Dubai is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the UAE. It is an incredible place in the world with an array of wonderful and attractive locations for explorers and tourists. It is a world-famous location for adventure, culture, food, architecture, historical places, shopping, and much more. Every year, millions of tourists take a Dubai city tour to see these fantastic places.

Best Places To Visit In Dubai

If you want to explore Dubai and see its real colors, this article will guide you to the top tourist attractions of Dubai. These are some of the best places to visit in Dubai that you must not miss on your Dubai tour. Some of these places might be expensive but the rest of them are free of cost for everyone. 

Dubai’s Top Water Parks

Dubai is a famous spot in the UAE for its stunning water parks. The water parks of Dubai are the most exciting and adventurous water parks in the world. People from around the globe often visit Dubai to explore the excitement of the water parks. It has become a great attraction, equally for kids and adults. 

There are many famous water parks located in different areas of this grand city. 

Aquaventure Atlantis The Palm is the largest water park in the world, spreading at an area of 42 acres with 105 thrilling slides. These slides include 26 water sports and 79 exciting rides. 

Some other exciting spots in Aquaventure Atlantis the Palm are the Lost Chambers Aquarium, Dolphin Bay conservation, a plethora of bars, Sea Lion Point, and a ray of luxurious restaurants. 

In the middle of Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj Al Arab, lies another water park of Dubai called Wild Wadi Waterpark. This park spreads widely on Jumeirah Beach and is a source of attraction for all the people coming to the beach. 

Legoland Water park is a smaller water park as compared to other waterparks of Dubai. Yet it is famous for providing some quality rides at reasonable rates. It is a great place for kids and adults to get their first introduction to water. 

In the same way, Laguna water park is another small water park, located in La Mer, one of the prime locations of Dubai. It is a small water park, but due to its location, many people visit it daily and enjoy its amazing rides and slides. It offers four zones of thrill and adventure, namely: Splash, Slide, Surf, and Relax. 

Some other small water parks in Dubai are Splash ‘n’ Party Dubai, Aquaduck Dubai, Splash Pad, XPark Jr Splash Area, and Splash Island by Blue Wave. 

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The Jumeirah Mosque of Dubai

The Jumeirah Mosque is one of the best symbols that present Dubai as an Islamic state in the world. This mosque is a beautiful blend of style, culture, and religion. The Jumeirah Mosque is at a short distance from Jumeirah beach. 

Following the Government’s cultural program, “Open Doors, Open Mind,” The Jumeirah Mosque is one of the mosques of Dubai that allows non-muslim visitors inside the mosque. The mosque was constructed by Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum between 1976 to 1979. 

The mosque is a great piece of art, decorated with white stones, Arabic calligraphy, geometric designs, and arabesques. The main hall of the mosque can easily accommodate 1200 worshipers. In addition, ablution fountains and beautiful gardens surround the mosque and add to its magnificent beauty. 

People visiting the Jumeirah mosque can also get a tour guide. This tour guide is arranged by Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) for the convenience of tourists. It is a 75 minutes guide in the English language and aimed to answer all the questions of tourists and visitors about the mosque, its history, and other things. It costs only AED 25 per person. 

There is no proper dress code for the people visiting the mosque but their dress should be modest. Non-muslims or people lacking proper dress can borrow a dress available at the gate. 

Furthermore, you can easily reach the Jumeirah Mosque by hop on hop off bus service. 

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Places in Dubai with Best Architectural Works

The architectural works of Dubai are another reason that makes this city one of the most famous and most visited countries in the world. Dubai city is full of places that are very attractive for tourists and grab their attention. 

Dubai has got a long list of architectural works that make it a worth visiting place in the world and earn great economic value for it. Some of these architectural works are as follows. 

Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous buildings in Dubai, built in 2010. It is the tallest building in the world with 2722 feet in height and 160 stories. Burj Khalifa also has the world’s highest mosque and the world’s highest swimming pool. The building includes shops, offices, apartments, etc. 

Have you ever seen a twisted building? If not, then Cayan Tower is the one to bring your amazement at its peak. It is a unique building that is constructed with a twist and stands without any pillars. The tower has 75 stories and it is 306 meters tall. 

Want to click a photo with the world’s largest frame? Dubai Frame is the world’s largest frame, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Constructed in 2018, the Dubai Frame is also considered as a bridge between the old and new Dubai. Tourists love to click a picture with this record-making largest Frame. 

Likewise, Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious buildings of Dubai. It is a 7-star hotel, renovated with 202 lavish suites, an underwater restaurant, a Skyview bar, and an outdoor tennis court.

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world. It is a project of a company called Emaar. The Dubai Mall is equipped with 160 food spots and more than 1200 shops and outlets of world-famous brands. You can get anything in Dubai Mall, be it branded dresses, branded shoes, furniture, gold and artificial jewelry, kids items, home accessories, fashion accessories, cosmetics, electronics, etc.  You name it and you can get it here in the Dubai Mall. 

In addition to the shops, there is also an aquarium and an underwater zoo. 

Some other great works of architecture in Dubai include Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Atlantis, The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, The World Islands, and Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel. 


Dubai Museum

Are you a history lover? If yes, then Dubai has got an amazing spot to please you and make your tour memorable for a lifetime. Dubai Museum is a classic blend of the heritage and culture of Dubai. It is one of the oldest historical buildings on the land of Dubai. One can get a beautiful comparison of the different phases in the history of Dubai, here at Dubai Museum. 

Dubai Museum stands elegantly opposite the Grand Mosque in Al Fahidi Street. The Dubai Museum has a 250 years old history. It is a part of Al Fahidi fort, built in 1787. In 1971, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum renovated the fort and ended up turning it into a museum. 

The museum contains various halls, wings, and galleries. The galleries display photos, videos, and old maps about the history of Dubai. The wings of the Dubai Museum present different themes related to Dubai, its culture, and its history. The various wings of the museum include the wing of Dubai, the marine wing, folklore wing, the monuments wing, the astronomy and natural phenomena wing, the market wing, the old Dubai fortification wing, the Traditional Home, and Masjid wing, and the Oasis wing. All these wings display the items in the light of their titles. 

Coupled with other facilities, you can easily reach the Dubai Museum by public transport or metro bus service. The entry ticket for the Dubai Museum costs only AED 3 for adults and AED 1 for kids. 

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Jumeirah Beach and its Surrounding Building

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most famous and most crowded beaches in Dubai. It is a spot in Dubai that attracts millions of tourists from different parts of the world, especially in the summer season. It is a beautiful beach with so many attractions. 

Another reason for the fame of Jumeirah Beach is that its location is one of the prime locations of Dubai and many important and world-famous buildings are present in its surrounding. People visiting Jumeirah Beach also visit those places and the people visiting those places do not miss paying a visit to Jumeirah Beach at any cost. 

Some of the best places to see around Jumeirah Beach are as follows. 

Jumeirah Mosque is one of the famous spots located nearby Jumeirah Beach. The distance between Jumeirah Beach and The Jumeirah Mosque is about 7.5 km, which hardly takes 12 to 15 minutes. The Jumeirah Mosque is a historical mosque of Dubai. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum built this mosque in 1976. 

