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Experience Skydive Dubai in Dubai With Clifton Tours

The trend of Skydiving has been started in the 17th century as it was started by the General who is the founder of this adventurous experience. Many of the country throughout the world is providing this experience and Millions of people use to travel long distance to experience skydiving. Skydiving is considered the essential experience a man should do in his entire life. Skydive Dubai is becoming common in many parts of this world but some skydiving is very popular because of doing this experience from a high altitude.

Skydiving is the free-falling from a high altitude towards the earth with the help of gravity and then controlling the speed of the falling using the parachutes to land on the surface of the earth. There are different ways of skydiving like some of the companies provide the experience with their trainer to avoid any inconvenience or accident why some of the points allow the individual customers to skydive themselves. Here are some of the famous points for skydive Dubai experience:

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • South Africa

Almost every country is providing this experience but Dubai comes at number first because the most trusted and most experienced skydiving is here.

Reasons why Skydive Dubai:

Dubai is known as one of the most adventurous cities because of the experience and activities in this amazing city. Skydiving is one of these activities that make your highlights amazing. The activity of skydiving in Dubai was started in 2010 and now it has become the premier location for skydiving throughout the world. There are two locations for skydiving including the Palm Jumeirah and the other is the Dubai Desert Campus. The Palm Jumeirah experience is better than the desert campus because the view is worth more than the cost. If you are willing to experience the free fall of 120 miles per hour then this location is considered the best for you. Here is some of the reason why you should try skydiving in Dubai:

·        One of the best view

If you go to experience skydiving in Palm Jumeirah then you will see the magnificent view of the city. You will be taken towards the sky using the plane and then you will be asked to jump towards the land. You will jump from the sky and you will experience the spectacular bird’s eye that will make your view amazing. The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago because it makes the palm design between the water of the river and the water is a crystal sapphire. Not only this, but you will also see some of the amazing buildings and other landmarks once you jump from the place. The landmarks include the sight of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Dubai Marine & Burj El Arab.

·Safe Skydive Dubai

If you are going to skydive for the first time then you will be terrified because of the safety measures and falling from high altitude. But these points give extraordinary amazing equipment for safety measurement and remember that the equipment is made of premium quality and up to the standard. Besides this, you will be entertained with an experienced skydiver expert who will be having a valid license from the authority. He will be with you throughout the journey and will guide you about the things to do. This means that you can have the experience of skydiving in Dubai without any hesitation of safety.

·        Range and Service

There are variations in skydiving in Dubai because it provides different ranges of altitude while with different features. Their service is amazing because they always want to make the experience for new jumpers. Not only this, they always want to make this experience safe and comfortable for all types of jumpers, and for this reason, they provide the facility of experience divers along with the jumper. If you are going to jump for the first time then you should try Dubai because of the amazing and comfortable service.

·        Rush

Skydiving in Dubai is also popular because of the high altitude and it is a total adrenaline rush. The experience will help you out to get the dose of fun and adventure in a dynamic way and the experience that can be taken in a Middle Eastern City. The service of this skydiving will let you take the pictures as well as they will record your video on the action camera. The guider will make the video safely and you can get it easily without any extra cost. The average altitude for jumping from a plane in the world is near about 8000 feet but the experience in Dubai is somehow different because the plane will make you jump from the altitude of 13000 feet which is better and amazing.

·        Affordable 

There is no doubt that skydiving in the whole world costs you a lot but the experience in Dubai is very affordable. According to the skydiver experience, you will get the chance to experience lifetime activity at an affordable price. The price for a tandem skydive experience is near about 2000 AED while the cost for the seasoned skydive starts from 200 AED. The price depends upon the time, class level, package type as well as number of jumpers.

How skydive is possible?

If you are going to spend your vacations in Dubai then skydiving is one of the most important things you have to do because of the amazing experience. There was a time when skydiving was considered to be impossible or unsafe for you but now the time has changed because skydiving is a safe activity as well as it can make you feel lifetime experience. You don’t need to get the special training before or jumping instead you will get quick training at the spot. You have to arrive at the spot within the check-in time and after that, you have to register yourself at the counter. Then you will be assigned with the instructor who will travel along with you on the skydiving. He will guide you about the safety measures as well as the best position for flying after the jump.

