Spending 48 Hours Layover in Dubai For Memorable Experience

Are you ready to make your first day out to Dubai this coming vacation? Well, Dubai is becoming one of the topmost preferred holiday spots for travelers. This is due to the fact that this destination has some amazing places to go to for sure. It is finally protected with the excessive flung buildings and incredible shopping malls. You can even look into some areas which are implicating the normal and cultural image of the Dubai place.

Tourists commonly make their way to Dubai to have a birds-eye view from the Burj Khalifa Top Floor. But that’s not all! If you haven’t visited Dubai Shopping stores in your visit, then you are making your outing imperfect on your own. Dubai has a fantastic beauty of enormous aquariums as well as some lovely indoor ski slopes.

This city place often makes you provide some mind-blowing cultural highlights. Right here we are discussing some of the worth-visiting and gorgeous things which you need to be doing in 48 Hours of Dubai trip right now:

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is known out to be the greatest landmark structure in Dubai which has grabbed the attention of the entire world. This structural building is almost 829 meters in height which makes it turn out to be one of the tallest existing constructions in the world.

When you are visiting this building, making your way to the top deck place of the building on the 124th flooring should be your primary wish. At the top floor, you will be in a position to encounter the full splendor of Dubai city, which looks incredible. The fundamental deck surface of the landmark additionally gives a multimedia form of representation. This whole building was once developed in the year 2010. You can effortlessly reach at the top of the Burj Khalifa flooring via the use of an elevator. It gives you a view of 360 stages where you can have dessert on one, and the other side will have an ocean view.

You will love the view of the top floor as you will be journeying it at night time. The nighttime of Burj Khalifa is extraordinarily popular in photographers. Once you will be touring this place, you will love to go to it all over again. But for performing the photography task, you have to take specific permission from the management. To reach the top ground view, you have to purchase the ticker first.

At the bottom of the Burj Khalifa, you can view the beauty of gardens with some winding walkways. It also includes Dubai foundation, which is known to be the tallest fountain in the world.

2. Dubai Mall

Next on our list, we have the name of The Dubai Mall! Dubai Mall is the major attraction for shopping lovers during their visit to Dubai. This Dubai Mall will be giving you an entry into Burj Khalifa and also in the Dubai Aquarium. It is also providing access to the gaming sector enjoyment alongside cinema entertainment. Food centers and shopping choices are countless.

For the family or kids’ visitors, you can additionally experience the activities of live music events or puppet shows. Every single year all through January and February Dubai Shopping Festival is arranged. Every single year at some time in July and August Summer Surprises Festival is arranged. Dubai Mall is located in Doha Road on Sheikh Zayed Road.

the dubai mall

3. Dubai Museum

How can we omit to bring up the name of the Dubai Museum! This museum is located inside the Al-Fahidi Fort. It was constructed in the year 1787 along the Dubai Creek. All the walls of the fortress are developed absolutely from the coral-based blocks and have been held all together through the use of lime. Upper floor of the museum has been supported by means of using wooden poles. The ceiling has been developed by the use of mud as well as plaster.

During the old times, this fortress used to be the home of ruling family as well as garrison and seat of the government. It was restored in the year 1971 and later on once again in 1995. Now it is regarded as the main museum in the city. The primary entrance of the museum is adorned with the beautiful ordinary ancient maps, which are highlighting Dubai and Emirates regions.

The central courtyard of the museum is the homeland of specific traditional boats along with the palm-based leaf residence along with the Emirati wind-tower. Ground hall will show a number of painting that reveals the dioramas which are basically highlighting the photo of typical Emirati lifestyle. Besides, it also points artifacts that belong to 3,000- to 5,000-year-old graves at the location of Al Qusais archaeological site. Dubai Museum is located in Al-Fahidi Street.

Dubai Museum

4. Bastakia (Old Dubai)

Bastakia is additionally recognized by the name of Old Dubai! This area was once built in the nineteenth century, which was once known to be the central homeland of wealthy Persian merchants. Due to these merchants, Dubai becomes the central homeland of textiles and pearls business.

Bastakia has been taking into account the eastern component inside Bur Dubai all along with the creek or the limestone constructions that are placed right here. Some of its partitions have been topped with wind-towers that are preserved perfectly. These wind-towers are used to grant the air conditioning to all the homes located here.

Bastakia has been added with the architecture of wonderful Arabian. This is the place the slim lanes have been entirely evocative of the bygone. Once you will be visiting this place, you will love to go to it all over again. Inside this district, you will be discovering the extraordinary Majlis Gallery. This place has a massive series of Arab furniture or ceramics. It even affords one of a kind shops, first-rate café and attractive art exhibitions.

5. Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum had dominated on Dubai from 1921 until the year 1958. The former house of this ruler has been renovated and has been changed into a museum which implicates some first-class portions of Arabian Architecture. The residence of this ruler was constructed back in the year 1896. Although it was demolished, and later on, it was renovated for maintaining the old usual artwork pieces of the ruler family. The residence is adorned with some carved shape of teak doors along with wood displays over the windows. The whole resident has around 30 rooms with the central courtyard in it. It is located in Al Khaleej Road, Bur Dubai.

6. Dubai Creek & Al Seef District

Dubai Creek has been keeping apart the complete city into two primary cities which are including Deira in the north side and over the Southside we have Bur Dubai. Creek has continually remained the predominant center of attraction for the travelers because it has given Dubai a huge growth over the business of pearl dive and fishing.

The creek is almost 4,000 years old, so you will likely be discovering specific historic small villages here as well. This place turned into a modern-day place in the year 1830 when the tribe of Bani made their way into this area.

Along with the central bank of Dubai Creek, you can additionally discover the Dhow Wharfage as well.  You can visit this vacation spot to have a super experience to watch the loading of cargo and unloading of dhows. If you are heading to this area as a tourist, then it might be feasible that you can get a chance to take an inside tour of the vessels with Dhow workers. You can get a chance to have interaction with standard sailors of this area. Most of the Dhows working here belong to Iran, India, African, and Oman. In short, this region is so much charming and really worth to visit right now.

7. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is on the 7th spot of our list! This mosque is recognized to be one of the most attractively built mosques in Dubai. When you are traveling into this mosque for the first time, it might be possible that you will view it to be a look-alike of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque. Jumeirah Mosque is the best image of Islamic architecture and craft. This whole structure is built in stonework in the center of medieval Fatimid tradition.

It has two minarets that are superbly highlighting the imperative stonework beauty. Once you will be touring this place, you will love to go to it all over again. This mosque appears so much breath-taking when it lightens up in the night time by using more than a few floodlights.

8. Deira

Deira is located on the north financial institution side of Dubai Creek. Over the primary shoreline of Deira, you will be finding the historic dhows that are loading and unloading the present day banks. It also includes some office structures being the fundamental backdrop. When it comes to travelers, Deira has made a well-known region in regular advertising where you will see a high-quality hustle and bustle in the market all the time. The central Deira Gold Souk has been recognized as the largest bazaar of gold all over the world. Spice Souk of Deira has been promoting a special shape of spices in the market, which includes sumac, saffron, and paprika rose water and incense.

9. Dubai Frame

Let’s take a look at the beautiful Dubai Frame straight away from the sunset! This vacation spot has been located in the middle of the historical Dubai city and modern city, which makes it a greater superb to visit all over again. This Dubai Frame is nearly 150 tall. This has been one of the modern-day attractions in Dubai and is a top favorite amongst the vacationers as well. Inside the Dubai Frame, you will be experiencing a good-sized collection of city traditional and cultural heritage. Over the deck surface, you can also view the beautiful sight of each old and new modern Dubai city from a bird-eye view. This destination is located at Zabeel Park most important Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Road.

10. Sheikh Zayed Road

Now let’s talk about Sheikh Zayed Road! This avenue is located in the center of the new Dubai City, which is all about the downtown region of business and marketing. The road is nearly eight-lane in width that has been beautifully rimmed by the use of chrome and towering glass. All along your way, you can capture some gorgeous and high-quality shopping centers in Dubai as well.

Dubai Trade Tower makes you provide to visit the top floor deck as well at low priced rates. This road additionally presents Gold and Diamond Park, which is worth citing location for the rings lovers. This diamond park has nearly 118 producers as well as 30 shops for you.

11. Heritage and Diving Village

Heritage and Diving Village is next on our list! This location is the ideal image of cultural and maritime heritage. This village will make you exhibit out all the thrilling shows associated to pearl diving as well as dhow building. Once you will be visiting this place, you will love to visit it all over again.

Also, this area has some Persian properties and a coffee house. It also includes the involvement of small souk the place you can have potters and some exceptional stall exhibitions of their handicraft art. From October until April, an exclusive event is organized about dance and music. This destination is located in Shindagha, Bur Dubai.

Heritage and Diving Village

12. Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium is another top most loved Dubai location amongst the tourists. This Dubai Aquarium affords around a hundred and forty specific species of the sea lifestyles which are gathered in a big tank on the top floor of Dubai Mall. Even if you make your way into the Underwater Zoo, you can head closer to an amazing aquarium tunnel. This place is a nice way to make yourself get nearer to the sea lifestyle. Taking yourself in a boat tour at the bank pinnacle is awesome to ride once. You can also take a ride of shark diving or cage snorkeling activities. It is located in Dubai Mall at Sheikh Zayed Road.

