duration: 3 mins

For a definitive games lover and the contender inside, test your abilities in various sporting events from boxing to hockey, football, and basketball, to golf and tennis.

7). Ape X

Suitable For: Age 7+

Duration: 8 mins

The APE-X VR encounter begins at the best of an elevated structure amidst a busy modern city. You are playing the role of Big Mike a weaponized digital gorilla that is on the run from the lab who made you.

8). John Wick Chronicles

Suitable For: Age 12+

Duration: 11 mins

Jump into a universe of criminals and serial killers and turn into the most legendary employed firearm of all as you get the famous weapons of John Wick. Your experience starts at the top point of the continental hotel with influxes of enemies out for your blood.

9). The Mummy – Prodigium Strike

Suitable for: Age 12+

Duration: 12 Mins

Play an energizing and significant scene from universal studios 2017 film, the Mummy, as a program specialist entrusted with catching the ancient princess Ahmanet while combating crowds of ravens, bugs, zombies, and mummies!

10). PayDay: The VR Heist

Suitable for: Age 16+

Duration: 15 Mins

The VR Heist is the place where you can rob banks with your companions. PayDay: The VR Heist gives you full nearness as you go up against heists in Washington DC.

11). Robocom VR

Suitable for: Age 7+

Duration: 3-6 Mins

Fly your own spaceship and explore through a world full of aliens and space stations in the dynamic dimension based amusement.

12). Burj Drop

Suitable for: Min. 110 cm with a guardian – 120 cm alone

Duration: 2 mins

An ordinary day at work, as a window washer at the highest point of Burj Khalifa, turns out badly when one by one, the links of the crate breaks. Will you be able to save your life in a limited time?

13). The Plummet

Suitable for: At least 140 cm height

Duration: 1.5 mins

Feel the excite and invigoration of a skydive hop while taking in all the celebrated sights of Dubai from an ethereal view in the same class as the real thing.

14). Construct

Suitable for: Age 7+

Duration: 7 Mins

Highlighting the PRESENCE movie format, this VR experience enables guests to venture into incomparable, nitty-gritty scenes, and investigate them, check out corners and come up near on-screen characters.

15). Robocom

Suitable for: All Ages

Duration: 5 mins

Not for the timid, this one of a kind 4-player elevator games places you at the center of this lifetime experience. Hydrodynamic motors will move you through time and space, deep jungles and under the ocean.

VR Park in Dubai – My Verdict:

I had a pretty good time at the VR Park Dubai Mall. A big thanks to CliftonTours for arranging my VR theme park tickets at competitive prices and managing every aspect of the booking process. The 15+ games offered at this attraction sport have a lot more depth and polish and the amazing experience itself is there. There are games suitable for all age types, so come with your families and let the Dubai VR world rattle your senses!