Delta promotes Stillness in Motion at TED conference

What if you could enhance your productivity by doing less? Delta challenges you to be still at TED2015 with their Stillness in Motion experience.

Stillness in Motion is an interactive installation and lounge that demonstrates Delta’s commitment to productivity not just at 35,000 ft in the sky, but also at sea level for the TED Conference in Vancouver.

Inspired by the work of TED speaker Pico Iyer, the installation asks attendees to be more conscious of being present and still, which can ultimately allow them to be more productive.

TED attendees are encouraged to become as still and calm as possible as they enter a space constructed of mirrored walls and reactive light panels. Attendees sit in a chair and place their hands on heart-rate sensors to begin the experience. Space then begins to illuminate and pulse with light. Immersive organic visuals are reflected as the dynamic soundscape inside the space evolves and imbues a sense of calm. In addition to the organic visuals, attendees see tranquil versions of themselves reflected in the glass.

From the buggy to the camels

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As the experience culminates in pulsing light, the lowest recorded heart rate of the attendee will be recorded and an image of their “stillest moment” will be captured. The lowest heart rate will be programmed into each attendee’s pulsing white heartbeat orb, which they will keep to remind them of their stillness experience wherever they go. Upon exiting the experience, attendees will be able to share the photo of their stillest moment.

Attendees leave the installation with their new found stillness and enter the Productivity Lounge. Delta offers Wi-Fi, In-Seat Power, and tips for using the Fly Delta App in the lounge, complementing the focus gained in the installation and enhancing attendees’ productivity. Another feature of the lounge is the live TED Talks playing on the simulcast monitor. Delta is the only airline with exclusivity to TED Talks onboard, allowing guests to continue their TED experience beyond the conference walls.