Evening Desert Safari Tour Abu-Dhabi | 8 hours of Adventures

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Premium Package

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Silver Package

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Basic Package

Basic Package

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Explore the hidden beauty of Abu-Dhabi with an amazing Safari tour. The breath-taking scenes and the mind-blowing dune bashing ride will have your fill of the adventure you have been craving for. The sunrise and sunset in the heart of the desert among the huge dunes of sand is the most memorable view. Enjoy our luxurious five-star meal for veg & non-veggies in the traditionally furnished camps. The live performance of the folk dance will make you forget your worries and take you away to another world.

Spend your Evening in Desert Safari Abu-Dhabi with Budget-friendly Offers

Tour Outline – Desert Safari Abu-Dhabi

Even though the life in Abu-Dhabi is nothing less than mesmerizing and full of joy but the ride to the desert will surely soothe your nerves from the monotonous and hectic city life. One must always treat themselves by going to the tour of Safari desert whenever they visit Abu-Dhabi. The adventures which await you in the depth of the desert are worth exploring. There is a stirring change in weather throughout the day, you would go through the warm day breeze to the chilling evening breeze. Capture your life moments with your amazing photography skills and preserve the memories for life. Savor the mouth-watering dishes which will leave you wanting for more.

Abu-Dhabi Evening Desert Safari – Includes:

  • Pick-up services to Abu-Dhabi around 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm.
  • Heart-thumping ride of dune bashing in the desert.
  • Experience the monstrous Quad bike ride by paying extra.
  • Enjoy the astonishing Camel ride in the sand.
  • Free drinks, snacks, and eatables at the campsite for our lovely guests.
  • You can enjoy refined tea & coffee free of charge.
  • Five-star worthy buffet-style dinner in the desert, with numerous cuisine dishes for our veg & non-veg guests.
  • Sandboard through the high dunes of the desert.
  • Adapt the Arabic culture and get the amazing Henna patterns painted on our hands.
  • Live Belly dance performance in the open air.
  • Enjoy the art of Tanoura Dance in the desert camp.
  • Eye-catching Fire-works to make your trip exceptional.
  • Smoke your favorite Sheesha flavor.
  • Drop-off services back to Abu-Dhabi to your desired location.
  • Discrete toilet areas for females & males.

Top-Notch Experience at Desert Safari Abu-Dhabi

Having one of the largest deserts in the world; Abu-Dhabi prides itself on giving you the experience of the lifetime with its Safari Desert tours. Start our tour with the at-your-door Pick-up service. Our drivers are fully skilled and professional with Off-road Certification. Taking you away around 1:30 – 2:00 pm in the deluxe 4x4wd insured SUVs, which are fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary tools like seat belts, airbags, basic medical kits, etc. You can also choose the location of your pick-up other than your home.

Our trained drivers provide the guests with a great company and guide them throughout the way and telling you about the hidden adventures in the desert. When you reach the desert. The drivers will prepare the cars for the thrilling dune bashing ride in the heart of the desert. They flatten the tires of the vehicles as it’s the key component for the adventurous ride. The flat tires make the car slip away on the sand but keeping the grip on it at the same time. All the passengers will be off-road insured so there is no need to worry.

Meanwhile, you can take a break and freshen up. Get your cameras ready for the upcoming magical views. After this short break, buckle yourself for the best part of the Desert Safari tour in Abu-Dhabi. The cars will move in a convoy and move up and down the sandhills with various speed the golden grains of sand to blow all around you. It creates such an astonishing view that will blow your mind. This 25-30 minutes ride will give you the memory for a lifetime. You can show off your amazing photography skills and preserve the nostalgic scenes of the desert.

After this, you will reach the desert campsite, which is furnished in Arabic-style furniture, Bedouin-style tents, and cozy traditional carpets. You can freshen up in the attached bathrooms and then enjoy the free serving of numerous exotic drinks at your arrival. You can choose your tea or coffee style and make yourself at peace. The vast spread of the san all around you will make your mind to escape from the dull and tiring life of the city.