At a distance of 10 minutes from Jumeirah Beach, Etihad Museum stands beautifully. It is one of the famous historical places of Dubai that has preserved the history and culture of Dubai in the best way. 

Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a wave-shaped luxury hotel, standing on the shore of Jumeirah Beach. It is 93 meters tall, spreading over an area of 33,800 sq feet. This luxury hotel has 599 rooms, 15 bars, restaurants, cafes, various swimming pools, and Arabian-style villas.  

Another amazing skyscraper, located on the Jumeirah Beach is the Burj Al Arab. It has a sail shape which makes it the most photographed building of Dubai. This 7-star luxury hotel consists of 202 luxury suites, whereas, 2 Royal suites stand in the middle of the building. 

Dubai Museum is located at a distance of 30 minutes from Jumeirah Beach. It is one of the oldest buildings in Dubai. The Museum is an excellent combination of the heritage and culture of Dubai, preserved for over 250 years. 

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Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is another central point of entertainment in Dubai. It is present at the shoreline of the Persian Gulf spreading at an area of 50 million square feet. It is one of the largest man-made districts of Dubai that presents lots of attractions for tourists and visitors. 

Dubai Marina Mall is the second-largest shopping mall of Dubai after Dubai Mall. both malls are the projects of Emaar. This luxurious and modern shopping mall consists of more than 140 outlets of famous brands and 22 dining spots.  Foodies find a great attraction in Pier 7, one of the famous food spots in Dubai Marina. It is a 7 story building. At each story, there is a different restaurant, presenting food in different styles, tastes, and presentations. 

Dubai Marina has got one of the most famous and most visited beaches of Dubai, Dubai Marina Beach. It is also known as JBR beach as it is a part of Jumeirah Beach Resort. The beach offers various water sports, swimming opportunities, and an amazing view of the beautiful warm water. Dubai Marina also offers the best opportunity of Sky Diving for adventure lovers, where you can enjoy the Sky Diving experience safely with a trained instructor. 

At Dubai Marina, you can visit one of the most lavish hotels of Dubai, Address Dubai Marina Hotel. Stay for a night here and enjoy the luxurious rooms, delicious food, spa, swimming, and fitness exercises. You can also enjoy the adventure of snow in Dubai at Ski Dubai. It is an area containing real snow and offers a chairlift service to enjoy the beautiful scenes of snow.  

Some other additional exciting adventures to do in Dubai Marina are Dinner Cruise, Speedboat Tour, and art exploration at Gallary One. 

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Final Verdict

It is so obvious that you cannot count the wonders of Dubai spread in the whole city. The attractions of Dubai make it one of the most loved cities in the world. The tourists love to visit Dubai and explore the places to visit in Dubai. 

If you also want to explore the places to visit in Dubai, the above-mentioned places will work for you greatly.

Enjoy your Dubai Tour…

Sand Art Bottle


Different events happen in our lives that sound incomplete without specific things. Like, a trip to Dubai is incomplete without visiting the Desert Safari. If you visit Desert Safari, it would be incomplete without the exciting experience of dune bashing, camel riding, belly dancing, and gathering some memories back with you to your hometown. 

The memories not only include photographs taken in the Desert Safari. They also have souvenirs that remind them more strongly about a day well spent in the Desert Safari. People like to take photographs with these souvenirs and upload them on different social media platforms to share their good memories with friends and family members. 

Sand Art Bottle

Many different forms of art depict the skills of artists. Painting, sketching, and drawing are some of the various forms of art where the artists show how skilled they are. Sand Art Bottle is one such form of art. Sand art bottle is one of Dubai Desert Safari’s most popular souvenirs that people love to take back with them. 

History & Origin of Sand Art Bottle

There are various claims about the history of Sand Art Bottle. According to one claim, Sand art originated from India. Sudarsan Pattnaik is known as the inventor of Sand art. He learned sand art on his own and started practicing it at the age of 7.  

Sudarsan Pattnaik belonged to Puri, Odisha, India. 

According to the claim of Sand Gallery, sand art originated in the early 20th century from Petra, a city in Jordan. It is said that at that time, sand art could be seen as sand paintings, and carpets, and sand art bottles in their basic shapes. 

The third claim about Sand art bottle history says that this form of art originated from Dubuque, USA, in the 1860s to 1890s. Andrew Clemens was a deaf and mute artist who got fame for creating unfixed pictures with colorful sand filled and compressed in glass jars. He used to collect the sand from the Mississippi River and worked for sand art bottles mainly on the subjects of plants, animals, sailing ships, portraits, and sentimental verses.

The artworks of Andrew Clemen became a precious part of the museums of the USA and got a worth of thousands of US dollars. 

However, any of the above claims about the history and origin of Sand art bottles can be true. It is because Dubai is a city of people coming from different parts of the world. Anyone coming here from USA, Jordan, or India could become the reason to spread the sand art in Dubai and make it one of the famous forms of art already progressing and nourishing in Dubai. 

Customized & Readymade Sand Art Bottles

Sand Art Bottles are readily available in Dubai’s malls, gift shops, and souvenir shops. These Sand art bottles come in different designs, shapes, and scenes portrayed through the sand. Although these ready-made sand art bottles are very famous, they are not customizable. You have to buy them as they are. 

However, there is also an option to get customized sand art bottles. There are many sand art bottle shops in Desert Safari, where the shopkeepers make a sand art bottle for you with your choice. You can choose the sand colors, scenes, and name or any text that you want on the bottle. 

Process of Making Sand Art Bottles

You might easily get the ready-made Sand Art Bottles and customized Sand art bottles available in the markets of Dubai, but the real charm of getting a Sand art bottle is in watching the process of its making in front of you. 

As soon as you choose the bottle design, shape, colors, sand design, and text for the sand Art bottle, the skilled shopkeeper will pick up the jar of your choice and will pour a sticky black tar-like liquid on the side of the bottle in such a way that it can be easily swirled. 

After a little swirl, he will let it rest for a while, poking it here and there a little at the same time. He will keep the bottle consciously at such an angle so that the liquid does not trickle away. The shopkeeper will complete writing your name or desired text on the sand bottle with his skill. 

He will start pouring and spreading the sand in the bottle in the next step. He will keep shaking the bottle frequently so that the sand layers do not mix up. The color of each layer of sand also remains separate. 

On the other hand, the shopkeeper will keep on pouring some colored liquid that keeps the sand layers intact and will not let them mixed up. No lid or cap is used on the bottle because the sand layers are so much intact with each other. They will not get mixed or run out of the bottle, even if the bottle is turned upside down. 

Innovative Ideas for Sand Art Bottles

Sand Art Bottle is a traditional form of art. People have added some innovative ideas to this form of art to make it more exciting and attractive in the modern world.

One of these innovative designs for Sand art bottles is “Argyle Sock Design.” To make this design, you have to make a layer with the desired sand color. Then using a spoon, make a small pocket in the layer against the wall of the bottle. Fill this small pocket with another sand color and then pour another layer of sand. Keep repeating the process until the jar is full. 

Another complicated pattern to make in the sand art bottle is the feathered look. For this pattern, you have to use a wooden skewer. First, pour two layers of colored sand into the flask. Then place the wooden skewer against the flask wall and poke it deep down into the sand layers. After a while, pull out the wooden skewer slowly and keep repeating the process until the flask is full. 

