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Hatta Mountains

Hatta Mountains

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Refreshing Hatta Tour Package from Dubai

Hatta Tour is a unique blend of a lovely mountain trip, safari experience, touring, and mountain biking. Firstly Hatta Tour Package by Clifton Tours is an ideal package you can get. Secondly, it is best for those who travel with their family or a group of buddies. Above all, it is reasonable.

With CliftonTours best Hatta Tour, appreciate an exciting ride toward the East Coast by driving over the five Emirates of the UAE. Enjoy riding on an extravagant 4X4 and stop over the mountains and track the rugged terrains of Hatta. In the journey, observe the dramatic transformation from being tamed to the most adventurous and break free. Later on, explore the rich beauties of the desert. Additionally, enjoy the crystal-clear water rock pools nearby or go for a walk to the waterfalls! Does it not sound good?

Travel Through The Hidden Charm Of The Hajjar Mountains & The Rustic Glamour Of The Old Hatta Village by Booking Our Hatta Tour Package.

Book Hatta Safari Tour Package by CliftonTours and let us take you through the hidden magnificence of the Hajar mountains and the rustic charms of the Villages around the region.

A Brief Overview of Hatta Tour

Begin your adventure with a visit to the Hajar mountains, situated in the eastern part of the UAE. Ride our extravagant 4×4 cruisers, and drool over the majestic beauty of the region. Our drivers will take you through beautiful all-natural springs and wadis, enabling glimpses of giant rock formations to you.

Discover the rich beauty of the green landscape inside the boundaries of the mountain, where it conceals the wonders it has grown throughout the years. Take dramatic photos of the breathtaking landscapes while visiting the Water Dam. Then, satisfy your taste buds with a tasty lunch at the Fort Hotel. So, contact us today for the Hatta Mountain Safari Deals and Packages.

Hatta Dubai Tour – Get Ready To Be Enthralled By The Spectacular Landscapes & Rocky Formations

Major Highlights:

  • Get picked up from your residence in Dubai/Sharjah
  • Ride through the trails of Hatta Wadis
  • Nestled high up in the mountains of Al Hajjar
  • Dive into fresh Water Pools and swim to your heart’s content
  • Visit the Dam and take dramatic photos of the landscape
  • Indulge in thrilling wadi bashing and dune bashing
  • Make a stop into the Fort and Heritage Village
  • Satisfy your taste buds with a delicious lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel
  • Quad Biking is available at an additional cost
  • Drop-off

Book Hatta Safari Tour Today: Explore The Rugged Mountainous Landscapes. Take A Dip Into The Fresh Natural Water Pools & Discover The Beautiful Desert.

Here’s What To Expect?

With our Hatta Desert Safari Tours UAE, your epic adventure will begin with a pickup from your hotel inside the city of Dubai or Sharjah via a 4×4 vehicle. When you comfortably settle in the conveyance, travel eastward all through the beautiful desert landscapes. These are going towards the Omani border before reaching your destination.

A sheikdom and an ancient trading world, Hatta is nestled high up in the mountains of Al-Hajar. Here, you may relax, enjoy the cool breeze rushing through your hair, and escape from the busy city life. You will see the landscapes flawlessly change from Dubai-wide streets to Al-Hajar’s rugged mountain passes. Likewise, afterward, you will observe the glorious beauty of red desert dunes.

To make Hatta Oman Tour more pleasurable, ride through the paths of Wadi, and inspire an opportunity to take a dive into the excellent natural water lakes, unwind and swim joyously. Firstly, you will visit the Jebel Maleihah, a rocky region there. Here, you will discover rocky outcrops of the desert and millions of years old fossils of ocean life.

Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Heritage Village is the main highlight of the whole Hatta trip. After making a stopover there, together with an expert guide, you may go for a relaxed walk while shooting snaps of ancient fortresses, village homes, and mosques. Also, your guide will share interesting facts like how they had built and what materials were used to manufacture them.

In the aftermath of your walking trip around the Hatta village, you will make a stop at the Hatta Fort. Here you get the chance to experience the essence of daily village life a few centuries ago!

Last but not least, your journey will end with a delicious lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel, followed by a drop-off at your residence in Dubai/Sharjah.

Looking for Affordable Mountain Safari Tour Packages? Contact CliftonTours Today and Turn Your Trip Fantasy Into Reality!

Book your Hatta Mountain Safari package today with CliftonTours and get amazing discounts. Explore mountains, natural water lakes, and also a desert. This tour will truthfully whisk you away to UAE’s only mountain resort town. With a Safari ticket, get a chance to discover the Hatta Fortress, bathe in the Pools, and then explore Heritage Village. Moreover, the guide will also take you on your 4WD adventure to the exclusive Dam. Enjoy quad biking.  At last, after all that ultimate fun, it is the right time to enjoy lunch at the 4-star Hatta Fort Hotel.

On the whole, Hatta Safari Tour is an experience of a lifetime you cannot forget for sure. Contact us today and get the best deals and Hatta Tour Packages.

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