You can enjoy many activities over there lie sandboarding which is almost like snowboarding but with sand beneath your feet rather than snow. You can let yourself blow away with the wind and slide down on the dunes. You can enjoy the amazing rides on the king animal of the desert; Camels. Camel rides are fun for everyone even children. Get yourself the Henna patterns or Mehndi tattoos on your hands which complement your Arabic-style dresses and flourish the culture. Belly dance/ Tanoura dance performances are arranged for the guests to complete their desert experience while enjoying your favorite flavor of sheesha.

There is a great buffet dinner prepared by our skilled chefs for our guests. You will be served with numerous starters and five-star delicious dishes containing many options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well. You can savor your favorite dishes and make your tour more eventful. Capture the beauty of day and night views of the desert, the beautiful sunset, and the falcons flying over your head will be an amazing sight to preserve. After you get your shots and enjoy the meal, your vehicles will be ready to take you back to the city.

Tour Basics:

  • Keep your surroundings clean and put the trash in the bins. No littering.
  • Never keep your children unattended.
  • PDA (Public Display of Affection) is not appreciated.
  • Smoking in transportation vehicles is not permitted.

Safety Measures:

  • Properly Insured vehicles are used for the tour.
  • Skilled drivers have an Off-road driving certificate.
  • The transportation vehicles are equipped with seat-belts, airbags, and roll bars.
  • Follow your Guide’s instructions at all times.
  • Transportation vehicles have Government-Mandates GPS Trackers.
  • Heavy luggage and bags are not allowed on the tour.
  • Basic Medical equipment is readily available in the cars for all the passengers.


  • If there are any changes expected in the schedule, the passengers will be informed about it via phone call/email.
  • Safety is not something to ever compromise upon. Always double the agencies you plan to go on a trip with. There are many bogus and low-standard agencies present which may offer you low rates for the similar packages but they lack in fulfilling their word. Make sure the company has certified and insured vehicles and drivers.
  • Select an authentic tour agency to avoid any risks and safety troubles.
  • Choose the companies which are approved by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).
  • Go through all our options of various budget-friendly tours to the desert and then choose the Best Desert Safari tour for yourself.
  • Avoid a heavy meal before going for the desert safari tour, because of the uneven, bumpy ride of dune bashing through the desert.
  • Please avoid bringing valuables (jewelry, gadgets, etc) with you as you are the one responsible for it.


How can I book for the Desert Safari Tour?

Get all the required information about your favorite safari tour from the online responders on our website. Book your tour live with them or place us a call for the booking. You can pay online by your credit/debit card or by cash in person.

What if someone doesn’t want the Dune Bashing ride?

You can always book your private exclusive tour with the agency if you don’t want to enjoy the dune bashing ride. However, if you are going with other passengers then all the passengers have to agree for not riding through the dune bashing. Some packages offer 5-10 mins short dune bashing rides, you can choose it for yourself.

In everyone allowed for the dune bashing ride?

Everyone is recommended for this amazing ride except for a few exceptions like

  • People with back/neck pain
  • Pregnant Ladies
  • People with heart problems
  • Infants (Below age 3)
  • Senior Citizens

What should you wear?

Go for the airy and open dresses and shirts for the Desert Safari tour as the weather during the day is warm. Always keep a jacket handy in case of a chilly breeze in the evenings. Please wear long knee-length boots during the tour for the best experience. You can also go for high-top shoes rather than low-top ones because of the sand. Keep your sunscreen, shades in your handbags with you. Don’t forget a hat as well.

Are there options for veggies in the meal?

Yes, the buffet dinners are perfectly curated for veg & non-veg people. You can choose your favorite dish from a wide range of dishes.

What is the time duration of the tour to the desert?

Most of the packages for Desert Safari tour Abu-Dhabi are up to 7-8 hours.


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