At the end of both these innovative procedures, you will get an attractive piece of sand art bottle. 

Sand Art Bottle Pricing

Sand Art Bottles are a source of great attraction for the tourists visiting Dubai Desert Safari. On special occasions like Christmas and New Year, the sale of Sand Art Bottle multiplies as the number of Dubai tourists increases. 

The Sand Art Bottle is available easily in different parts of Dubai City. The pieces of Sand Art Bottle available at the famous malls of Dubai like Atlantis might be expensive. They range from AED 150 to AED 200. 

The readymade sand art bottles are cheaper, available at a price as low as AED 25. The customized sand art bottles are also available at a reasonable price range of AED 40 to AED 45.

Final Verdict

The souvenirs available in Dubai Desert Safari are various that will remain with you for a lifetime to remind you of a great experience in Dubai. Sand Art Bottle is one of the Dubai Desert Safari’s most popular souvenirs people take back to their homes. It is indeed a great piece of memory and home decoration. 

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Whether readymade or customized, if you are visiting Dubai Desert Safari, do get one Sand Art Bottle for yourself at reasonable prices. 




Dubai Marina is a man-made district of Dubai, famous for its uniqueness and sophistication. Dubai Marina covers 50 million square feet of waterfront, constructed along a 2-mile stretch of the Persian Gulf shoreline. Marina Dubai is one of Dubai’s Don’t Miss locations for tourists. It is one of the best places to visit in Dubai. Every year, millions of tourists visit Dubai Marina and explore its beauty.

Marina Dubai | Things to do

If you are planning to visit Dubai Marina, here is a list of things you can do in Dubai Marina and enjoy your stay there.

1.   Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall is one of the most famous and largest malls in Dubai.  It is a major attraction for tourists coming from different corners of the world.  It is a project of Emaar, the company that owns Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall.

Dubai Marina Mall is a heaven for shopping on earth, with stunning architectural design and four levels building including over 140 outlets of fashion brands, dining spots, supermarkets, and Cinemas. The major shops in Dubai Marina Mall are ALDO, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Mac, Dune, Ted Baker, Steve Madden, and Tommy Hilfiger. Moreover, if you get tired while shopping, you can enjoy food at 22 different dining shops with the water-view, including KFC, Hardee’s, YO Sushi, Starbucks, Tortilla,  Five Guys, Cinnabon, and Wagamama’s.

2. Visit Pier 7 to Dine

If you want to enjoy a luxurious dining experience in Dubai, visit Pier 7. The location of Pier 7 is Marina Promenade. It is a 7 story building, having a different restaurant at each level. All 7 restaurants are unique in their taste, style, as well as in presentation. The food served in these restaurants is of high-quality and good taste.

3. Dubai Marina Beach

Amongst several beaches of Dubai, Dubai Marina Beach is one of the most famous and most visited beaches. It is a part of Jumeirah Beach Resort and is also known as JBR Beach. It is a beautiful beach with white sand. On the beach, you can enjoy amazing views of stunning water, swimming in the warm water, and water sports activities. The beach also has amazing restaurants, bars, and shisha lounges, consequently making it a source of attraction for tourists.

4. Skydiving over the Palm

Do not miss the extraordinary experience of skydiving in Dubai Marina. You can enjoy this skydiving experience by falling free from a distance of 120 miles. Do not worry about the security as you will be fastened with a trained and experienced instructor. The instructor can also teach you how to skydive on your own.

You can also enjoy the aerial views of Jumeirah Island, Ain Dubai, Palm Atlantis, and Burj Al Arab from a gyrocopter flight of 20 minutes at 1500 feet.

5. Address Dubai Marina

Address Dubai Marina is one of the most luxurious hotels found in Dubai. People who visit Dubai dream of staying in this beautiful hotel for at least one night. The hotel is renovated with stylish and luxurious rooms. The rooms are comfortably furnished to facilitate the guests well.

The guests can dine in the most luxurious restaurants with a variety of tasty food. Furthermore, the hotel provides the facilities of a spa, fitness centers, and swimming pool for the guests. You can also enjoy shopping at Dubai Marina Mall, directly linked with Address Dubai Marina.

6. Dinner Cruise

To make your stay magical in Dubai, you can enjoy the Dinner Cruise. It is a 2 to 3 hours tour on a traditional wooden dhow boat that takes you through the best spots of Dubai Marina. The guests on the dhow cruise are served the most delicious food. They can also enjoy the Tanoura dance show. The illuminated skyscrapers and moonlight add more magic to the delicious dinner.

In addition, you can enjoy the pick and drop service provided by the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

7. Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates

If you want to enjoy the fun with real snow in the scorching weather of Dubai, visit Ski Dubai at the Mall of Emirates. It is one of the famous malls of Dubai, located near Dubai Marina. Ski Dubai is a wonderland of 3000 square feet, filled with real snow. People of all ages can get something to enjoy at Ski Dubai. You can enjoy a chairlift ride to view the most amazing snow views and also indulge in exciting games.

The most famous part of Ski Dubai is the penguin’s daily march, which is a source of amusement for everyone.

8. Speedboat Tour

If you want to explore Dubai Marina and its surrounding, Speedboat Tour will be the best choice. It is a 90 minutes tour through speedboats that will take you on a journey from the Burj Al Arab to the Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis The Palm. you can have close views of Dubai Eye Wheel, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, Harbour Project, The Palm and its hotels.

Likewise, you can also take pictures of the skyscrapers during this amazing tour.

9. Explore artworks at Gallery One

If you have a good aesthetic sense and have an interest in the arts, there is so much for you at Gallery One. It is a place with amazing pieces of art from famous artists in Dubai. These are the original works of the artists and are available for sale. You can buy them to decorate your house with them or can take them as a gift for a friend.

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Final Verdict

Dubai Marina owns a special place in Dubai. It has so many attractions and treats for tourists so that they cannot miss visiting different spots of Dubai Marina. If you visit Dubai Marina, do visit its attractive spots to make your trip memorable in Dubai.

Jumeirah Mosque



The Jumeirah Mosque of Dubai is one of the most significant buildings located in the heart of Dubai. It is the most precious jewel of the series of architectural works in Dubai. The mosque stands majestically at a distance of a few steps from Jumeirah beach, one of the most exclusive spots found in Dubai.

The Jumeirah Mosque presents a beautiful combination of religion, culture, and modernity. The 5 times prayer call echoing from the mosque reminds one’s presence in an Islamic state. Jumeirah Mosque follows the Government cultural program “Open Doors, Open Mind,” making it one of those few mosques that allow non-muslims to roam around and pay a visit to the mosque that represents the culture of Islam.

As an illustration of its importance, the AED 500 note has a print of the Jumeirah Mosque on it.

5 Things To Know About The Jumeirah Mosque

If you are visiting Dubai and a tour of the Jumeirah Mosque is a part of your list, here are some essential things you need to know about the mosque. These things will help make your visit comfortable and worth remembering for a lifetime.

1.   Construction & Decoration of the Mosque

Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Dubai’s ruler, built the Jumeirah Mosque between 1976 and 1979 as a gift. He was the father of the present ruler of Dubai. White stones have been used in the construction of this mosque, reminding the Fatimid style of construction still followed in Egypt and Syria.

