Czech Health Travel

Arab Health Dubai

We have visited Arab Health Dubai. During three days, which we spent at the largest health trade fair in Asia, we went through about 40 meetings and we believe that this year it will bring more results and interests in Czech medicine not only on the Arabian peninsula. Events of this type are unique possibilities for how to present professional quality of our contract medical facilities, hospitals, and spas.

Association supporting medical tourism

Czech Health Travel is now the part of ‘Associate pro podporu zdravotní touristy‘ ( Association supporting medical tourism). Czech Health Travel as one of the co-founders of the association has ambitions to promote the Czech brand of health service in the world via the association, whose members will not be only medical facilities and spas but also travel agencies and other institution, and to go much more to foreign trade fairs and together we can promote health services and infrastructure which the Czech Republic offers.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

A full day sightseeing tour of Abu Dhabi, the Arabian jewel is a kaleidoscope of images. There are gigantic buildings, huge highways, interesting souks (the marketplaces) and graceful historical monuments and admire the elegance and style of this wonderful city. When a well-arranged tour takes you through the great places of Abu Dhabi, the pleasure gets doubled. Nuthatch Ideas is a leading name for world-class city tours. We plan it for you and make sure that you get a chance to see all the important places of Abu Dhabi. We take care of our comfort and convenience.

When Nuzhath Ideas plan a city tour, it covers things that are of common interest. We start with the grand mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world built in the memories of   Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan.  Qasr Al Husn is another ancient masterpiece built in the 18th century. The marvelous white building is one of the most photogenic places in Abu Dhabi.  Handicraft markets and souks offer sufficient opportunity to shop. Heritage village takes you to the good old days when Bedouins used to live in tents made from the hair of goats.  We take you through the important roads and buildings of the city to have a glance. Evenings are kept reserved for yet another enchanting experience, the Dhow Cruise. Drift through the creek on a traditional wooden boat and imagine the ancient times.

It is important that you plan a city tour with seasoned operators who know how to plan it well? Abu Dhabi has a lot of things that can’t be covered in a single day trip. Nuthatch Ideas check the group size, individual preferences, availability of particular places and various other things while planning a trip. We try to accommodate general choice so that the tour is equally fascinating for all!

Dubai Conference

We are currently presenting our company at the International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference in Dubai, UAE. We will come back to you soon with a short report.
Our mission is to open for you to the most comprehensive and highest quality health care, combined with the warmest personalized services, focusing on patient safety and achieving prevention and treatment results that can be second to none and make us proud to be your health care providers and servants.
Our vision will strive to provide for our client’s health care of the best possible international standards and serve people by combining highly qualified medical professionals and the latest – state of the art medical technology.
We want to invite you to the Czech Republic if you are seeking the provision of Healthcare in surgical and medical fields provided to you by very highly qualified medical and surgical staff in top quality and very safe Hospital environment. We can offer you complex services in so-called one-stop point purchase-including pre-surgical asse­ssment, therapeutic and surgical procedures in chosen contracted institutes, specialized clini­cal centers and mainly in University Hospitals in Prague and elsewhere in the Czech Republic, pending on the type of specialty required by you. In chosen orthopedic procedures, cardiac conditions, hormonal and nutritional conditions we also can offer to you medical care for each type of illness, which will include pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical rehabilitation in the specialized Medical Spas, which are staffed with highly qualified specialized medical personnel and nurses.
We pride our self that we are able to offer you the same high-quality services and healthcare for a very competitive price when compared with prices in other western developed EU member countries. Estimated savings compared to treatment obtained in other countries ranges from 30-60 % depending on the type of procedure and country of origin. Another advantage to you may be early or to you a suitable timing of the procedure, particularly if you come from a country with long waiting lists. By arranging your immediate treatment and taking care of your total needs including care of the needs of your companions, and your whole travel arrangements, we aspire, to become your family during your stay in our country. You can expect the highest standards of personalized guide service and be confident of the fact that we will always be by your side from the moment you contact us, to return from your treatment and thereafter.
If you are interested, we will prepare for you and your family accompanying a program which could include a visit to our beauty spots, leisure activities, sports, shopping, etc. As a matter, of course, our services offer to secure suitable accommodation, airport transfers, insurance, personal translators and other necessities to make your stay free of worries and most pleasant.
I and the members of our company management team would like to cordially invite you, to visit our amazing country and take advantage of the wide variety of high quality and latest forms of treatments, accompanied by our professional services.

Our Individualized medical package can include, according to our client’s preferences:

  • All travel arrangements to and from our country
  • Pre- hospitalization Spa treatment (for any patient, but especially for coronary and orthopedic patients)
  • Post- hospitalization Spa rehabilitation and physiotherapy (where appropriate)
  • Client’s choice of Hospital, or Centre where he/she is treated incl. securing the particular operator – both are guaranteed to the client
  • Spa relaxation and wellness programs for relatives, or spa treatment programs for relatives if they want to focus on any particular area of their concern
  • Client and relatives personal choice of Hospital room quality and Hotel/Spa room quality
  • Transport for all clients and relatives from airport to destination and return to the airport
  • Free Local transport facilities, or
  • Personal transport during the length of stay
  • Personal translator
  • Patient’s personal attendant during a stay in the hospital
  • Cost of food in any facility used should be included in the offer
  • Accompanying attendant for clients’ companion and/or relatives.