Legoland Dubai

Lego Land

Lego Land

250 AED
165 AED

Legoland Dubai Tour | A Perfect Family Place for Fun

Legoland Dubai offers a lot of different indoor activities. A mini-land area shows you all the great buildings of Dubai in a miniature structure so that you can know about their significance – These include BurjKhalifa, JBR Hotel, Burj al Arab, Pyramids, beautiful mosques, Dubai Eye, and the ancient city of Petra, a big lego made Dubai airport and more.

For kids, there are a lot of fun attractions because this land is theme-inspired with lego blocks which every kid loves. A deep dive in a lego submarine and see the sharks and marine life with lego characters.

A Heaven for Kids | Explore Sights

Explore the Lost Kingdom of Adventures in Indiana Jones style in pyramids, A juelene Frog office, lego coaster for kids. Walk into the giant lego castle and enjoy a ride in the dragon roller coaster.

Don’t waste your opportunity to check one of the most amazing places to visit in 

Dubai with your kids. Book your Legoland Dubai Tour today with Us – Call Us now for more details.

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