The front exterior of the mosque shows beautiful decoration with Arabic calligraphy, geometric designs, and arabesques. The central dome lies magnificently between the two sky-kissing minarets and 4 small domes. From the balcony of these minarets, the muezzin calls for prayer 5 times a day.

Beautiful gardens surround the outside area of the mosque and add peace to the environment of the mosque. In the same fashion, there are various ablution fountains found at different spots outside the main building.

The main prayer hall of the Jumeirah Mosque is large enough to accommodate more than 1200 worshipers at a time. The prayer hall contains stained glass windows, green carpets, and a series of columns and arches in shades of pastel, that adorn the prayer hall beautifully.

The mihrab is located right at the opposite side of the entrance of the prayer hall. It is a place that marks the direction of prayer called Qibla. The brass lanterns illuminate the central prayer hall after the maghrib prayer.

2.   Tour Guide

A tour guide is one of the best ways to get deep insight f the mosque and to know more about the mosque, Islam, and the culture of Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed Centre arranges a guided tour for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). The tour starts daily at 10 am and ends at 2 pm from Saturday to Thursday. However, the guided tour is not available on Fridays. Pre-registration for the tour guide is not compulsory, but make sure to reach the mosque half an hour before the registration starts at 9:30 am.

This guided tour is conducted in the English language so that everyone can understand the guide easily. This 75 minutes guide includes a visit to all the main areas of the Jumeirah mosque with exciting information related to the history of the mosque and the Islamic culture. The guests are encouraged to ask any question that pops into their minds. Furthermore, the guests are allowed to take photographs of the mosque during the tour.

The tour starts with Arabic coffee and ends with water, dates, tea, and Emirati pastries. The guided tour costs AED 25 per person. You can also arrange a group tour if you visit the Jumeirah mosque with more than 10 people.

 3.  Dress Code & Visiting Hours

There is no specific dress code for the mosque, but the visitors and guests should dress modestly. Both men and women should wear a non-transparent dress covering them from shoulder to knees. The women should also cover their heads inside the mosque. in the event that the visitor’s dress is not covering them properly, they can borrow the national attire from the mosque gate.

The Mosque is open for Muslims from 10 am to 8 pm. The non-muslims can pay a visit to the mosque from 10 am to 2 pm.

4.  How to Reach the Jumeirah Mosque?

The best way to reach the Jumeirah Mosque is through hop on hop off bus service. This is a reasonable bus service available in all the main areas of Dubai, and the bus stop is right in front of the Jumeirah Mosque.

On the other hand, local people also prefer other public transport like buses 8, 9, and X28 to reach the mosque on time. The bus stops of these buses are also nearby the mosque.

 5.  What is Nearby?

The Jumeirah Mosque stands at one of the prime locations of Dubai. Jumeirah Beah and the Burj Al Arab are the major nearby spots of the Jumeirah Mosque. The people visiting the Jumeirah Mosque can also spend some time in these famous locations.

If you are interested in history, Etihad Museum is located at a distance of a 10-minutes walk from the Jumeirah Mosque and Dubai Museum at a distance of 15 minutes drive. You can enjoy shopping and delicious food at Comptoir 102, located at a distance of a 15-minutes walk from the Jumeirah Mosque.

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Final Words

A Mosque is a place that reflects the Islamic culture in its true essence. The people who are planning to visit Dubai must visit the Jumeirah Mosque. This great mosque’s peaceful environment and outstanding work of architecture will make your Dubai tour more pleasant.

Jumeirah Beach

The Best Places To See Around Jumeirah Beach | Beaches in Dubai


Dubai has a number of beaches in order to entertain tourists. The beaches in Dubai also add to its economic value. Jumeirah Beach is a landmark in Dubai, UAE. The beach with white sand got its name after the Jumeirah district of Dubai, present at the coastline of the Persian Gulf. The Jumeirah Beach stretches along the south coast of Dubai towards the Palm Jumeirah.

The location of Jumeirah Beach is at the heart of Dubai, where lots of famous buildings and spots surround it. This fact makes Jumeirah Beach more attractive for tourists and visitors.

There are many worth visiting places around Jumeirah beach. This article will provide brief information about some of the best places to see around Jumeirah Beach.

Best Places to See Around Jumeirah Beach | Beaches in Dubai

1.   Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is a precious pearl from the millions of jewels found in the architecture of Dubai. The history of the Jumeirah Mosque stretches back to 1976 when the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, built it. Present in the prime location of Dubai, Jumeirah Mosque is a source of attraction, not only for Muslims but also for non-muslims. It is one of the few mosques of Dubai that are open for non-muslims to visit.

The distance between Jumeirah Beach and Jumeirah Mosque is about 7.5 km. Therefore, it will take only 15 minutes to cover this distance. The mosque has beautiful designs, gardens, ablution fountains, and brass lanterns in order to make the mosque eye-catching for everyone.

2. Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum is one of the famous historical places of Dubai. The Etihad Museum has indeed preserved the heritage of the UAE and displays it wonderfully. This museum is also known as the Union House.

The Etihad Museum is within walking distance of 10 minutes from Jumeirah Beach. The museum covers all the political, social, scientific, cultural, and military aspects of the history of the UAE.

The museum has preserved the old passports of the rulers of the UAE along with their artifacts. Many important events of history took place in the premises of this area which is now considered as Etihad Museum. These events include the formation of the UAE as a country in 1971, the signing of the constitution of the UAE, and the flag-raising ceremony of the flag of the UAE.

3. Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel is located on one of the famous beaches in Dubai. It is amongst the oldest luxury hotels in Dubai. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel opened its doors for the public in 1997. It is a wave-shaped huge building of 93 meters in height that spreads over an area of 33,800 square meters.

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel stands upright on the Jumeirah Beach of Dubai. This luxury hotel consists of 600+ rooms with modern renovation, more than 15 restaurants, cafes, and bars, 20 Arabian-style traditional villas, and 5 swimming pools. All the Jumeirah beach hotel guests can enjoy unlimited access to the Jumeirah Beach and Wild Wadi WaterPark that lies next to the beach. Hence, the public is attracted more towards the beach and waterpark.

Furthermore, the facilities of spa, gym, jacuzzi, steam room and kids corner are also provided to entertain the hotel guests.

4. Burj Al Arab

Dubai is a city well-known for its luxurious buildings and skyscrapers. Burj Al Arab is amongst those buildings, with a sail-shape complementing the wave-shaped Jumeirah Beach Hotel, both standing marvelously on the Jumeirah Beach. For this reason, this look of Burj Al Arab makes it one of the most photographed buildings of Dubai.

The building of the hotel is 321 meters in height. Burj Al Arab is a 7-star Hotel comprising 202 lavish suites, with 2 complimentary Royal Suites.

Besides suites, the hotel also contains a Skyview bar, an outdoor tennis court, and an underwater restaurant.

5. Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is an excellent place for a history lover to spare some time and give a visit. The history of the Dubai Museum is as old as 250 years. It is a part of Al Fahidi Fort, built-in 1787. It is a place that preserves Dubai’s actual culture as well as its heritage and displays a comparison of old and new Dubai.

The Dubai Museum resides inside the Al Fahidi Fort, situated on the opposite side of Grand Mosque in Al Fahidi Street. It will take 30 minutes to reach Dubai Museum from Jumeirah Beach.

