UNBELIEVABLE!!! This is a MUST visit if you are in Dubai! 4×4 picks you up 14:30 sits 6ppl. If you share a car it’s cheaper. Also if you eat in 5star restaurant cost alot more. An approx hour to get there. There is alot of cars meet up then all follow each other around the sand dunes! Its a really rocky ride and it’s amazing, even the elderly will love it. I would not eat before hand. At the top of the hill you have 15min to take pictures remember to wear sockless shoes! Very amazing views just like you watch films. After they take you to a camp to have you dinner and food. Camp was as a cosy place, sit in middle with 3 shows, henna, shisha, camel riding all free, free drinks , alcohol you pay. Fire dance, belly dance was good. 3 course you have to pick up yourself food is the country cuisine. The whole experience end back hotel 21:00ish. Highly recommend and good price