Things To Do In Abu Dhabi: A Complete Guide For Adventure

From the beautiful corniche along the coast of Dhow Harbor to a vast desert with magnificent red sand dunes, from the world-class Ferrari Theme Park to the tops of breathtaking skyscrapers, the length and breadth of UAE’s capital city – Abu Dhabi is ripe for exploring. Indulge in true cultural experiences, shop at mega shopping hubs, unwind indulgently and feast luxuriously!

Magnificent vast deserts, heritage centers, and futuristic skyscrapers welcome you when you venture in Abu Dhabi. Absorb in the stunning architectural charm of the five Etihad Towers and the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum. Visit the grand mosque – the best in the UAE and lavishly decorated. Escape the warmth of the sun, at the Yas Waterworld Park and have the best time of your life here.

There’s a plethora of fascinating things and unique attractions that Abu Dhabi brings to the table. In this post here, you will be reading the best things to do in Abu Dhabi, best places to visit in Abu Dhabi, and everything in between.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: Clad In Pure White Marble & Topped With 82 Domes The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Will Leave You Fascinated With It’s Architectural Magnificence!

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi tops the list of largest and most beautiful mosques in the world. Although the mosque is an Islamic building, it has its own architectural flora and fauna that attracts millions of tourists across the globe. Open to non-Muslim tourists as well, stroll over the world’s biggest hand-woven rug, look up at one of the world’s biggest gold chandeliers and appreciate the fusion of Fatimid, Mamluk, and Ottoman architectural designs, speaking to three diverse Islamic dynasties.

You are welcome to visit the mosque on your own, but many non-muslim travelers recommend going on a guided tour. It will be an hour-long tour, in which you will explore each and every corner of the mosque, learn some interesting facts, get an insight into Muslim culture and teachings, and understand the world-class engineering and art that makes this mosque so very special.

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Abu Dhabi Corniche: A Waterfront Corniche With Its Beautiful White Sandy Beaches & Dedicated Walking Paths To View The Stunning Sights Of Abu Dhabi!

Stretching from the Heritage Park to the northeast to beautiful Emirates Palace in the southwest, the Corniche makes up the part of Abu Dhabi city’s “T” shape. This shoreline promenade is lined with a portion of the city’s mainstream lodgings, also an assortment of eateries and shops. You can either walk along the Corniche or rent a bicycle, and enjoy the breathtaking views of Abu Dhabi skylines, take part in free concerts along your way, enjoy fresh ice cream from the corniche shops, and enjoy a perfect relaxing atmosphere sitting beside the calm waters of the Persian Gulf.

You are welcome to the Corniche at any time of the day. If you want to see buildings, skyscrapers, shopping malls, wide streets, and traditional dhows cruising across the gulf – all illuminated with bright lights, the night is the perfect time to stroll along the Corniche.

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The Emirates Palace: An Iconic Landmark That Blends Arabian Splendor With Luxuries For A Beyond 5-Star Experience!

Known for being a standout amongst the most lavish hotels on the planet, the Emirates Palace is a must-visit tourist spot in Abu Dhabi. Occupying an area of 250 acres of coastline along the Abu Dhabi Corniche, the Palace is beyond 5-star luxury.

The hotel was the most expensive to build in the world, having cost approx. US$3 billion for its construction. The structure includes in excess of 100 domes, the interior of which is decorated with real gold, precious stones, expensive crystals, and mother of pearl. Around 1,000 ceiling fixtures and rich high-quality floor coverings add to the interior’s richness, while outside the hotel, palm trees, lush green gardens, and fountains make a perfect oasis impact. Tourists can enter the hotel by reserving their spot, appreciate extravagance dining, enjoy a spa, or a cappuccino with real gold flakes!

You are free to tour the Emirates Palace Hotel at any time of the day. Some tourists recommend stopping in for evening tea, while others state that a night visit is the best approach with the goal that you can see the world-class hotel and it’s gardening all lit up.

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Abu Dhabi Desert Safari: Enjoy The Thrill Of 4×4 Dune Bashing & Fun Of Premium Camel Safari Combined With Entrancing Belly Dancing Shows!

Desert Safari is one of the top highlights of Abu Dhabi City Tour. The Desert Safari Tour in Abu Dhabi steals the show with its quality of wonder and mystery held by the smooth sand dunes of the huge Arabian desert. There’s something enchanting about navigating the golden sands and seeing glowing dawns and magnificent sunsets in the desert.

The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari will open you to the unique side of the city’s unique culture. Drive over the sand dunes, encounter a desert camel safari, see the beautiful desert from the bird’s eye view via a hot air balloon ride, enjoy belly dancing nights and more. If you have been mesmerized by the Arabian Evenings, a desert safari is the best thing to do in Abu Dhabi and enjoy the luxurious setting of sun, sand, and tranquility amid your adventurous escape.

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Jebel Hafeet Tour: Head To The Highest Peak In The Emirate & Drool Over The Breathtaking Mountainous Beauty!

Rising 4,068 feet (1,240 meters) above the desert landscape, the Jebel Hafeet is the highest peak in the emirate and the second most elevated in the nation, making it one of Abu Dhabi’s top tourist spot. This is the ideal place to take in the fresh air, appreciate the mountain perspectives and set up a tent, demonstrating that Abu Dhabi’s natural attractions can be similarly as entrancing as its man-made ones.