There are several wings in the museum that display different aspects of the history of Dubai, like the market wing, oasis wing, marine wing, folklore wing, and old Dubai fortification wing. Additionaly, the underground galleries contain pictures, old maps, and videos describing the events of Dubai’s history.

6. The Village Mall

It is a well-known fact that Dubai is famous for its shopping malls worldwide. All the major and central areas of Dubai are coupled with a famous shopping mall. The Village Mall is one of those malls present in Jumeirah, located at Jumeirah Street, at a distance of 15 minutes from Jumeirah Beach.

The Village Mall is a project of one of Dubai’s prime real estate developers, Dubai Developments. The reason behind its fame is that the Village Mall follows the design of a Mediterranean village. The mall contains luxurious shops and stores of famous brands.

Besides shopping stores, there are various restaurants and entertainment centers in the Village Mall. Shakespeare and Co. is one of the most famous restaurants in the Village Mall.

If you are a dessert lover, do not miss the Arabian desserts like Kunafa and Basboussa, available at the Village Mall.

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Final Verdict

Dubai as a city itself is a land of wonderful and entertaining places. Jumeirah Beach is one such place that has various other beautiful places around it. If you want to explore Dubai, the spots near Jumeirah Beach are the ones you must not skip on your tour. These places are the jewels of the crown of Dubai, and your tour to Dubai will remain incomplete if you are not planning to visit them.

Dubai Museum

Visit the Dubai Museum: A Complete Guide

How to Visit the Dubai Museum: A Complete Guide

People often relate Dubai only to skyscrapers and modern works of architecture. Although this may be true, the fact is that Dubai’s history and actual culture resides in old Dubai. Dubai Museum is the destination that truly depicts the culture and heritage of Dubai.

This article will provide a complete guide for those who are planning to visit the Dubai Museum.

Dubai Museum: A Brief History

The history of the Dubai Museum stretches back 250 years to the Al Fahidi Fort, built-in 1787, and eventually, became home to a powerful monarch until 1896. This fort served as a garrison, weapon depot, prison, royal palace, and defense against enemies.

Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum renovated the fort and turned it into a museum in 1971. In the first place, the aim was that the museum would preserve ancient Arab history. With the intention to expand the museum, an underground museum became an additional part of this museum later in 1995.

Why Should You Visit The Dubai Museum?

Dubai Museum is a worth visiting place for the people traveling to Dubai. The location of the Dubai Museum is opposite the Grand Mosque in Al Fahidi Street. It is a place that genuinely presents the life phases of Dubai before and after the oil boom. The oil boom in 1960 marks a significant difference in the history of Dubai.

The Dubai Museum is the oldest existing building in Dubai. In other words, it is a building that reflects the incidents that took part in the transformation and progression of Dubai from a small town to a globally recognized city.

How to Reach the Dubai Museum?

If you plan to drive to the Dubai museum, there is limited space in the parking area available for the Dubai museum visitors. However, the best and the most affordable mode of transport to reach the museum is public transport. You can easily catch a Metro bus to Al Fahidi station and then walk for 10 minutes to get to the Dubai museum.

Furthermore, rental cars and taxis are also available easily to reach the Dubai museum comfortably on time.

What is inside the Dubai Museum?

At the main entrance of the Dubai Museum, you will see some antique cannons and a traditional wooden dhow. Inside the fort, a series of halls and wings surround the central courtyard.

Before the oil boom, Dubai was nothing but a coastal village between the desert and the Arabian Gulf. The main modes of earning to live were pearl diving, date farming, and stock and trade of goats and camels. This pre-oil life of Dubai is depicted quite realistically in the Dubai museum.

There is a spiral staircase that takes the visitors to the underground galleries. These galleries contain millions of pictures, old maps, and videos depicting the history and transformation of Dubai. Moreover, a large section of the Dubai Museum contains the musical instruments used by the people of old Dubai. These instruments include flutes, drums, bagpipes, lyres, and much more.

The main yard of the Dubai Museum displays the bamboo houses with old-fashioned furniture and the traditional dhow.

The Wings of the Dubai Museum

There are several wings in the Dubai museum, each associated with a specific theme. The wing of Dubai displays the everyday life of the residents of old Dubai. The marine wing displays the seafaring heritage of Dubai. There is a folklore wing that tells the classical tales related to the history of Dubai, while the monuments wing displays weapons, pottery, art, and antiquities.

The astronomy and natural phenomena wing tell how the roaming ‘Bedouins’ used to take guidance from the night sky. Similarly, there is a market wing in the Dubai Museum that shows what the markets of Dubai looked like before 1950.

The old Dubai fortification wing displays a wide range of weaponry, including swords, curved daggers, spears, shields, bows and arrows, pistols, and axes. The ordinary people used these weapons to protect caravans from robbers and protect the city against enemies.

On the other hand, the Oasis wing of the museum shows how the sea and its natural resources have helped Dubai flourish and become a developed city.

The Traditional Home and Masjid wing showcase the homes, mosques, and other buildings and depict how they were constructed in the old times of Dubai. The construction of these structures shows how construction trends have evolved from old Dubai to the Present Dubai.

Dioramas, Pictures, Videos and Audios

Above all, the dioramas, pictures, videos, and audio used in the museum give a life-like look to the museum. They give life to what the museum displays in the different wings and sections.

Entry Ticket, Museum Timing, and Tourism Guidance

The price of an entry ticket for the Dubai Museum is 3 dirhams for adults and 1 dirham for children of age 6 and below.

The Dubai Museum is open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm from Saturday to Thursday. On Friday, the Museum’s timing is from 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

If anyone requires a tourism guide, the Dubai Museum provides the Tourism guidance service free of cost.

Explore Nearby Spots

The Dubai Museum is situated in the heart of Dubai, surrounded by many exciting places and spots worth visiting. If you are interested in traditional and cultural food, you can visit the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding for traditional lunch and breakfast. The chic courtyard café and the Arabian Tea House Café are famous spots to enjoy delicious food items of Arabic tradition.

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Final Words

Dubai is a land known worldwide for its luxurious architecture, economic development, and magnificent spots for tourists. However, a meager percentage of people know the story behind Dubai’s economic growth and development.

The Dubai Museum beautifully traces this growth story of Dubai city. So, if you are planning to visit Dubai, make sure to add a visit to the Dubai Museum to the list you have made. This visit will make your Dubai tour more fruitful.

water park dubai

Dubai’s Top Water Parks | Water Park Dubai | Top 4


Dubai is famous worldwide for its jaw-dropping buildings and landmarks. The most notable part of the water park in Dubai. It has earned a good reputation for it. Lots of waterparks make Dubai a wonderful place in the world and great excitement for tourists. water park Dubai major activity in summer.

This article will give a review of Dubai’s Top Waterparks. These are some destinations of Dubai that offer perfect fun equally for kids and adults.

Top Water Parks in Dubai

  1. Aquaventure Atlantis the Palm

Palm Jumeirah is famous for its various wondrous spots worldwide. It is an ocean-themed resort constructed in 2008. Aquaventure is the world’s most renowned waterpark, and it is a part of Atlantis the Palm. Spreading over an area of 42 acres, Aquaventure becomes the world’s largest waterpark.

