As the weather gets pleasant in Dubai, a large number of tourists start visiting this one of the most amazing and luxurious cities of the world to enjoy the beauty of the desert and make unforgettable memories. Tourists also like Dubai to experience adventurous and fun-filled activities. Here, in this article, we will discuss one of the most thrilling and fun-filled activities of Desert Safari, called Quad biking. 

What is Quad Biking?

Quad biking is an adventurous activity in which the riders ride on a quad bike. A quad bike is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) with four solid and large wheels. A quad bike is also known as a light utility vehicle (LUV) as it moves on large but low-pressure tires. The quad bike has a sturdy seat for the rider with handlebars that work as a steering control unit. 

Join the remarkable deals of Quad Biking with CliftonTours.com and experience the most thrilling quad bike ride in the deserts of Dubai. This all-terrain Quad bike can move on any surface, such as soft wadis, soft dunes, rugged dunes, craggy rocks, etc. You will not find a decrease in the excitement of a quad bike ride at any different or unexpected surface. 

The quad bikes are fully automated and do not require manual gears. Here, no past experience of quad biking is needed. Therefore, if you are new to quad biking, feel free to join it and enter the world of adventure. All the riders will get a thorough briefing before they start their ride. After taking the briefing, it is all up to you how you make it thrilling and pleasant. Just make sure you follow all the safety measures and precautions. 

Dos and Don’ts of Quad Biking

While you are in Dubai for the first time, you must be prepared for the tour thoroughly. In the United Arab Emirates, it’s not easy to do camping, though the city is undoubtedly an amazingly enjoyable, charming, and the safest place to spend your time on vacation. 

The city is undoubtedly fun-filled and full of experiencing adventure, here we will discuss quad biking. A quad biker needs to be medically fit and requires a lot of strength. Below are some of the main do’s and don’t s that you must need to know before going for the adventure 

Dos For Quad Biking

Here are a few dos that you must follow while visiting Dubai Desert Safari for Quad Biking. 

Signing an indemnity

The first thing while you experience quad biking is to sign an indemnity. The purpose of signing this indemnity is to relieve the vendor from any kind of damage or personal injury. Rest, you need to drive carefully. 


Keep yourself relaxed while you are experiencing this fun-filled activity. Try to wear loose clothes. As the weather is moderate, try to wear Kurtis and jeans, or simply you can wear shalwar kameez. For males, it’s more comfortable to wear jeans and t.shirts. Your shoes should be closed-toe or long shoes that will protect your feet from sand and injuries. 


Enjoy the never-ending fun of desert safari along with the quad bike but don’t forget about your skin as it’s the most sensitive part of your body. Do carry your sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and moisturizers with you to protect your skin from dazzling sun heat. 

Motion sickness

Most people might suffer motion sickness during adventurous rides like quad biking, while some of them do not. It is better if you carry the medicines so that your trip won’t spoil. However, it is better to keep the medication with you whether you feel sick or not. It is because you might find someone in the desert who can suddenly feel motion sickness and need medicine. You can help such people by lending them your medicine. 

Most of the time, tour guides or desert safari companies bring the medicines and first aid kit with themselves. Still, it is advisable to bring along your own medicine too so that there is no fuss during the experience of desert safari.

Limited stuff

The management advises that the tourists should not carry heavy luggage along with them. This tip is not only for desert safari but also for every activity done in the desert. It is because there is no safe place to keep your luggage and no one to take care of the luggage.

Training for Quad biking

Once you have decided to go for quad biking and don’t know how to drive it, make sure that you take some basic training first. And for that, go for the one who is an expert, and he will train you well before the bike experience.

Don’ts for Quad biking

Below is a list of things not allowed during the quad biking desert safari experience.

Don’t overload the bike

One of the most important things to remember is that don’t overload the bike. While you are experiencing Quad biking, make sure that you don’t start until you are sure that everything is set and it is ready for you to ride. There are special quad bikes for 2 riders. Most quad bikes are only for single riders. Therefore, do not overload an ordinary quad bike with 2 riders. 

Don’t leave the kids alone

As by the law, kids under 16 are not suitable for quad biking alone. If the kids are underage, keep an eye on them so that they don’t come near the quad bikes. You can hire a big size quad for them for your training. 

Don’t go off the track

Make sure that you don’t go off the track or any other unknown tracks as they may lead to an accident. Moreover, your little hangover can lead to a massive disaster.

Don’t Over-eat

As quad biking is full of fun and similar to the roller coaster, it is a wise action if you do not overeat. Make sure that you take your meal at least 3-4 hours before the experience instead of stuffing your stomach. Doing so may result in nausea, vertigo, and motion sickness. Also, avoid drinking much liquid as it may disturb you when you have a car seat belt.

Don’t be hesitant about dunes

Some guests want to enjoy the dunes and feel hesitant about asking more. If you are that kind of guest who feels shy, how can you enjoy the unique desert safari experience? 

So it is better not to have such feelings while you want to have fun during this visit. Just let your driver know that you want to enjoy and experience more. He will definitely follow your advice.

Common Quad Biking Hazards

The common hazards of Quad Biking that can lead to severe accidents and injuries and may prove to be fatal are as follows. 

  • Colliding with other vehicles or trees
  • Getting trapped under an overturned quad bike
  • Getting hit by a passing quad bike
  • Thrown away with an uncontrolled or Overspeed quad bike
  • Not taking proper briefing before riding
  • Inappropriate head protection
  • Overloading by carrying a passenger
  • Poorly maintained vehicle with poor brakes and tires
  • Underage rider
  • Overspeeding
  • Losing control on a steep slope


The desert safari itself is a name of exciting and fun experiences like Quad Biking, where you can enjoy your leisure time. This article has thoroughly discussed quad biking, a massive bike that moves on amazing terrains with no restriction. The fun and adventure with quad biking is incomparable with any other activity of the desert safari. 

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We have also discussed the Do’s and Don’ts for our valued customers so that they must keep these points in mind while they are experiencing the unforgettable quad biking experience. Last but not least, traveling to Dubai is exceptional for every traveler and tourist. So with the help of this information, you can arrange your tour and your stuff as well. The information will also help those who are amateurs and have zero quad biking experience. On the other hand, people who already know how to ride can easily manage themselves.