Dubai Aquarium

13. Burj al-Arab

Burj al-Arab is known out to be one of the tallest resorts in the world. It is around 321 meters in height. It is positioned on the Dubai coastline at the synthetic island. The exterior place of the building has been absolutely choreographed where they also provide a coloration lights display at some point of the night time Being one of the tallest hotels, this resort is luxurious in prices as well. They supply remarkable services in their luxurious suites which are available at the value of around $15,000 for staying one night.

If you can easily come up with the money for and have a high budget, you can also head to the fun of underwater dinner at Al-Mahara Restaurant. This restaurant is accompanied by eating room partitions which allow you to stumble upon sea lifestyles when having dinner. Once you will be touring this place, you will love to visit it all over again. Apart from dinner, you can also enjoy lunch in the well-known California-style fusion restaurant known as Scape. If you want to view amazing panoramic views around the entire city, you need to book afternoon tea at their famous Skyview Bar, which is arranged on the 27th floor. Bur Al-Arab is located on Jumeirah Road, Dubai.

Burj al-Arab

14. Jumeirah Beach

This seaside is protected with a white sandy appearance which makes it one of the really worth traveling seashores in Dubai. This beach is additionally settled with one-of-a-kind accommodations around it for the visitors. Some additional services presented via the beach administration are solar loungers, water sports things, and scrumptious food restaurants.

Near the beach, you can additionally go to lovely Majlis Ghorfat Um Al-Sheef, which is placed in the hop place of the beach. This seashore was built in 1955. During the old times, this seashore was once the residence of late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al-Maktoum. It was used for his summer stay in Dubai. His house was made from the coral block and some gypsum cloth use. This house gives away the site visitors a close idea about the great life-style of all Dubai Rulers.

Moreover, the exquisite Majlis Gardens additionally deliver about a clear representation of Arab irrigation device all along with some shady date style of palms. This place is located at Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach

15. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

If you favor visiting the enjoyable and amusement of skyscrapers, then traveling to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is the best option! This place makes you offer mysterious mangrove forests along with the excellent wetlands of the Dubai creek. Once you will be visiting this place, you will love to go to it all over again. In the iciness season, you can view flamingos when a massive series of crimson birds are wandering through the lagoons. This place is located in Ras Al Khor Street, Dubai.

16. Crossroads of Civilizations Museum

This museum is all about implicating the common and historical past of the UAE. This museum is frequently enjoying a tremendous function to work as a trader between distinctive centers such as Africa, Asia, and Europe.

This museum is satisfactory in terms of exhibiting the art of manuscripts as well as artifacts. You can also take into account the rare books as well as some charming Manuscripts Museum or even the staggering small Armory Museum. This museum is located at Al Khaleej Road, Dubai

Crossroads of Civilizations Museum

17. Mall of the Emirates

Our list is incomplete without the name of Mall of Emirates. This mall is one of the oldest and yet the most famous structured malls in Dubai. This mall has grabbed the attention of tourists because of the skiing amenities in the mall. The indoor sloping of the ski is completed with the chairlifts alongside with the penguin enclosure as well. Also, the mall has a cinema theatre complex, and household youngsters play place too. Shopping alternatives are countless in this mall along with eating facilities supplying a wide variety of cuisines. This mall is located at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

18. Dubai Opera

When it comes to the middle of the night for enjoyment and entertainment, then heading your way to Dubai Opera is the quality alternative for you. This opera was opened for the public in the mid of 2016. Its contemporary modern-day construction is known out to be the most important center of Dubai in the area of Downtown Dubai. Once you will be visiting this place, you will love to visit it all over again. This location is no doubt one of the primary central zones of city enjoyment and cultural hub. Every single year, this opera organizes distinctive occasions based on music and theatre productions. They also arrange ballet events, opera singing from well-known stars and comedy nights.

This theatre has a seating potential of nearly 2000 people. The whole construction of the theatre is arranged in normal and masterpiece architecture which appears incredible. It is embellished with flawless glasswork and partitions made from steel. This theatre is located on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road

Dubai Opera

19. Kite Beach

On the last, we have a Kite Beach, which is some other well-known destination in Dubai! This beach is a long stretchable seashore of white sand that is positioned at the south side of Jumeirah beach. This place has additionally grown to be a well-known destination for all the sunbathers. It is also popularly acknowledged amongst the kite surfers as well.

Kite Beach


Well above all there have been so many more wonderful and breath-taking locations which you should be traveling on your Dubai day trip for sure. If you are traveling to Dubai for the first time, then we will endorse you to jot down a list of some terrific and best destinations which you should explore on the groundwork of cultural and common categories. We have already described you a listing of top best things to do in your 48 hours in Dubai Tour! Visit them all now!