Aquaventure Atlantis the Plam is one of the most visited places in Dubai during the family holidays. In addition to Aquaventure waterpark, Atlantis the Palm also includes the Lost Chambers Aquarium, Sea Lion Point, Dolphin Bay conservation, education habitat, a plethora of bars, and a ray of luxurious restaurants.

At the Lost Chambers Aquarium, you can enjoy viewing 65,000 marine animals swimming in the world’s largest aquarium. Sea Lion Point is another amazing spot that provides a close interactive experience with amazing mammals and marine life. Similarly, Dolphin Bay Conservation is the world’s most sophisticated habitat of Dolphins. It allows the visuals of the lovely moves of dolphins for dolphin lovers.

New Thrills and Adventures at Aquaventure Atlantis the Palm

In March 2021, Aquaventure Atlantis the Palm expanded and increased its size by 1/3rd of its actual size. It also added 28 new slides and adventures. At present, the Aquaventure Waterpark consists of 105 slides, including 79 rides, 26 marine watersports, and 26 outlets for food and beverages.

The new adventurous slides and rides added to the pre-existing attractions of Aquaventure Atlantis the Palm are namely: Trident Tower, Odyssey of Terror, Shockwave, Medusa’s Lair, Blackout, Hydra Racers, Immortal Falls, Raging Rapids, and Splashers.

The Aquaventure waterpark opens daily at 10:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm.

2. Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

After the Aquaventure Atlantis the Palm, Wild Wadi Waterpark is another exciting spot for people of all ages. This waterpark is a part of Jumeirah Beach. It is surrounded by the fabulous buildings of Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj Al Arab.

The most exciting and famous slide at Wild Wadi Waterpark is Jumeirah Sceirah. The slide is 120m long that moves with a speed of 80km per hour. The wild wadi waterpark also has the country’s largest wave pool Breakers Bay. For small kids and toddlers, there is a separate section. The people entering Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, or residing in the nearby area can enjoy free entry to the Wild Wadi Waterpark.

The Wild Wadi Waterpark opens daily at 10:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm.

3. Legoland Water Park Dubai

Legoland Dubai Water Park is one of the top waterparks of Dubai. It is especially aimed at younger crowds. Comparatively, it is not a massive waterpark like others, but plenty of unique rides and slides are available here at reasonable rates.

Legoland Water Park is an excellent choice for fun and thrill for the little ones. It is also great for those who want their first introduction to water. Before graduating to the water slides, the kids and teenagers can enjoy the easier and safer rides like Joker Soaker, Raft Lazy River, and wave pool.

Along with Legoland Dubai Water Park, you can also enjoy a visit to Legoland Dubai, and Lapita Resort.

Legoland Dubai Water Park opens daily at 10:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm.

4. Laguna Water Park Dubai

Laguna Water Park is another waterpark of Dubai. It is situated in La Mer, the hip new beachfront area of the city. Laguna Water park is not a very big waterpark but is good enough for fun and prices. Also, it does not compromise on the standard of fun and excitement provided to the customers.

This Water Park brings water fun for people of every age with its four zones of thrill and adventure, namely: Splash, Slide, Surf, and Relax. People here can enjoy the beautiful views of the lazy river or chill in the cabanas. It is a waterpark that is more about the beachfront than the rides and water slides. Yet, it is one of Dubai’s top waterparks.

Laguna Water Park opens daily at 10:00 am and closes at 8:00 pm.

Small Waterparks Dubai

Dubai also has a vast range of small waterparks in different locations of the city. People who cannot afford the tickets to world-famous waterparks like Aquaventure Atlantis the Plam can enjoy thrill and fun here with their families.

These small waterparks include:

  • Splash ‘n’ Party Dubai: Location, Suburban Al Safa 2
  • Aquaduck Dubai – Location Al Karama
  • Splash Pad: Location, The Beach JBR
  • XPark Jr Splash Area – Location, near Kite Beach
  • Splash Island by Blue Wave – Location, Al Quoz

Things To Consider While Visiting Water Park Dubai

Here are a few things that you must consider while visiting a waterpark in Dubai.

  1. If you want to enjoy your maximum time in waterpark Dubai, make sure you choose to spend the best part of the day.
  2. Choose a waterpark in Dubai that ideally fits your age and interest. There is a variety of waterparks in Dubai, and all of them are unique.
  3. Weekends are busiest in Dubai. The cost of a ticket often increases on weekends. If you want to have a good time in a waterpark and enjoy some discounts as well, consider visiting a waterpark on weekdays.
  4. If you are visiting a Dubai waterpark in winter, do confirm the closure dates for winter. Most of the waterparks of Dubai close for a specific period during winters.
  5. Beware of visiting a waterpark during peak summer days. You might be facing scorching heat and dehydration if not prepared well before it.

Things To Carry For A Water Park Dubai Visit

While visiting a top waterpark in Dubai, you will enjoy it the most if you plan well. Make sure to carry the following things along while visiting a waterpark. It will help you enjoy every moment of your tour.

  • Sunscreen Lotion
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof camera
  • Towels
  • Water shoes

Final Verdict

Water Parks of Dubai are the biggest attraction for tourists, coming from different parts of the world. These waterparks help boost the city’s economic well-being and make it a booming town in the world.

If you are visiting Dubai, do not forget to visit one of the waterparks reviewed in this article. We hope you will have the best time there.

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dubai mall waterfall

The gorgeous spectacle of waterfall | Dubai Mall Waterfall

The exquisite beauty of the Human waterfall in Dubai Mall.

Dubai is well known for its magnificent beauty and unforgettable attractions. Tourists from all over the world come and explore its hidden beauties.
In its unparalleled beauties sometimes we overlook enchanting spots which are appreciable.
If you have a craze of shopping and enjoy your leisure time in Dubai Mall then Human waterfall in Dubai Mall is the finest place to sight.
The stunning view of water falling right there at the shopping center is fantabulous. How artistically the men are lifting down there which gives a glimpse of attraction.
The unique artistic view and sheer beauty of sculptures give an unforgettable impact. Tourists who are there for shopping love this beautiful view and are spellbound in its endless beauty which is unbelievable.
Tourists can have a look at a sightseeing view of the human waterfall and its indoor features are incredible.
It has a cylindrical shape structure that is quite exceptional to have a look at its magnificent shape.
Fiberglass-made men are plunging towards the water and it is a sheer reflection of beauty and artistry. An outstanding rhythmic water flow can be seen there. Of course, there is a reservoir that is there to feed the water continues to make it a living fountain.

Sheer Spectacular

With its Spectacular view and the magical fact of its sheer beauty and unforgettable artistic view, most of the tourists are drawn towards its magical features.
When one looks at the sculptures that how beautifully and artistically their hands are on sideward that show the human falling down in the water.
Unique design attracts the attention of most tourists from all over the world. If we talk about the famous spots then it may not come on your bucket list but one cannot help appreciating its beauty.
We can have a glimpse of illuminating all sculptures with skylight and brightness of sunlight.
The exquisite art of Dubai can be seen here and tourists from all over the world use it as a meeting place.