The wide 360 views, when you achieve the highest point of the sandstone mountain, are breathtakingly gorgeous and far beyond human perception! You’ll have unhindered perspectives of Al Ain beneath and Oman out there. The caverns twisting through the mountain have yielded plentiful fossil revelations and the foothills have served as a graveyard going back over 5,000 years.

The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road is as a standout amongst the most picturesque roads on the planet. The Green Mubazzarah park at the base of the mountain houses a complex of natural hot spring pools where you can relax and absorb the gorgeous surround beauty.

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Al-Ain Oasis: Beautiful, Lush-Green Tropical Gardens With Inhabited Settlements Dating Back Over 4000 Years!

Al-Ain Oasis is the perfect escape from the scorching heat of Abu Dhabi. Spreading over an area of 3,000 acres, the Al Ain part is famous for its lush gardens and date palm trees – nearly 200,000 of them. These palm trees are a part of plantations that still supply Abu Dhabi with the prevalent regional snack.

Heading to Al Ain Oasis, you will also get a chance to observe the ancient irrigation technique known as the “falaj irrigation system” which is still used to water the orange, mango, fig, and banana trees. While you stroll around, see the remains of an old fort, and keep your camera ready to capture the distinct difference between the verdant oasis and the dry desert.

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The Heritage Village: Go Thousands Of Years Back & Explore The Traditional Culture and Life Of Abu Dhabi

The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is the perfect spot to deeply involve yourself learning about Abu Dhabi’s roots, getting an insight into the Emirati culture, and understand what life was like in the UAE hundreds of years back. While touring the Heritage Village, you’ll walk past ancient Arabian tents and wooden cottages lodging workshops where you can watch weaving and metal-working exhibitions. The museum also includes an eatery and a few shops where you can get local crafts and flavors.

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Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum: A Fascinating Insight Into The Lifestyle Of UAE’s Father

One of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi is visiting the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum – a museum offering a glimpse of the life of the UAE’s founder Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his family. Walking inside the museum, you can explore each and everything about the Founding Father of the UAE, peek into his meeting rooms, and wander through the palace’s gardens and courtyards.

Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum Reviews
Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum in Al Ain

Al Jahili Fort: The Central Point Of Cultural Activities Associated With The Heritage Of Abu Dhabi

Built-in 1890, the Al Jahili Fort is one of the oldest forts in the UAE as the homes to the Al Nahyan (the ruling family of UAE). The structure was raised as the central headquarters of the Oman Trucial Scouts, a group entrusted with the protection of the locale’s palm forests and the safeguarding of harmony between the diverse clans that once occupied the territory. Today, tourists are free to explore the fortress’ battlements and watchtowers.

Marina Mall Abu Dhabi: Discover A World Full Of Fun, Entertainment, and World-Class Shopping

Abu Dhabi is home to the world-class Marina Mall. The mall is the perfect destination to indulge in dining, shopping, and some exciting activities. Families and kids can enjoy the latest blockbusters in the 9-screen multiplex cinema, spend an exciting day and enjoy table tennis, computer games, shooting games, bowling and significantly more.

The world’s most exquisite shopping brands are inviting you into an in vogue universe of charm and reasonable. With more than 400 stores, you will think that it’s everything at Marina Mall. There’s also a wide scope of dining choices with both international and local dishes.

Yas Waterworld Theme Park: Wear Your Swimsuit & Get Read To Splash, Float, Dive, and Slide Your Way To Ultimate Fun!

Suited for both adults and young alike, Yas Waterworld Theme Park offers a ton of fun in the wellsprings, wave pool and lazy river. Spread over an area of 15 hectares, the Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi offers 40+ exciting rides, thrilling rides, and attractions that will set an adrenaline rush in you.

The waterpark likewise has a boat ride, a rollercoaster that leaves you drenched and the Liwa Circle waterslide – when you’re secured, there’s no getting away from the free-fall when the trapdoor is discharged. Here you can also have a go at waterboarding – surfing against a nonstop, man-made wave. Yas Waterworld Theme Park is your ultimate dose of fun, thrill, and excitement in Abu Dhabi.

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi: Meet All Your Favorite Warner Bros Characters & Get Ready For An Ultimate Dose Of Fun!

Bringing together all your favorite cartoon characters, Warner Bros Heroes, and stories under one roof, the Warner Bros. World is the ultimate best thing to do in Abu Dhabi. Divided into six zones, and featuring 40+ rides, the theme park offers an enthralling day out for all the family. You can book Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi tickets online and get quick pass tickets with the best family deals.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Experience A Winning Mix Of Ferrari-inspired Rides & Top Attractions

Whether you crave the extraordinary G-power of world-class roller coasters, want to experience run kart race with your family or test the best lap times in an advanced racing simulator, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is devoted to giving an impressive and endless diversion for everybody.

The race vehicle themed park offers loads of rides and attractions in Abu Dhabi – everything from child-friendly JT rides to latest simulators for teens and grown-ups. The biggest indoor Ferrari-branded amusement park is also home to Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster. The pure Ferrari theme, advanced racing simulators, rides for all ages, and complete Ferrari experience, making the Ferrari World Theme Park a fantasy spot for every tourist, and the best thing to do in Abu Dhabi!

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