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The PALM Tour – 17 mins

The PALM Tour – 17 mins

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Clifton Tours presents best Dubai Helicopter Tour Deals – an exciting helicopter ride overlooking the dazzling Dubai skyline, flying past Dubai’s most iconic tourist spots, and making memories worth a lifetime. Sounds fascinating? Amazing!

Clifton Tours has just the right thing for you. Introducing our top Dubai Helicopter Rides. Experience the interest and enchantment of zipping through the Dubai sky with brilliant views of the city made available for your viewing pleasure.

From the notable Burj Khalifa, present in the entirety of its sublime greatness, to the striking Palm Jumeirah, a Dubai helicopter tour offers you bird’s eye view of the city like nothing else does. Add your loved ones to this ride of a lifetime and what you get is an affair you won’t ever forget. Helicopter Ride in Dubai is an imperative tourist experience. Since you know precisely why you should select a helicopter tour Dubai, let’s enable you to pick the best one!

Dubai Helicopter Tour Deals: See Dubai’s Magnificent Skyline From A Unique Perspective!

Taking a Helicopter tour of the city of Dubai is a privilege that only lucky ones get to enjoy. Our selection of carefully structured aerial tours is made to guarantee an extraordinary ordeal for all explorers and tourists to Dubai. From the universally prestigious Burj Khalifa and world acclaimed Burj Al Arab to the terrific The World Island and The Palm Jumeirah, our flying tours guarantee a one of a kind superb view of Dubai in luxury helicopters.

Whether it’s a special event, romantic date, private family experience or VIP trip, our Dubai Helicopter Tour Deals allow tourists to appreciate a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Dubai Helicopter Tour Ride Highlights – Get a Bird’s Eye-View Of Dubai’s Breathtaking Landscapes!

Discover Dubai’s unparalleled magnificence on an exclusive helicopter tour by Clifton Tours. Explore the City of Gold and see its majestic milestones, for example, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm hotel and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Here are some major highlights of Dubai Helicopter Tour Ride:

  • Marvel at the spectacular Dubai city on an exciting helicopter tour
  • Soar in the air as you look down on the city’s stunning landscape
  • Discover the world’s most dynamic city from the height of a bird’s flight
  • Feast your eyes on Dubai’s notorious Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa
  • See an all-encompassing view of The Palm Jumeirah and the marvelous Dubai Marina

Helicopter Tour of Dubai by Clifton Tours- What To Expect?

From the famous historic cultures to the modern wonders, our Helicopter Tour brings you up close and personal with the best of Dubai skyline in a most luxurious way. Your safety is our top priority and this is why all the helicopters in our fleet are new and maintained using the most advanced technologies. We follow all the civil aviation rules to 100% guarantee our visitors safety.

From the heights of the mighty Burj Khalifa to the highest point of the lovely sail-shaped Burj Burj Al Arab, the magnificent white-stone architecture of  Dubai Creek; our helicopter ride covers the best of Dubai from an exceptionally unique edge. Look at the world’s greatest biggest manmade wonders The Palm islands from a view that is really amazing and gives you goosebumps with its magnificence, enormity, and beauty!

As the aerial sight-seeing gaze proceeds at the renowned Dubai beaches, shorelines, and skyline – Get the chance to see from the air the Old Dubai, where the Heritage Wind Towers, The Old Souk, and the Dubai Creek are situated.

Our helicopter rides are flown for our guests at the best affordable prices. You can hop on the helicopter from the Atlantis or one of our designated location. The helicopter ride comes in different time options. While the number of destinations covered may differ in different packages, but the fun, excitement and the adrenaline rush is beyond excellence!

Helicopter Ride In Dubai Rates: Get The Best Helicopter Tour Deals & Offers

The most important thing is the operator you pick for your helicopter tours Dubai. You need to be able to trust the operator with your life and that’s where Clifton Tours comes in. Our Dubai helicopter tours are organized out by the topmost trusted operators in the city, guaranteeing that you’re in safe hands at all times.

Not only this, we provide Helicopter Rides in Dubai at the best rates. Our tour prices are affordable, and the services are above and beyond in terms of excellence and quality.

So what are you waiting for? Buckle up and get ready to take to the skies for a trip over the stunning Dubai skyline – an affair which will truly lift you off your feet!

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