Incredibly vast in size

The taller and exceptional landmark is vast in size and almost 24 meters tall and visitors can have its view from four floors. Its vastness is incredible and it attracts and captivates the attention of most visitors.
Waterfalling can be seen through 30 meters wide. From width to length you can have a unique look at each step and focal point.

Unmatchable historical view

It was designed in 2009. Every country has its unique history that is always exceptional. Representation of pearl diving in Dubai mall waterfall is beautiful.
Dubai is famous for the oil trade. Emirates gives importance to the oil trade for their livelihood. Dubai has an iconic beauty of megastructures and the importance of water in Dubai is undeniable. Visitors can see the importance of water and beauty through the sculptures of man-made artistry.
Dubai mall waterfall is also named Pearl Diver. One of its attractive traditions in the UAE is pearl diving. Emirates love this tradition and follow it. There are a lot of pieces of evidence that show the archaeologists’ point of view that while following its tradition of pearl diving, you can have great prosperity.

Beautiful structure | Based on Singapore architect

These man-made structures give a glimpse of Singapore-based architecture that is fascinating.
From the top to down waterfalling is quite impressive. The dynamic view of water falling in such a rhythmic way is beautiful.
This waterfall that is based on Singapore architects leads to the other waterfront restaurants as a gateway.
The diameter of 30 meters and height of 24 meters is proof of its beauty and no one can deny this fact because it is all visible from all around. It is all-time in the eyes of visitors because while doing lavish shopping from all top four floors. It is quite visible and illuminated with the skylight and sunlight coming from big windows of Dubai mall that is also a type of exquisite experience to behold.

Meet up Place | Special point for meeting

Dubai Mall Waterfall is an exquisite place. This waterfall is more than a visual view. For visitors who come to visit Dubai mall, the impact of shinning blackish overall is has all entertaining aesthetic features that are a plus point adding to its enchanting and endless beauty.
People from all over the world even from Dubai come for shopping, with family and friends everyone loves to spend its relaxing and leisure time here.
They chit-chat and make a gup shup on all amazing topics here while visualizing this visual waterfall spectrum.
A plethora of Palm trees are there to soothe the aesthetic sense of visitors that is sheer gives a natural beautiful desert oasis touch.


Visitors who are fond of shopping, when they enter the itinerary, when they have a glance at the art installation of a human waterfall, stay here and have a lot v of clicks here with family and friends. Background for photographs is exceptional.
Coffee shop, restaurant, and shopping of all brands under one roof in Dubai mall, it is all pleasurable and one can easily enjoy a one day trip here happily.
Some visitors who are from outside the country make a mistake and consider Dubai Fountain and Human waterfall as one place but these two attractions are right there but with a distance of roundabout 10 minutes walk.
This view is free with the entry of Dubai mall, you can see this waterfall from the top of the ground floor but many people come to have its magnificent view from the top because they can easily click several nice photographs here.

Illusion of waterfalling

Waterfalling at Dubai mall is an illusion because the continuous waterfall in cylindrical shape structure with the constant reservoir water feed is quite touching.
When the water pours down it seems like the bodies of humans are flowing down with water pouring and it is an eye deceiving illusion and one cannot help appreciate it.
Constant waterfalling is possible with a great technique and it is never stopped.
Wrapping Up
The visitors who are lovers of beauty, must not miss a chance to visit this beautiful point that is always overlooked by many because it is all the way beautiful.
The cylindrical-shaped structure is living proof of its enchanting beauty. Dubai is always recognized for its iconic art, mega structures, and natural beauty.
While visiting the Dubai mall, don’t forget to have a keen look at this sightseeing art that is outstanding.

What to Wear While Going To a Desert Safari?

A desert safari is an event that happens on the outskirts of Dubai. A lot of things need to be figured out before going there, and one of these things is packing an appropriate dress. One thing before going there is to remember that Dubai is so far a non-conservative city of UAE, but modest clothing is still encouraged.

Dress According To the Weather at Desert Safari

Dubai is one of the hottest cities in the world. So don’t even think of packing something that will make you sweat the second you put it on, no matter how cute you look in it. Wear light and airy dresses that will help your skin breathe and make you look good at the same time. Wearing sundresses, long beach gowns, and light cotton shirts are the best choices. They will make you look really good as well as avoid excessive sweating (and stinking of it). Also, avoid bright colors. Wear dim colors that don’t look too sharp in the sun. Colors affect the way you feel more than you think. However, it is really cold at night so make sure to pack a jacket or a sweater only to warm yourself up at night.

Wear Traditional Dresses Of Arabs:

Traditional, Arabic dresses are really beautiful and light. For men, plain white thobe looks simple and elegant in such hot weather. For women, a lot of loose, stylish gowns are available in cotton or lawn material to allow the body to breathe. It is obviously up to you what to wear according to your preference and comfort, but it won’t be a bad idea to opt for traditional Arabian dresses there. 

desert safari
desert safari

Let Your Feet Breathe:

As much as it’s important for you to dress light and allow your body to breathe, we often forget that our feet as just as important to breathe and feel light. Do not wear closed shoes, like joggers, sneakers, or full pumps. Wear sandals if necessary and allow your feet to feel the air. It will already be very hot there, so wearing closed shoes for a long time will cause warts and other fungal infections. Be safe, and be comfortable while you have fun.

Pack Light: 

Last but not the least, pack light. There is no need to pack huge stacks of clothes of different materials and designs just for the sake of it. You are most likely to get dusty by playing in the sand, so pack only the essentials, like a pair of cotton shirts and pants, an extra pair of sandals since you are most likely to break one if you’re into physical activities. Light maxis are easier to pack and don’t weigh at all, so make sure to wear that. You’ll stay comfortable and stylish all day. For men, thobes and cotton shorts and shirts are your best friends. 

Last Words:

So, here are the following options that you may consider while opting for dresses to wear on a Desert Safari in Dubai. 

skydive Dubai

Experience Skydive Dubai in Dubai With Clifton Tours

The trend of Skydiving has been started in the 17th century as it was started by the General who is the founder of this adventurous experience. Many of the country throughout the world is providing this experience and Millions of people use to travel long distance to experience skydiving. Skydiving is considered the essential experience a man should do in his entire life. Skydive Dubai is becoming common in many parts of this world but some skydiving is very popular because of doing this experience from a high altitude.

Skydiving is the free-falling from a high altitude towards the earth with the help of gravity and then controlling the speed of the falling using the parachutes to land on the surface of the earth. There are different ways of skydiving like some of the companies provide the experience with their trainer to avoid any inconvenience or accident why some of the points allow the individual customers to skydive themselves. Here are some of the famous points for skydive Dubai experience:

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • South Africa

Almost every country is providing this experience but Dubai comes at number first because the most trusted and most experienced skydiving is here.

Reasons why Skydive Dubai:

Dubai is known as one of the most adventurous cities because of the experience and activities in this amazing city. Skydiving is one of these activities that make your highlights amazing. The activity of skydiving in Dubai was started in 2010 and now it has become the premier location for skydiving throughout the world. There are two locations for skydiving including the Palm Jumeirah and the other is the Dubai Desert Campus. The Palm Jumeirah experience is better than the desert campus because the view is worth more than the cost. If you are willing to experience the free fall of 120 miles per hour then this location is considered the best for you. Here is some of the reason why you should try skydiving in Dubai:

·        One of the best view

If you go to experience skydiving in Palm Jumeirah then you will see the magnificent view of the city. You will be taken towards the sky using the plane and then you will be asked to jump towards the land. You will jump from the sky and you will experience the spectacular bird’s eye that will make your view amazing. The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago because it makes the palm design between the water of the river and the water is a crystal sapphire. Not only this, but you will also see some of the amazing buildings and other landmarks once you jump from the place. The landmarks include the sight of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Dubai Marine & Burj El Arab.