After this, you will be assigned special clothes with a lot of strips carrying parachutes and other similar stuff. Then you will be taken to the boarding area along with the instructor so that you could sit on the plane. Then you will sit in the plane and the plane will take you to the height of 13000 feet until you could see the amazing view of the Palm Jumeirah. The plane usually takes the time of 20 minutes to reach the top of Palm at the height of 13000 feet.

After reaching the height of 13000 feet, the instructor will mark the final check including the safety belts, and then the action camera will be ready to make the whole video of your journey. Then you will be attached to the instructor and you both will go for the jump from the plane. You will be free falling from the plane and once you reached the height of 6000 feet, the parachute will be opened. After the parachute is opened, you will be having the experience of seeing the site’s beauty for 4-5 minutes just like a bird’s eye view. In this time, you will see the palm completely as well as the iconic landmarks and buildings.

After this, you will be landed on the land and after landing, the instructor will record your reaction along with a small interview to see your reaction and reviews. After this, you will be taken to the café in the main building so that you could get the relaxation. The building will be containing a merchandise store where you can buy the merchandise for memory.

These companies not only provide you the experience but they are also providing the complete training and for this purpose, they have found a school to give the training to the students. You can also get admission if you want to learn skydiving for a purpose.

Requirements for Skydiving  Dubai:

If you have planned for skydiving in Dubai then you should know that some requirements should be complete before going for the registration. These requirements are made just for security purposes whereas these requirements are also essential to avoid any inconvenience. If you are not coming up with the requirements, then you will not be allowed to go to the amazing experience. Here are some of the requirements for Skydiving in Dubai:

  • All members must convey their visas or a substantial personal ID, for example, your Emirates ID/driver’s permit/government ID card with them upon the arrival of the skydive.
  • Members must be 12 years old or more seasoned upon the arrival of the couple skydive at both drop zones, according to the Gregorian schedule.
  • Those between the age of 12 to 17 years old, will require a marked assent of a parent or lawful watchman on the Parent Consent Tandem Waiver.
  • Members over the age of 70 should get a clinical testament preceding the skydive.
  • Skydiving affected by liquor or medications for the pair skydive is carefully denied.
  • Skydivers must maintain a strategic distance from scuba plunging at any rate 24 hours preceding the couple’s skydive.
  • Dress in agreeable sportswear and shoes upon the arrival of the skydive
  • All members will be dependent upon a BMI and weight check before the skydive. The individuals who are over the weight and BMI cutoff points won’t be approved to take an interest. For ladies, it’s 90.0 kg/198.0 lbs or less and the greatest 27.5 for BMI. For men, it’s 100.0 kg/220.5 lbs or less and a limit of 30 for BMI.

Things to Remember:

Some things should be remembered before going skydiving in Dubai that will help you in avoiding any inconvenience. These things will of course make your experience better because these are tips that are experienced. Here are the things to remember before going to the skydive Dubai:

  • Make a point to save your skydive date and registration time well ahead of time. Booking is conceded on first-start things out serve premise.
  • Shoes, boots, high heels, shirts with a neckline, short shirts or shorts, and sleeveless shirts are not permitted. Ensure you are wearing tennis shoes/sports shoes and shirts with short or long sleeves.
  • Female Tandem Skydivers are accessible on-demand yet this will be dependent upon accessibility. For those wearing a hijab, an extraordinary scarf for skydiving is accessible as well.
  • Rescheduling is permitted as long as 24 hours preceding the booking date for people and 72 hours earlier for gatherings. All rescheduling must be done by reaching Skydive Dubai.

Precautions / How to prepare for skydivive:

To make your experience up to the mark, you should follow the instruction for preparing for skydiving. As you know that you have to go for falling from high altitude so you should prepare yourself best. The first thing you should prepare is your mind. You should make your mind according to the adventure because if you will feel terrified in your mind then you will not be able to experience skydiving completely and deeply. One of the important things is that you should take the reviews of the skydiver who have already experienced this adventure because they will let you know about what to do and what to avoid. This will automatically make your experience according to your expectations.

For avoiding any health issues in the air, you should eat moderately before going for this activity because this will make your health according to the recommendation. Moreover, you should not be feeling tired because, in the air, you need a lot of energy to enjoy yourself. This means that you should get complete sleep before skydiving. Once you jump from the plane you should breathe strongly because this will make you feel energized as well as comfortable. Besides all these professional tips, you should remember that you should record the photos and videos with the action camera that is provided by the company at skydiving. This will make you remember this adventure throughout your life.