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Banner with X-Stand

The X-Banner Stand is one of the most cost-effective ways of displaying your banners. Made entirely out of fiberglass and aluminum, this banner stand is lightweight yet durable. Our X-Banner Stand holds graphics measuring 24″ x 63″ and is perfect for use in trade shows, exhibits, or the conference rooms. Finally, an effective way of displaying your banners without having to burn a hole in the wallet! Order now and receive the portable traveling bag at no additional charge!

Get the entire package- 1 X Banner Stand with Print for only $43.99 + Shipping & Handling. Select Yes when ordering.

Weight: 2.5LB

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Summer vacations now are much more different than they used to be, people are drifting far from beaches, cruises and they are getting absorbed into the beauty of exquisite and beautiful, natural landscapes.

Thinking of beating the heat? Why not enjoy the heat this summer?

Bright days accompanied by the warmth by the sun, the starry chilly nights, music, and delicious food all along with luxury adventurous tours is all that you need this summer! But where can you find a location where two atmospheres merge together, where the animals and plants thrive without water and where people enjoy the heat. Yes, folks, we are describing the Desert Safari located in Dubai. If you are here reading this, then I suppose that you know less or maybe nothing about this magical place. Then don’t you worry because this read will tell you how these sandy dunes can turn into enchantment and wonders!

What has included in desert safari Dubai?

Dubai’s Desert Safari is different and distinctive from other desert safaris because of many features and activities. This tour actually lets you explore the hidden beauties of Dubai, the traditions, the culture, and the beautiful nature of the people who reside there. It includes more than just desert sightseeing, let’s move on and know about how this safari will drive you through the heart of Dubai.

Retractable Banners

Our 33″ Economy Retractable Banner Stand is the perfect lightweight, portable solution for any trade show /exhibit display. With simple, easy to use directions, the banner stand can be assembled in minutes. Featuring a telescopic pole, the banner height can be adjusted anywhere between 34″ and 78″, giving you maximum versatility. When not in use, your banner graphics are safely stored inside the anodized aluminum casing for future use. Order now and receive the portable traveling bag at no additional charge!

Get the entire package- 1 33″ Retractable Banner Stand with Print for only $175 + Shipping & Handling. Select Yes when ordering.

Weight: 5.3LB
Banner width: 33″
Banner height: 34″~78″