·Safe Skydive Dubai

If you are going to skydive for the first time then you will be terrified because of the safety measures and falling from high altitude. But these points give extraordinary amazing equipment for safety measurement and remember that the equipment is made of premium quality and up to the standard. Besides this, you will be entertained with an experienced skydiver expert who will be having a valid license from the authority. He will be with you throughout the journey and will guide you about the things to do. This means that you can have the experience of skydiving in Dubai without any hesitation of safety.

·        Range and Service

There are variations in skydiving in Dubai because it provides different ranges of altitude while with different features. Their service is amazing because they always want to make the experience for new jumpers. Not only this, they always want to make this experience safe and comfortable for all types of jumpers, and for this reason, they provide the facility of experience divers along with the jumper. If you are going to jump for the first time then you should try Dubai because of the amazing and comfortable service.

·        Rush

Skydiving in Dubai is also popular because of the high altitude and it is a total adrenaline rush. The experience will help you out to get the dose of fun and adventure in a dynamic way and the experience that can be taken in a Middle Eastern City. The service of this skydiving will let you take the pictures as well as they will record your video on the action camera. The guider will make the video safely and you can get it easily without any extra cost. The average altitude for jumping from a plane in the world is near about 8000 feet but the experience in Dubai is somehow different because the plane will make you jump from the altitude of 13000 feet which is better and amazing.

·        Affordable 

There is no doubt that skydiving in the whole world costs you a lot but the experience in Dubai is very affordable. According to the skydiver experience, you will get the chance to experience lifetime activity at an affordable price. The price for a tandem skydive experience is near about 2000 AED while the cost for the seasoned skydive starts from 200 AED. The price depends upon the time, class level, package type as well as number of jumpers.

How skydive is possible?

If you are going to spend your vacations in Dubai then skydiving is one of the most important things you have to do because of the amazing experience. There was a time when skydiving was considered to be impossible or unsafe for you but now the time has changed because skydiving is a safe activity as well as it can make you feel lifetime experience. You don’t need to get the special training before or jumping instead you will get quick training at the spot. You have to arrive at the spot within the check-in time and after that, you have to register yourself at the counter. Then you will be assigned with the instructor who will travel along with you on the skydiving. He will guide you about the safety measures as well as the best position for flying after the jump.

After this, you will be assigned special clothes with a lot of strips carrying parachutes and other similar stuff. Then you will be taken to the boarding area along with the instructor so that you could sit on the plane. Then you will sit in the plane and the plane will take you to the height of 13000 feet until you could see the amazing view of the Palm Jumeirah. The plane usually takes the time of 20 minutes to reach the top of Palm at the height of 13000 feet.

After reaching the height of 13000 feet, the instructor will mark the final check including the safety belts, and then the action camera will be ready to make the whole video of your journey. Then you will be attached to the instructor and you both will go for the jump from the plane. You will be free falling from the plane and once you reached the height of 6000 feet, the parachute will be opened. After the parachute is opened, you will be having the experience of seeing the site’s beauty for 4-5 minutes just like a bird’s eye view. In this time, you will see the palm completely as well as the iconic landmarks and buildings.

After this, you will be landed on the land and after landing, the instructor will record your reaction along with a small interview to see your reaction and reviews. After this, you will be taken to the café in the main building so that you could get the relaxation. The building will be containing a merchandise store where you can buy the merchandise for memory.

These companies not only provide you the experience but they are also providing the complete training and for this purpose, they have found a school to give the training to the students. You can also get admission if you want to learn skydiving for a purpose.

Requirements for Skydiving  Dubai:

If you have planned for skydiving in Dubai then you should know that some requirements should be complete before going for the registration. These requirements are made just for security purposes whereas these requirements are also essential to avoid any inconvenience. If you are not coming up with the requirements, then you will not be allowed to go to the amazing experience. Here are some of the requirements for Skydiving in Dubai:

  • All members must convey their visas or a substantial personal ID, for example, your Emirates ID/driver’s permit/government ID card with them upon the arrival of the skydive.
  • Members must be 12 years old or more seasoned upon the arrival of the couple skydive at both drop zones, according to the Gregorian schedule.
  • Those between the age of 12 to 17 years old, will require a marked assent of a parent or lawful watchman on the Parent Consent Tandem Waiver.
  • Members over the age of 70 should get a clinical testament preceding the skydive.
  • Skydiving affected by liquor or medications for the pair skydive is carefully denied.
  • Skydivers must maintain a strategic distance from scuba plunging at any rate 24 hours preceding the couple’s skydive.
  • Dress in agreeable sportswear and shoes upon the arrival of the skydive
  • All members will be dependent upon a BMI and weight check before the skydive. The individuals who are over the weight and BMI cutoff points won’t be approved to take an interest. For ladies, it’s 90.0 kg/198.0 lbs or less and the greatest 27.5 for BMI. For men, it’s 100.0 kg/220.5 lbs or less and a limit of 30 for BMI.

Things to Remember:

Some things should be remembered before going skydiving in Dubai that will help you in avoiding any inconvenience. These things will of course make your experience better because these are tips that are experienced. Here are the things to remember before going to the skydive Dubai:

  • Make a point to save your skydive date and registration time well ahead of time. Booking is conceded on first-start things out serve premise.
  • Shoes, boots, high heels, shirts with a neckline, short shirts or shorts, and sleeveless shirts are not permitted. Ensure you are wearing tennis shoes/sports shoes and shirts with short or long sleeves.
  • Female Tandem Skydivers are accessible on-demand yet this will be dependent upon accessibility. For those wearing a hijab, an extraordinary scarf for skydiving is accessible as well.
  • Rescheduling is permitted as long as 24 hours preceding the booking date for people and 72 hours earlier for gatherings. All rescheduling must be done by reaching Skydive Dubai.

Precautions / How to prepare for skydivive:

To make your experience up to the mark, you should follow the instruction for preparing for skydiving. As you know that you have to go for falling from high altitude so you should prepare yourself best. The first thing you should prepare is your mind. You should make your mind according to the adventure because if you will feel terrified in your mind then you will not be able to experience skydiving completely and deeply. One of the important things is that you should take the reviews of the skydiver who have already experienced this adventure because they will let you know about what to do and what to avoid. This will automatically make your experience according to your expectations.

For avoiding any health issues in the air, you should eat moderately before going for this activity because this will make your health according to the recommendation. Moreover, you should not be feeling tired because, in the air, you need a lot of energy to enjoy yourself. This means that you should get complete sleep before skydiving. Once you jump from the plane you should breathe strongly because this will make you feel energized as well as comfortable. Besides all these professional tips, you should remember that you should record the photos and videos with the action camera that is provided by the company at skydiving. This will make you remember this adventure throughout your life.