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Evening Desert Safari 

But wait! The fun is just getting fueled up because the real joy will proceed when the black sheet of night covers the sky. The country music will start to fill your ears with traditional rhythms, the smell of authentic Arabic cuisine and shisha (Arabic water pipe) will bring joy to your smell senses and you will start salivating at that very moment. After getting your tummies filled with barbecue and whatnot, you will love to freshen your taste buds with the Arabic traditional tea (qahwa) along with some fresh dates. Your night will end with some eye-catching belly dancing around the campfire in the middle of the desert, you will then proceed to your respective hotels in Sharjah.

Queries related to desert safari Sharjah

Most of the people are left with unanswered questions such as, is Dubai Desert Safari safe for infants, pregnant women, and elders? You see, infants are not prohibited but yes, pregnant women and elders are advised not to travel in the desert because the movement of the vehicle above the sand can really be a hazard to people with fragile medical conditions. Moreover, you can always consult your doctor or your guide about this matter.

Other people get confused about, how much does desert safari cost in Dubai? You see, this depends on what kind of activities are you opting for, there are endless luxurious activities that are conducted through the tour, some are expensive and many are relatively cheap. Your cost will depend on the kind of transportation, food and the ventures that you will choose.

Core Values

The following core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization and is the foundation of our company. Holding these core values we penetrate to the heart of our guests.


We focus and experience the amazing difference that the taste, selection of fruits and quality can make to your day and life.

Quality Standards

Our aim to keep the highest quality products we possibly can by freshness, taste, appearance, hygiene and close monitoring in the ingredients of the products we carry.

Our Mission

To offer healthy, to impress and excite our guests with a distinctive taste and tangible quality.